Why Are The Patriots So Good?

Why Are The Patriots So Good

Maintaining an incredibly excellent and successful team is very difficult. It is why the Patriots are worthy of our respect. They have in their trophy room six Super Bowl titles and 11 AFC championships. Read on to discover why the Patriots are so good.

The question is: why are the Patriots so good?

The Patriots are undoubtedly one of, if not the greatest dynasties in the NFL. The question, why they are so good, is the same question in the heart of many coaches, teams, fans, etc. The Patriots are arguably so good because of three significant factors which are: “they have the greatest coach and coaching system in the game, the best team and quarterback, and a wonderful office.” These three factors are responsible for their continuous reign. Excellent leadership, tenacity, resilience, readiness for anything; these are also some of the many reasons the New England Patriots are one of those we consider to be the best teams in the NFL.

The New England Patriots

The Patriots are currently one of the most successful football teams in the NFL since the signing of Bill Belichick, a head coach and Tom Brady, a quarterback. Since their arrival in the year 2000, the team has won 16 AFC titles, and also set notable records. Let’s take a brief review of the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era, from 2001 to presently:

  • They have gone 220-68 in a regular season.
  • They have successfully won 16 division titles in just 18 seasons.
  • Their ratings in the playoffs have gone 30-10
  • They have won 9 championship games and played in 13, losing only four.
  • They have also won 6 Super Bowls and played 9
  • They won more than ten games in a total of 17 in the 18 seasons.
  • They also won more than 12 games in the 18 seasons.
  • They have not qualified for the playoffs just twice because of tiebreakers.

Great Coach And Coaching System

Bill Belichick is what we will refer to as the greatest coach of all time that the NFL has ever seen. It is doubtlessly an essential aspect of the dynasty. He often revolutionizes the game, from 2 TEs to replacing ineligible and eligible receivers. He somehow manages to develop ways to stay ahead of anyone else.

Furthermore, Belichick is incredible in building around him excellent coaching staff and an attractive front office. An example would be Dimitroff, the Falcons’ GM; he was a former co-worker with Belichick. Also, Nick Saban, Bill O’Brien, who is the head coach at Texan, and lots of other great guys. He knows what to do and hires guys that are in alignment with his style.

Belichick has succeeded in building his team to be flexible. He can decide to change his game plan week in and week out. The Patriots can rush for 200 yards this week and do long throw for 400 yards next week. They are some worth unpredictable, malleable, and very versatile, which results in keeping opponents on a standstill.

He has also set up a winning culture, which was achieved through structured drafting, locating smart kids fit for the scheme, transforming players seen as trash by other coaches to treasures. Most coaches usually fail in the fundamental things; some are not even aware of it.

The winning culture came about by the phrase ‘do your jobs.’ His players are aware of the fact that they all have individual roles to play or a job to do. For example: if you are Malcolm Butler, you guard the person you have to defend; if you are Edelman, you are supposed to run your routes, try to open up, and catch the ball. Thus, everyone can improve by focusing on their jobs and trusting their teammates to do theirs.

The Patriots Are Known For Effective Time Management

The players have received the necessary training to conserve time and not to view anything like a little mistake. Even on the training ground, conservation of time resumes once each player walks into the building. If a player comes to training late (even one minute late), he won’t train with other teammates. He would have to return home.

The Patriots are known for setting more alarms than other teams, to develop the time-saving habit. Willie McGinest, the former defensive pillar of the Patriots who was among the Super Bowl-winning teams of 2001, 2003 and 2004, said that sometimes he tries to beat Belichick to his office. McGinest would drive there by 5, but once Belichick heard he was coming, he gets there by 4:30.

Their laundry staff did not receive an exemption from the sense of urgency. The uniforms needed to be straight and ready to go as quickly as possible. The same thing on the practice field, staccato-shouting coaches regularly tidy up slippage like the most blooded veterans.

In a 45 minutes meeting held to discuss “situational football,” a review was done on the two minutes offence and also on how players should pass the ball to a referee in between plays. Many players just toss the ball to a referee, not minding if the referee can catch it or not. However, the Patriots received different training.

When players are not sure if the referee can catch the ball, which might lead to it dropping and bouncing around, Patriots received the training to sprint with the ball to the referee. The act is necessary to save time. As a result of drilling, they go over and over it till it sticks to their mind.

The Lack Of Tolerance For Mental Mistakes In The Patriot Team

The team prohibits a mental error and addresses it whenever they observe it. There is no cheerful talk around it from Belichick. Instead, he treats it immediately. It’s either you get it right or continue practising till you do. Belichick once said, “I don’t like lying to players, I would tell you if you did a good job, but if your job were bad, I would also tell you and show you how to do it better.”

Tom Brady once admitted he had made a mental error that made them lose to the Miami Dolphins on the 9th of December 2018. It is probably one of the many reasons why the team is strict with mental errors.

Best Quarterback, Best Team

Players are a very vital aspect of any team; they make up the team. Averagely good players will produce and an averagely good team. Having an exceptional player can make a big difference to a team; it can help increase confidence, focus, skills of other players, etc. Tom Brady is a great player, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

He is virtually a new OC, meaning he can also coach while on the field. His presence raises the standard and expectations of everyone. Brady is a player that values the power of synergy. It shows in his bond with the players of the offence like Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, etc. Having this type of player at the helm helps the team to direct its attention on the defence, which has been of great benefit all through previous seasons.

We can make significant attribution to the success of the team to a solid draft and picking of the necessary players through free agency. The Patriots feature more of young players than old aged players. It is why their head coach, Belichick, trades, or cut players in their prime. He believes that keeping young players help the team’s focus on the future.

Wonderful Front Office

The Patriots have a fantastic front office. They handle the media with diligence and perfection, which helped in creating a faithful fan base. One fundamental thing is that they are very much conscious of their identity. Their front office is handled by Robert Kraft and Belichick, to mention but a few. Not many coaches have the opportunity to engage in the front office, but Belichick earned it.

Kraft, on the other hand, is a smart man with vision, knowing what he wants for his team. He is notable for signing and identifying good coaches through the likes of Belichick that he traded for the previous Patriots coach in the person of Bill Parcels and Pete Carroll


The Patriots are so good that we often ask why Patriots are so good. However, the factors mentioned here help us to understand the Patriots. Consistency is another factor that one cannot neglect. The Patriots are consistent in time management, training, and developing players to align with their playing style.

The Patriots are currently the best team in American football. They have the vote as the best team almost every season for close to two decades. Their last losing record was way during President Clinton’s administration. People know American Football to be a sport whose teams dwindle after a cycle of five to six years, but the patriots exceeded this phenomenon.

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