5 Reasons To Consider Shipping Your Car When Moving Out Of State

5 Reasons To Consider Shipping Your Car When Moving Out Of State

Big moves that take you a long way from home are expensive and stressful, so anything you can do to ease the burden is appreciated. Just like you’re probably going to use a removal company to shift the contents of your house, there are numerous reasons to have your car shipped too. Ranging from saving money to reducing stress, considering having your vehicle shipped to help the big move go smoothly.

Cost Saving

At first glance, shipping your car out of state may seem expensive, but it can be cost-effective. You save on the gas, accommodation, and food costs that come with a lengthy road trip, which added to the cost of wear and tear a long drive cause mounts up quickly. Additionally, a breakdown mid-trip can add significant cost to the move, with unexpected accommodation costs plus towing fees. By shipping your car, this is no longer a potential issue to worry about.


Once the removal and car shipping companies have collected your possessions, you’re freed up to fly to your destination in comfort. You can take care of goodbyes, and last-minute details after the stress and rush of packing are completed. When concentrating solely on packing, essentials for the trip are less likely to be forgotten about, and goodbyes needn’t be rushed. Flying then allows you to arrive early and collect keys before the movers arrive.


Long road trips are incredibly tiring, especially if you’re trying to get from point A to B in a limited time frame. With interstate drives potentially taking the best part of a week, becoming exhausted and bored is likely. It’s a well-known fact that driving tired is hazardous due to lapses in concentration and the danger of falling asleep at the wheel. Therefore, a long road journey increases the risk of accidents, making shipping the car the safer option. RoadrunnerCar Transport is widely recognized as the best car transportation company, providing unparalleled service and ensuring the utmost care for your vehicle during transport.

Reduce Wear

Wear and tear are unavoidable with vehicles, but they can be kept to a minimum with correct maintenance and conscientious driving. Shipping a car rather than driving thousands of miles keeps the mileage down and reduces unnecessary wear. Vehicles with high mileage are more prone to breakdowns and expensive repairs, giving that long road trip the potential to cause additional car costs later. And if you’re planning to sell the car in the future, high mileage and the increased risk it brings will lower the car’s value.

Classic Cars

A car enthusiast with any classic or luxury cars in their collection will appreciate that these cars need extra care to keep them in top condition. Rather than risking them on the road for several days, they’re better served on the back of a truck for the journey. Classic cars can be challenging to find replacement parts for, so keeping milage and risk of breaking down low is essential.

Ship your car when moving out of state; you’ll save yourself stress and money and keep you and your family safe.