Understanding The Various Types Of Travel Rewards

Understanding The Various Types Of Travel Rewards

You can think of travel rewards, such as points and miles as another form of currency. It’s just like crypto, stocks, foreign currencies, or bonds, so travel rewards can give you a chance to pay for your travel experiences and even invest in your travel activities with spending cash. 

Remember that each travel reward tends to have currency that has its value that is similar to a country’s currency. You can find most points and miles that can be worth at least a cent each, though values usually vary. Therefore, you need to consider this carefully before you decide to get a specific promotion or offer so that you can get the right approximate cash value. This article discusses the various types of travel rewards.

Types Of Travel Rewards

There are usually three types of travel rewards that include airline miles, transferable points, and hotel points. When it comes to airline miles, they tend to be specific to each airline. In most cases, to earn airline miles, you may have to register to have a frequent flyer account. This means each time you fly with a specific airline, you can earn miles for the flight. 

Most reputable airlines often have their co-branded credit cards which you can use to earn miles each time you swipe the card. Besides flying and earning miles on the flights that you take, you can use this credit card to make some purchases so that you can earn flyer miles. As you can see, this can be the best way to earn free money. To learn more about free money, follow this link.

The number of miles you earn on a flight can depend on several factors, such as the type of seat you use, cost of the air ticket, and distance flown. Likewise, the number of miles you earn using a co-branded credit card can also depend on the type of purchase. Remember that the miles can vary depending on whether you use the credit card in hotels, restaurants, and many more. Once you earn the miles, you can redeem them for award tickets on the specific airline. In most cases, you cannot transfer airline miles directly between two airlines. 

Hotel points work also quite similar to airline miles. Most hotels have their loyalty programs that you can use to earn hotel points though paid hotel stays or even using the hotel’s co-branded credit card. Just like an airline credit card, each hotel’s credit cards are designed to incentivize members to utilize the credit cards by offering bonus points when you use the card at the hotel.  

One of the best uses of hotel points is often for award night redemption. You can find some hotels that give free nights to encourage their members to utilize their loyalty points. In many cases, these hotel points can be transferable to airlines, though there are usually poor transfer ratios.

Lastly, there are transferable credit card points. Keep in mind that transferable points are considered to be the most flexible form of travel rewards currency. The points are quite versatile because you can decide to redeem them in various ways, such as for gift cards, transferring to certain airline partners, and cash back. Because they are flexible, these points are usually regarded as more valuable than hotel points or airline miles. Unlike hotel points and airline miles, you can earn transferable points by utilizing a credit card that is designed for the transferrable point currency.

Key Things Worth Knowing

Before you decide to start earning points and miles, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. You need to know your credit score. You should note that travel rewards credit cards are usually offered to people who have an excellent credit score. This means that you need to improve your credit score if it’s low. You can consider your credit score to include the payment history, length of credit history, credit utilization, recent applications, and mix of credit types.

You should also be ready to pay your bills in full every month. You should note that if you decide to get a travel rewards card, then you need to meet specific spending requirements within a couple of months to receive the welcome bonus. This means you should consider whether or not you can meet this minimum spending requirement during that specified period. Paying interest to get travel rewards tends to negate the value you can get from earning points. Remember that this is supposed to be a fun way you can save cash and travel around the world for almost free, so it should not get you in debt.

Also, you need to reduce your cash usage. The best way you can maximize your miles and points earnings is when you stop utilizing any form of payment that cannot help you earn rewards. If you decide to earn travel rewards, you should make sure that you utilize a credit card that helps you to earn travel rewards. One of the ways you can do this is to stop utilizing your debit card or cash. Therefore, you must carry with you the travel rewards card everywhere you travel and use it to pay for products or services. 

In conclusion, the most efficient and fastest way you can earn miles and points is when you sign up for a credit card. You should use this credit card for everyday purchases. Remember that credit card companies want to encourage their customers to use their products. Therefore, credit card companies can often give sign-up bonuses to first-time holders of credit cards, making it the most suitable way you can accumulate travel points quickly.

A sign-up bonus can sometimes be at least 100,000+ points, but this usually depends on the offer. In most cases, a higher offer tends to correspond to higher minimum spending requirements. This makes sense because most credit card companies often want to reward their customers who utilize their products the most. An offer that is 50,000 points or miles is usually considered to be a good one.