Is Your Social Security Number On Your Passport?

Is Your Social Security Number On Your Passport

Is your social security number on your passport is one question you must have encountered. So, since you are here, you will surely figure out the answer. The passport application is a daunting process. You are required to provide several documents, all in a bid to prove your real identity. One of the requirements for passport application or renewal is the social security number (SSN). It would save you time and make the application process a breeze.

Is your social security number (SSN) on your passport? 

Well, your social security number might be required for passport application, but you can’t find it on your passport. What you will find there is your passport number. If your SSN appears on your passport, regard it as an error and rectify it. 

So that is it about SSN appearing on a passport. However, you can read further to get more useful information about this topic. 

Why You Require Social Security Number For Passport Application And Renewal

If you are a U.S citizen planning to travel to another country, whether a nearby or far place, you are going to need a passport. So, before you step foot out of your apartment with your luggage loaded to the brim, make sure you have your passport ready.

However, passports are not that difficult to obtain. All you need is to provide relevant details, answer a couple of questions, and wait for the approval. But keep in mind that not having your social security number can cause a slight delay in your passport approval.

The reason you require an SSN for passport application is not far-fetched. With that number, the Department of States, which issues passports, will be able to ascertain your identity. Plus, if you have defaulted in child support, they will figure out. In a nutshell, every citizen looking to interact more with the government needs to have their social security number on hand.

Is there a way to process a passport without SSN? 

Sure! There’s a way out. Not having a passport can only lengthen the process and cause an avoidable delay. However, you can still apply for a visa without a social security number and get approved.

If you’re a U.S citizen without an SSN, you will be required to make available a sworn proof that shows that you have never been issued a social security number in the United States of America before. That way, you can get your passport approved without delay.

Where You Can Find Your Social Security Number For Your Passport Application

I want you to understand something; your social security number isn’t on your passport. What you will find there are the passport number and other information about you. That is it. So, if you come across your SSN in such a document, make sure it is corrected.

Having a wrong passport number can also create problems for you. That is simply an error that government agencies in a different country won’t tolerate. So, ensure you have your passport number and not the SSN on your passport.

However, you have several means to access your social security number.

The first place to look for your social security number is your SSN card. It’s a small-sized card that carries your name, signature, and security number. You will be issued this card after your request for SSN is approved and the number issued. Plus, your SSN is entirely yours for life. In other words, once the number is assigned to you, no one can claim or use it for any purpose.

You should also have in mind that no two individuals have the same security number. You and your siblings don’t share the same security number.

Again, another place to get your security number is bank statements. Just check carefully, and you’ll find it there — your tax return, including the W-2s form and USCIS forms.

But if you don’t have a security number and want to file a form, just add “none” in the space provided. Then try to get your security number by all means. You might think there’s no need to get one since you are already a citizen, but know that you will require it for something important one day.

The Implication Of Using False Social Security Number For Passport Application Or Renewal

Whether you’re visiting Canada or Mexico, by car or air, you are going to require a passport to make that trip. If you don’t have, you can consider applying for one right away. If you possess every single document required, your application won’t take much time.

However, you might find yourself in a desperate situation to get the passport. In such a case, you may even want to use force details. But before making such a decision, ask yourself if it’s worth it using a social security number that wasn’t given to you.

So the bottom line is to avoid the temptation to use an SSN that was never issued to you. Do not even try to place it on your USCIS forms. Have in mind that doing so can make it challenging to get a passport. Your passport application will not only be denied; you may face jail time for that.

Restoring Your Stolen And Lost Social Security Number

You should store your social security number in your head in case the unexpected happens. You can misplace your social security card at any point in time. But when you know the digits, you will not be bothered by anything.

Presenting a social security card that bears your name and SSN offers some prestige. However, all you need is just the number, not the card. What the State Department processing your passport need is just your SSN. If you can provide it even without the card, then you are good to go.

But if you can’t find your social security card and also don’t remember your SSN, you can apply for a replacement. All you need to get this done is to visit the website of the social security administration in the United States of America.

Is there a fee to process a replacement or stolen social security number

The answer is no! The service is entirely free.

Again, most individuals will make use of the same SSN throughout their existence on earth, while some might have to apply for changes in cases of identity theft.

Why The Social Security Number Is Important For Everyone

You might be wondering what a mere nine-digit number can do. Why will it be of any importance when you have other means of identification? If this is what you have in mind, please note that the social security number is essential. The government of the United States issues it to citizens, including residents who are eligible to have one.

If you need a social security number, all you need to do is start the application process. Provided you are eligible; you will receive your social security number in no time. SSN is highly relevant for citizens and residents who wish to have several interactions with the government. It is one of the means of identification that will be demanded from you, now and then.

In addition to passport application or renewal, SSN is used by the government to track one’s lifetime earnings, including the years you may have worked. Whenever you retire, the government will use the information regarding your contribution to social security for calculation involving your benefit payment.

Other things will require you to present your social security number. If you don’t have one, you might be denied access to such services. Check them out below to make an informed decision.

Federal loan application

If you are thinking of initiating a federal loan application, ensure you have your social security number. The government would need your SSN to ascertain whether you are eligible for the loan or not. On your part, ensure you haven’t defaulted in another federal student loan. Otherwise, your application will be denied.

Tax Return

Your social security number is significant to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The agency would match it with the income you provided when filing the tax return to what your financial institution or employer claims to have paid you.

Driver’s license application

A non-citizen can apply for a license without an SSN. But if you are a citizen, you need to provide your social security number while applying for a driver’s license.


Is your social security number on your passport is a valid question. However, the answer is no! You can’t find such a piece of valuable information on your passport. SSN is an identification number that one needs to guide jealously. Ensure it doesn’t get to the wrong person. Otherwise, you might have serious problems arising from identity theft that will take years to clean up. So, know when and where your social security number is highly needed. If there’s a request for your SSN in a form, find out if you can leave the space blank. Do not be in haste to provide your social security number.

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