The Most Simple Wedding Checklist You Ever Seen

The Most Simple Wedding Checklist You Ever Seen

One of the main keys to simplifying your wedding plans and reducing a huge amount of stress is by making a simple wedding checklist. While it may seem pertinent to have a detailed wedding checklist. With such a list it is easy to get lost and confused in the details and this is the last thing that you want when planning something as important as a wedding.

Therefore, a practical and workable checklist would be extremely efficient especially if you’ve decided to plan a simple wedding. All of the stress begins from even wondering, how do I plan a simple wedding? Or, what is needed to plan a wedding? Not to worry, we’ve got your back, and will show you how to start planning a wedding checklist the simple way. This should kick you off and even carry you safely to the finish line.

A Simple Wedding Checklist

1. Set the Wedding Budget

Top of your to-dos on your DIY wedding checklist should be the budget. Nothing should be done until you have decided on your budget as this will be a basis for a lot of your choices going forward. While it might not be the most fun step, it is definitely one of the most crucial in the planning process.

2. Decide on a Theme

Even if you are making a small wedding checklist, deciding on a theme is a fun and inspirational aspect in the planning process. Choosing the style and theme is another step that will help you simplify your choices. As you will already have pre-set colors and styles that will determine what you can and cannot use. So, will you be having a rustic, classic or vintage wedding? These will go a long way in determining what type of venue, décor and attire you will need for the wedding.

3. Your Wedding Party

Another fun aspect in a getting married checklist is picking your wedding party. While selecting your maid of honor, bridesmaids, the best man and groomsmen, be sure to keep your budget in mind. Also begin to decide on the number of guests you want at the wedding.

4. Your Guest List

Another vital aspect of any basic wedding checklist is the guest list. Keeping your budget in mind should be able to guide you in choosing how many guests you will have. Will you be having a 50 person wedding, a 100 guests wedding or even 200? How many people from each family, and how many can your budget realistically afford?

5. Choose the Venue

Your wedding planner checklist timeline will determine how much time you have to find the right venue, and sooner is always better than later. This is because locations are usually booked months in advance. So, say you are planning a wedding in 3 months you have even much less time to find the perfect location. Now that you have the budget, theme and guest number in mind, this and availability are perfect guides for finding the right venue for your event.

6. Create a Wedding Website and Registry

In this age of the internet it is much easier to get certain things done all at once. With a wedding website and hashtag, keeping your guests informed and updated on dates, location and travel can be a breeze. This is one useful key to putting a quick wedding plan into action. If you have started a wedding registry as well, the information can be updated on the website when needed.

7. Book Vendors

Time in your wedding to do list, to hire the right people that will enable your big day run seamlessly and in line with all your dreams. Whether you have a wedding planner or not, this might seem like a lot. However, one good vendor can link you to most of the other vendors that you need. Be sure to check on reviews, work on referrals, be firm in what you require and you should do okay.

8. Finalize

At this point in your easy wedding planning notebook, it would be time to finalize on everything else. Send out the save-the-dates and invites, finalize on your dress and other accessories, give the guest list a final tweak, work on the rehearsal dinner, plan the honeymoon, get the marriage license and attend any pre-wedding parties that have been scheduled.

An important aspect to not forget in a simple wedding checklist for planning your big day, is to enjoy yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from family and friends or to delegate. The perfect wedding guide checklist ensures that you are not overstressed and that you can enjoy the process. So, time to go get married.