When Do I Need Technical Cleaning Services? 

When Do I Need Technical Cleaning Services

In the event of a death, violent crime, or biohazard emergency in your home or office, who will be left to clean up the mess? Hazardous cleaning scenarios like these, where the risk of bloodborne pathogens is high, should never be approached by amateurs or those who don’t have the necessary tools and safety equipment. So, where do you turn if an emergency like this occurs in your space? 

This is when you need to turn to technical cleaning services. These professionals are trained to respond to a variety of biohazardous cleaning situations and they have the professionalism, expertise, and experience to get the job done right. Here, we’re taking a closer look at technical cleaning services to help you better determine when you may need this service. 

What Are Technical Cleaning Services?

At its core, technical cleaning is a service that sanitizes an area affected by biohazardous materials, such as blood, other bodily fluids, animal feces, or any other material that could be potentially dangerous. Technical cleaning companies take on cleaning jobs that traditional maintenance services aren’t equipped to handle and ones that you should certainly not tackle on your own. These professionals have the necessary tools and safety equipment to clean these areas safely and comprehensively. 

What Are Examples Of Technical Cleaning Services

Technical cleaning services respond to a variety of emergency cleaning situations. But how do you know when their skills and experience are needed for something that’s happened in your home or office?

To help you better understand what technical cleaning companies really do, here’s a review of some of the events they are trained to respond to and address:

Biohazard cleanup:

Biohazardous waste, including contaminants like blood, bodily fluids, or animal waste can be harmful to your health if you come into contact with them without the proper safety gear. If these hazardous materials are ever present in your home or office, following an accident or any event, you’ll need a professional technical cleaning service to make sure the space is returned to a safe condition.

Crime scene cleanup:

If a violent crime occurs in your home or office, you shouldn’t have to clean up the mess. Additionally, police aren’t required to attend any cleaning services following an investigation, which means you’ll be left with potentially hazardous materials in your space. Technical cleaning services are designed to respond to crime scene cleanup.  

Unattended death cleaning:

When someone dies alone, whether from an accident or suicide, the body may not be discovered for an extended period of time. As a result, the health hazards accumulate and the situation becomes even more dire.

Hoarding cleanup:

Over time, hoarding can lead to a massive stockpile of materials (some potentially hazardous) that become extremely difficult to remove. Technical cleaning services also understand that you don’t just want these materials trashed, so they can attend to them with the necessary care and precision.

COVID-19 decontamination:

In response to 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have come to realize the true importance of cleaning and sanitation services. To comprehensively decontaminate your home or office to meet COVID-19 safety regulations, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a technical cleaning team.

Emergency board up services:

If your building has been damaged, emergency board up services can secure your site and protect against additional damage. 

When Do I Need Technical Cleaning Services?

If you’re a homeowner, property manager, or own a commercial or industrial building, you could stand to benefit from technical cleaning services. Following an emergency event, including an unattended death, violent crime, or biohazard accident, you’ll need the assistance and expertise of a technical cleaning company. You don’t want to jump into these jobs by yourself, running the risk of infection or disease. These experts use the proper tools, safety equipment, and protocols to get the job done right. 

How Does Technical Cleaning Work?

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a technical cleaning service is that they will quickly and comprehensively address your cleaning and sanitation needs. Simply give them a call and let them take care of the rest, allowing yourself time to heal from the incident. But how exactly does this process work?

Here’s a brief rundown on the quickness and efficiency of technical cleaning services:

  1. Call a technical cleaning service and discuss your specific needs.
  1. Set a time (in many cases, a team of technical cleaning experts will be available almost immediately for your site).
  1. Technical cleaning team arrives on site and completely sanitizes the entire affected area. They will also haul off any and all biohazard materials and dispose of them according to federal guidelines.
  1. After the job is done, payment is addressed. In many cases, insurance covers the costs of technical cleaning services.

And that’s it. Technical cleaning services really are this direct, efficient, and fast. No matter the size or scale of the incident, these experts will take care of your cleaning and sanitation needs and help you take the next steps forward. 

Conclusion – When Do I Need Technical Cleaning Services?

Hopefully you and your loved ones are never exposed to a violent crime or unattended death situation. However, these events do occur every day and it’s important to be prepared if the worst does occur. When tragedy strikes, who will take care of the cleaning after death or ensure that a room or building is entirely decontaminated? Many people are shocked to learn that neither the police nor paramedics are in charge of this important, yet often overlooked, essential task. So, who are you going to turn to? 

In the event of an emergency, you should call a trusted and experienced technical cleaning company. These experts have the necessary tools, safety equipment, and experience to completely sanitize the affected space and ensure it will be safe for future use. Not only do they have the experience to get the job done right, but they’ll approach the task with the discretion and empathy required by such unexpected and often tragic events. Don’t force yourself to tackle this task alone. Call a technical cleaning expert for the help you deserve.