Why Do People Wear Masks At Raves? What You Need To Know

Why Do People Wear Masks At Raves

Raving has become a big part of the American culture. It is common to see ravers having on flashy masks and beads.

This tradition of wearing masks has taken root so much that some people don’t even know why. So let us look into the real reason behind rave masks;

Why do people wear masks at raves?

The main reason why ravers wear masks is to reduce the number of pollutants they inhale. There are often a lot of people crowded together and dancing vigorously in raves.

There is a lot of dander, smoke, dust, and bodily fluids from other people. The masks are primarily meant to protect the ravers from all these pollutants.

Other Reasons For Wearing A Mask At Raves

Rave masks are the modern version of the party masks used in France in the 1500s. Ravers have many different reasons to wear masks, some of the most common include;

  1. It is an excellent way to compliment the outfit. Masks come in different designs; ravers pick masks that complete their look. Some add beads or other brightly colored materials to their masks.
  2. It helps ravers get loose. A mask makes you feel like others can’t recognize you. It will allow you to be freer with the environment and have more fun.

Why Do People Rave?

A rave, by definition, is a large dance party involving either a Dj or a live performance of electronic dance music (EDM).

Raves have become very common and famous in the US, leading to the question, what is the point? Why do people rave?

The reasons vary depending on people but here are some common reasons why people rave;


Humans have an instinct to meet new people. Raving is a great way to meet new people and make more friends. Raving allows people to expand their horizons.

There are people of countless different races and classes in raves.

Most people that rave are talkative. They have a lot of experiences, and they have lots to share with beginners. With cultures such as Kandi raving, raves have become a haven for social interactions.

To relieve stress

Music has been proven to reduce stress in humans naturally. After a rough day, most people get some alone time to listen to their favorite playlist.

The anti-stress help that comes from music is one of the most popular reasons for raving. This would explain why there is a large number of ravers that are professionals by day.

A rave provides a venue where nobody cares about social status, race, or any other worries. It is like a new world in which you can express yourself without fear of judgment.

You can distress by dancing, listening to music, talking to other ravers, buying and trading bracelets, etc. This has made a lot of people get into raving and stay in the culture.

It is a form of escapism

Raving is fun, and it helps you deal with stress, but it is also an effective way of escaping harsh realities. Ravers describe the experience as going into a different world.

This is a way out for some people; A means by which they can forget all their problems for a night or two before coming back to reality. Think of it as a drug without side effects.

It is good to deal with your problems as they occur, but if you need a break from all of it, a rave is as good a place as any.

What To Wear To A Rave

Raves are wild and noisy with a lot of colored lights and people. Please don’t spend too much time thinking about what to wear; it’s simple, go crazy. There are no limits when it comes to dressing for a rave.

Just don’t have formal wear on; otherwise, pretty much anything will pass. You can put on colorful, loud, and revealing clothing if you are comfortable with it.

Do not wear anything warm, thick, or heavy. You will be surrounded by many people who are dancing vigorously, and it will get hot. You can even put on a costume if you have one.

Raves offer a judgment-free environment that allows you to be creative. You can also use body paint if you want to.

For men, you can go shirtless with body paints. You could have a costume on or simply a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or vest. You can be creative and have fun with it.

What Is A Kandi Raver?

In the early 1990s, American ravers started wearing homemade bracelets. Ravers make the bracelets out of brightly colored beads. These bracelets are known as Kandi.

As raving grew more popular in the US, a whole subculture was formed by Kandi ravers. Their motto is PLUR; Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

Because of PLUR, Kandi ravers share their passion and love for music with others by trading beads. The raver makes each bead, and it mostly has an engraved message.

This is a great culture that has established interesting procedures around the exchange of Kandi. It starts with an acceptance handshake in which two people make the peace sign.

They then form their hands into hearts to symbolize love. They join their hand together as a symbol of unity then they slide the bracelets onto each other’s wrists.

This is a sign of respect, and a hug follows it to show that a friendship has been made between the two.

Kandi ravers add beads to most raving outfits, including facemasks, hats, bags, etc. They bring liveliness to raves and make it a more unifying experience.


Raving masks are an essential part of raving, both for your health and fun. There is a wide range of masks to select from; you can even make your mask at home.

Raving has become popular because no one looks into the lives or problems of the other.  Nobody judges anyone; everyone is dressed up and going to have fun: no worries, just music and peace of mind.