Why Is Freedom Of Speech Important? The Relevance Explained

Why Is Freedom Of Speech Important

The term freedom of speech is the right of a person to express his thoughts freely. It includes freedom of expression to express themselves and pass a piece of vital information either in writing or orally to the people. The reason the freedom of speech is essential is just like drinking water for keeping our body system hydrated, freedom of speech is very important for the growth of our community and societies.

Now, why is freedom of speech important?

In considering the question, why is freedom of speech important, we must understand that freedom of speech has become vital because, without freedom of speech, some people won’t be able to communicate effectively and even say a word when things are going wrong. Why freedom of expression suffers in some other countries might be due to their lack of cognizance of why freedom of speech is essential. It is the way of anything we do that drives us, so if a country doesn’t know why freedom of speech is vital, that country or land will fight the establishment of liberty. Freedom of speech is essential because it changes the narrative of how people feel when they want to express themselves in public and even to people in their immediate environment.

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What You Need To Know About Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech sometimes conflicts with the rights and freedoms of others. But why freedom of speech is fundamental is based on the fact that freedom of speech gives one the feeling of lively hood. According to international law, restrictions on freedom of expression are subject to certain legal conditions.

Origin Of Freedom Of Speech

We are aware that freedom of speech emerged between the early 5th and 6th century. It also recognized that the Roman Republic added freedom of speech and freedom of religion too. Why freedom of speech was essential at that time should tell you that freedom of speech is vital and very important even in these modern days.

Freedom of speech is essential to us and society, although there was the first amendment in 1791, and to date, the ideas of human rights that lead to freedom of speech is a paper in the ancient human right documents.

The Core Value That Makes Freedom Of Speech Important

We cannot overlook the importance of freedom of speech. There are a few core values I’m about to review for you now. Freedom of speech is a knowledge that transits through generations. It is a right every citizen of a state needs to have.

  • It enables the dispersion of excellent information. News gets through either a citizen or sojourners to the king of the kings’ men.
  • It enables the media to pass protective information to the people of the community for their safety, just like the press passes the information of helpful tips about the coronavirus.
  • Why is freedom of speech is also essential is so that people will get to the impact of new ideas. Also, information from and within the world will effectively get to them.
  • Why freedom of speech is essential is because one of the best ways of passing information is through communication, and you can’t communicate if you don’t have the liberty to express yourself freely.

The Role Of Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech plays a vital role in our lives as individuals. That’s why freedom of speech is fundamental.

The recognition of justice

The recognition of truthfulness and justice, clarity, the openness of freedom of speech and information, is another significant role why freedom of speech is essential. Clarity of information depends on the extent to which freedom of expression of thought, freedom of speech is open in all the changes and processes taking place in society.

The assurance of well-being

Another role of freedom of speech and why freedom of speech is essential is to ensuring freedom of expression and information, openness, clarity of all ongoing changes and processes. The clarity and transparency in most cases depend on how freely and democratically conducted operations are covered by the press and other media, since freedom of speech, freedom of the media is a distinctive sign of Democracy.

As people are working under Democracy, freedom at all stages is a significant reason why freedom of speech is essential. The most important thing is to have strong laws giving the right to freedom

Protection of rights

Another reason the freedom of speech is vital is because of the protection of rights and liberties. The protection is, especially in information activities. It improves the infrastructure of public information, and ensuring its stable operation occupies an essential place in the system of public interests; why freedom of speech is critical can never be overemphasized.

Societal Impact

The number one reason why freedom of speech is essential is that it strengthens the measurable impact of information on human life.

The scientific and technological revolution determines this in the field of computer technology, and telecommunications, why the freedom of speech is essential is those new achievements that significantly increase the efficiency of activities related to information,

Secondly, rights and freedoms in the field of human informational activities are the central values of modern civilization.

The Need For Protecting Healthy Speech

Although Freedom of speech is Important and very vital, it is unhealthy for us to use the leverage badly hence causing trouble in the community.

Why the freedom of speech is essential is not for us to abuse the privilege but rather use it for the betterment of ourselves.

  • It helps the community to stay in harmony
  • It protects the business and promotes foreign exchange.
  • Individuals have peace in running daily activities with people.

The Disadvantage Of Freedom Of Speech

While freedom of speech is good, they are so many disadvantages to the form of expression. Anything that has an advantage has its disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages of freedom of speech.

It can spread lousy information

One significant disadvantage of freedom of speech is that it can cause substantial damage because people would not want to verify certain information before spreading it to the public. People might tend to want to believe the information because it is coming from the mouth of someone they trust.

Most times, wrong information spreads through men who have attained great height, and when a piece of information is coming from some persons like that, almost everyone will want to believe.

It spreads fear

When people get information that instills fear instead of hope, it becomes a disadvantage of freedom of speech because the main aim is to make people live in harmony and not to live in fear. Relative to the case of the coronavirus, if people keep spreading the fear of the virus instead of sharing both the positive and negative results, it will even kill some people before the virus.

It can promote violence

Words have powers. It can pierce the emotion of people hence causing emotional damage to people.

It encourages verbal abuse

Verbal abuse and physical abuse have just almost the same effect. Verbal abuse is an insult to both the leaders and the people of a nation.

More Reasons Freedom Of Speech Is Important

Freedom of speech prime exchange of ideas: this is another excellent reason why freedom of speech is essential. People get to share a plan that will help them become better versions of themselves. When an idea is shared, it grows more significant than the norms because people’s mindset differs from another. Sharing thoughts will become easy.

Why freedom of speech is essential is also because it allows thought leaders can share their ideas because they are like the future of the community or even nation at large. Another good reason why freedom of speech is essential is that it exposes unlawful activities.

Without the freedom of speech, a lot of immoral and unlawful activities will be taking place and nobody to question or to air out what’s going on in that office, organization, community, of home.

For the sake of freedom of speech before would want to do anything they will carefully watch before doing it and, in most cases, don’t even do it because they know that with the freedom of speech, anybody can see them and report to the authority. They are hence tarnishing their image for them. Nobody likes to have their image displayed in a negative light.

Freedom of speech promotes societal growth. The most developed countries in the world are those countries that enable the freedom of speech earlier because amid the people’s information lies superior wisdom that can transform the society for better and then attract global recognition and foreign exchange.


In looking at why freedom of speech is essential, we must understand that the reasons are enormous. We can live happily with friends and family, share ideas to better our lives and community, speak out when something terrible is going on in our office, company, organization, community, and even our community. Freedom of speech is necessary because it is for the benefit of us all.

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