Amazing Job Roles Associated With Microsoft MS-900 Certification Exam

Amazing Job Roles Associated With Microsoft MS-900 Certification Exam

Through the Microsoft MS-900, you are trained to be highly adept with the fundamental features and key solutions of Microsoft 365. This particular exam caters to those who want to gain an understanding of cloud services along with the SaaS cloud model. Additionally, it underscores your ability in dealing with core Microsoft products. And if you’re successful with your test stint, you’ll get an extensive range of career opportunities. The remarkable jobs unlocked after passing such a test are aligned with the administrator roles specifically created for Microsoft 365. So, let’s take a look at the possible functions that you may pursue in the future once you clear the MS-900 exam, obtain the Microsoft Certifications : Fundamentals certificate, and then augment your knowledge with higher-tier Microsoft 365 validations:

Exchange Admin

Take on this role if you are proficient in viewing and managing the email mailboxes of users as well as various service requests needed for Microsoft support. This is highly recommended if you want to handle Microsoft 365 groups, together with Exchange Online.

Global Admin

The next job is designed for those who make use of global access to major management aspects and data features across different Microsoft Certifications Exams . This is highly critical as a global admin can access the domains, reset user passwords, and manage service requests. To be permitted into this role, you need to sign up for Microsoft online services.

Global Reader

Viewing admin settings is one of the main responsibilities of this position. It is assigned to those who cater in all admin centers that are being handled by the general global admin. Do take note, however, that a global reader is limited to viewing and performing audits, hence cannot edit any settings.

Service Admin

Another section that may interest you is the service admin, wherein you are assigned in creating service requests for Azure, Office 365, and Microsoft 365 services. This covers viewing and sharing of message center posts as well.

Helpdesk Admin

If you want to concentrate on resetting passwords, helping non-admin users, and managing service requests, then this role might fit your needs. Besides, a helpdesk admin is also responsible for assisting directory readers, message center readers, report readers, and such.

User Admin

From accessing to managing user password resets, user admins take on the entirety of the user function. In particular, they are tasked to administer users and groups, as well as assign licenses, open service requests, update password expiration, and monitor service health.

Teams Service Admin

Get the upper hand in supervising the Teams & Skype admin center by pursuing the team service admin role. This function allows you to handle Microsoft 365 groups, together with open service requests via Microsoft support.

SharePoint Admin

The last job role is the SharePoint Admin, which targets those who want to gain access to the features of the SharePoint admin center. This also covers tasks such as managing site collections, supervising user profiles, and labeling site collection administrators, among others.


All the Microsoft 365 functions are suitable for anyone who has established mastery in the related concepts, services, and tools. And the best way to kick off your technical skillset is through the Microsoft MS-900, a certification exam designed to develop your knowledge of pertinent Microsoft features, along with cloud concepts.