Do Lottery Numbers Have To Be In Order In Mega Millions?

Do Lottery Numbers Have To Be In Order In Mega Millions

Mega Millions is one of the popular lotteries played in the United States. Six states first accepted it during its inception, with time, but grew in popularity. Now, almost all the states in the US play it. Mega Millions is a lottery that involves the prediction of absolute specific numbers to be released.

The thing is, do lottery numbers have to be in order in Mega Millions?

There are various means through which you can emerge as a winner of the Mega Millions lottery. Yet none of them includes how to arrange the Mega Millions ball. The answer to the question, do lottery numbers have to be in order in Mega Millions is No. It is not necessary to arrange your lottery numbers orderly, especially in the mega millions lottery.

There is more you need to know about this topic, so keep reading!

The Inception Of Mega Millions

Mega Millions is a platform in the United States of America that avails people the opportunity to earn income by predicting numbers. The launching of the brand was in the year 1996 and went by the name ‘Big Game.’ At its inception in August 1996, only six countries approved its legality.

However, as time advanced and with the desire in man to make more money when presented with opportunities, Mega Millions, known then as Big Game, expanded to other states in the United States. In recent times, the popularity of Mega Millions has grown beyond the United States alone. Its popularity cuts across diverse countries worldwide. Because winning allows you to buy a house, or go on a trip around the world, rent a luxury car or can buy your own! It’s an opportunity, and the more people win the lottery, the more people get involved.

They first experienced a change in 2002 due to some adjustments they made and the new features that got added. With each move came a new name to describe better and give expression to the latest functionality. The statement might sound sarcastic, but it holds some elements of truth.

It is because the Mega Millions lottery also changed its name in 2005 to its current name. The change was as a result of the upcoming structure before its implementation. The design of the structure was in such a way that the prize money was more than double the previous amount.

Though this sounded great when related to its customers, it hurt the game for them too. The jackpot became more challenging to win, but they complemented it with easy secondary prizes.

The structure put in place was in October 2012. Many customers, when interviewed, believed that the management of the lottery was trying to run a test. They didn’t see the new structure as something that has come to stay for long but rather as a test to check the reaction of its customers.

Well, customers are always right based on the fact that the structure later changed in 2017 to accommodate more accessible strategies. The new changes affected both the ticket price, down to the Mega Millions jackpot.

Ticket Price And New Mega Millions Structure 

The ticket price was initially $1 but got changed to $2 because of the new strategy. The strategy channeled towards increasing the jackpot money and other auxiliary wins. The starting jackpot changed from $ 15 million to a high amount of $40 million. It also stated that $5 million would add up subsequently if one did not win the jackpot with each number released.

The auxiliary winnings also increased to compensate people who might be lucky to win the non-jackpot winnings. After the implantation of the new strategy, Mega Millions gained more popularity and acceptance over its rivalries and competitors.

It also gained more attractions than the Powerball lottery that one could consider to be the leading lottery at that time. The jackpots lasted a while as the highest-paid. However, it got dethroned by other lotteries who also decided to increase their payouts.

Other things that changed included the reduction of the white balls. Formerly, it was 75 balls in total to pick from, and also 25 mega balls from which to choose. However, the white balls reduced to 70, and the mega balls reduced to 20.

The new development was to help create more chances of winning for customers. It reduced their stress of having to predict from a wide variety of numbers but to a limited few.

How To Play The Mega Million Lottery

You play the Mega Lottery by purchasing a ticket for $2. This ticket is a compendium of your guessed number from 1 to 70, and also your guessed mega ball from 1 to 20. You have to pick five numbers from the white ball which comprises of numbers from one to seventy.

The numbers are not necessarily for order arranged orderly. You can start with a very high number like “fifty” and end with a little number like “two.” The aim is for your chosen five numbers to show on the screen as the winning numbers.

You can pick one number, which is the mega ball. The option varies between one and twenty. The mega ball must be just one number between one and twenty. It is the last number you are to predict after predicting your first five numbers from the white ball.

The game also has an automated option. This option creates an automatic suggestion for you. In case you are confused about which numbers to pick, the electronic option enables the system to generate a random prediction for you.

Megaplier Ticket

Mega Millions also has an additional feature called the ‘Megaplier.’ The feature helps you to multiply and double your winnings instead of just being paid your regular winning. All you have to do is to purchase an extra ticket known as the Megaplier.

The ticket sells for $1 per Mega Millions winning. It means that your winnings will only multiply per ticket. To increase all your winnings in a situation where you bought multiple cards, you have to purchase a Megaplier ticket for each one. However, the Megaplier is only for secondary winnings. It does not apply to the jackpot. It is a form of boosting other winnings.

Jackpot Ticket

In some states, there are options and offers for jackpot tickets. The ticket provides you with the opportunity to win the jackpot alone. Human desires are different; some people only have an interest in winning the prize, while others might have an interest in the secondary wins.

Whatever your desire is, Mega Millions is a platform with lots of options suitable for diverse human desires. The jackpot ticket does not apply to Megaplier and is quite expensive than the regular fare, as some claimed.

You will get two tickets which cost nothing less than $3. These tickets enable you to double the chance to win the jackpot. It sounds like a fair and exciting deal. The jackpot is the ultimate desire of almost everyone playing the lottery.

Its rate increase ridiculously, sometimes to almost $1 billion or close to it. There are cases of people that have won $ 500,000 and above both in the Mega Millions lottery and other lotteries.

Different Winning Plan

To become a winner in the Mega Millions lottery is a case of two distinct phases. The first phase is that the 70 white balls are in a drum. The winning numbers come out from this drum. The winning numbers are five in total and must correspond with your predictions.

The second phase has to do with the mega balls. They are also in a drum, and the winning mega ball comes out from this drum. Your mega prediction also needs to be the same as the winning mega ball.

Each prediction that has your forecast correctly has a winning prize attached to it. For example, if your five white balls and Mega ball correspond with the chosen numbers, you have won the jackpot. It is the original price of the lottery.

There are other auxiliary prices which include:

Getting five correct numbers

Getting four correct numbers

Getting four correct numbers and right mega ball prediction

Getting three correct numbers and the right mega ball prediction

Three correct numbers but wrong mega ball prediction

Two correct numbers and right mega ball prediction

One exact number and right Mega Ball prediction

Right Mega ball prediction

Specific prices attached to each one of the highlighted options above if your forecast falls in alignment with any one of them. The prices range from $100,000 above and below. The costs can also multiply through the Megaplier ticket.


Mega Millions is a viral lottery played both in the United States and other countries. You do not necessarily need to arrange its numbers in order, as discussed earlier. Since, generally, lottery numbers are not supposed to be in order, because they get randomly selected. The winning numbers can start from a high figure and end with a little figure. It makes it impossible to arrange numbers orderly. Thus, we have answered the question, do lottery numbers have to be in order in Mega Millions?

It is one of the biggest lottery companies in The United States, thus, it also provides one of the big winning opportunities to its subscribers.

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