Is Wall Street Journal Biased?

Is Wall Street Journal Biased

The word biased is significant. It is merely favoring another party for what you are to achieve at the end of it. Another can say when you are biased, that it indicates that you are partial in your judgment and would hide the truth, if necessary, to protect the one that finds favor with you.

Now, is Wall Street Journal biased?

In answering the question, is Wall Street Journal biased, we need to understand that a lot of persons have the notion that the Wall Street Journal favors a particular set of persons. They believe that it portrays these persons as kind to the public by publicizing their impact and covering their flaws. However, the truth is that the Wall Street Journal is not biased.

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The Wall Street JournalĀ 

The Wall Street Journal is a notable newspaper company that is making waves all over the world. Everybody in the United States knows about the Journal and must have also gone through their articles in recent times. They are the leading financial content news providers.

Wall Street Journal is not biased. They have been in the business for so long, and they give you accurate information and facts at all times. Let us take a look at the history of the Journal to prove their credibility in disseminating information to the public.

An Overview Of The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal started in the early 1880s. When they have completed the writing, they delivered to various traders in the stock market, and the marketing and delivery carried out with manual efforts. They carried and delivered the Journal with the hand from one person to another person.

The owner of the Wall Street Journal is Dow Jones, and The Wall Street Journal is under the company known as Dow Jones Company.

Around the year 1940, the wall street journal took a whole new look with a more modern approach to newspapers report, the company around that time had a new editor in chief who was by name Bernard Kilgore.

He became editor in chief around the year 1941, and he did such a great job as the editor in chief, four years later in 1945, he became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for about 25 years before passing on.

AltouThrough his stay in the Wall Street Journal, as both Editor in chief and the CEO, he gave his very best to the newspaper.

The excellent signature look of the front cover of the Journal linked to his time with the newspaper. He died in the year 1967 after winning notable awards, as the paper won their very first award under him.

When he died in 1967, another person who would take the newspaper to the next level, Dow Jones, came and made good progress with the company. In less than no time, the company began to grow even outside the shores of America to Europe and even Asia, as they got a wall street journal Asia and wall street journal Europe.

Now the wall street journals have a lot of acquired ventures which place the newspaper in fashion and luxury Magazine. Around 2007 the News Corporation bought over Dow Jones, which in turn means that the News Corp now owns the Journal.

The newspaper company currently have their editor in chief by name Matt Murray and its the official language that it uses in the Journal is the English Language. Their headquarters is now at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, United States.

Notable Articles On The Wall Street Journal

Over the years, the wall street journals have written great stories that are intriguing to their readers. Some of these stories got covered during wars, famine, and documentaries on the current political crisis in the country. Some of the stories highlighted are in this article.


The wall street journal made a publication about financial abuse as regards to Enron. The Journal was the first to break this news to the public in the year 2000.

McDonald’s health care

It also published in 2010, and the news was all about the health standards of the restaurant. In that year, this was one of the stories that made headlines. The Journal oversimplified the case, saying McDonald’s had to drop coverage for their workers.


This tragic event that happened in the united states was first covered by Dow Jones reporters, as all the events unfold when the plane hit the building, the reporters from wall street journal found themselves at the scene. For this, they got an award for covering that sad event in 2002.

The award was a Pulitzer Prize in the category Breaking News reporting. The wall street journal has made so many popular publications that we can not exhaust all of them, because of the unique nature of the Journal they have won themselves so many Pulitzer Prizes for different categories on different headline news.

Notable Features Of The Wall Street Journal

Since the Journal came into existence, they have been on their toes to make sure they deliver quality news to the public, and this news will not only inform the readers but will also create a space in the heart of the reader.

The news intends to impact the consciousness of the reader, so once they mention any topic, your mind would be directed to the piece of information you got from the Journal. For them to achieve it correctly, they have to plan and arrange for the production of any news.

At first, the Journal can be extensive because of the much data they get. The Journal can get to about 96 pages, which the earlier readers saw and said it was too much. However, the rate at which advertisements in the Journal was reducing. The number of pages also decreased to about 50 pages, and some times it can increase to about 60 pages.

The Journal is divided into various sections as they are not known for just one type of news and information since the merger with some companies like News Corp, and the others the newspapers have been divided into various sections. We will make highlights in each section and how they designed them to function.

Section One

Now in this section, what is mostly on it is news about political matters, news that revolves around the economy, and all types of daily news that you would find in the cooperate world. Section one also includes the opinion page in them, and they are released every single day of the week.

Market place

This section is also known as the second section, and the types of news that you will find in this column are news that is related to health matters, news about the latest technology, or innovation in general. It covers media too and also marketing. This section came to life in the year 1980, and the month was June 23rd.

Investment and Money

This section is published every single day of the week, and it covers all types of financial information, which would include market analysis as regards finance. This section came to life on October 3rd, 1988.

Personal Journal

The personal journal section covers basic things that are personal to an individual like, for example. You will find in this section your investment plan, things like cultural heritage and even career tips, this section is published from Tuesdays to Thursdays alone. This section also was brought to life on April 9th, 2002.

Off Duty

You will only get this section on the weekend, and it is mostly on a Saturday. This section centers on things that will make you relax and have a good time while reading. You will find things like food recipes for you, different travel destinations, trending design and fashion, and also tech gears.

This section was brought to life in 2010, September 25th, to be precise.


This section is published mostly on a Friday, and it contains different real estate matters from where you can get the great house to the agents you could get to help you manage your estate. All this and more are in this column. The first publication of the section was in 2012, October 5th, to be precise.

Wall Street Journal Magazine

The Magazine of the Wall Street Journal first launched in 2008, and they published quarterly. This Magazine is simply one magazine known for its luxury experience it gives to the readers.


Running a Newspaper company without having critics shows that your writing is not good enough. People think that the Wall Street Journal is biased in their writing. It is a visible sign that they are at the top of their game.

The news is always there to favor one party that deserves to be preferred and ruin the party that also earns a negative image. The wall street journal is not biased at all. Instead, you could say that they are liberal in the content they produce because research has shown that they have a large number of people subscribed to their news content.

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