How To Use Twitter For Business Effectively: Strategy Tips From Experts

How to Use Twitter for Business Effectively

In the wide variety of social media platforms, Twitter takes one of the first places for business promotion. You can buy real Twitter followers for rapid business promotion.  It is a brief and quick instrument for brand promotion, which is also quite easy in functionality. Marketers love this platform for its power in increasing brand recognition in very short terms, given the right strategy. In this article, you will find useful insights for your business tactic on Twitter, along with the comments of top experts in the niche of Twitter promotion. 

Paid Promotion For Twitter Account

Nowadays boosting services where you can buy followers to enhance the result of your Twitter strategy, are practically common. Anna Morgan, a prominent digital marketing specialist, accentuates that although people often think that after the purchase their job is done, reality is different. According to Anna, buying stats for Twitter promotion is only a trampoline, and you still have to jump yourself. With paid services, you can easily drive attention to your content, and it has to be something interesting and valuable. 

Modern sites provide organic boosts that involve real people. It means that if your account isn’t active, even purchased followers can unsubscribe with time. So, says Anna, it is impossible just to buy readers and likes, and then sit calmly, doing nothing. In fact, it is after the purchase when all the work starts. With the expansion of your audience, you have to put more effort into creating new content and retaining the audience you have already got. 

Developing A Plan

Anna Morgan always begins her work with the clients by defining a goal of promotion. She notes that it is important to remember that pushing business on Twitter is not about increasing sales. For that purpose, it would be better to pick other social networks. The best directions for promotion on Twitter would be:

More sales often come as a side effect, when the main goal is reached. After the desired results are defined, Anna comes up with a step-by-step plan for achieving success. With each step thoroughly examined and approved, it is much easier not only to complete your quest but to analyze the progress as well. 

“Well, basically any social platform that you choose for business, will require a tight schedule and effective planning, and Twitter is also unusual in this, due to the specifics of the app itself. Along with tightness, you must leave some space for free maneuvers and tactic adjustments as trends on Twitter change faster than you blink.”

Research The Audience 

research audience

Of course, before starting an active campaign, you have to examine what you are about to work with. According to Sebastian Lowell, a private business consultant, “the promotion on social media is only successful when you know for sure who your target audience is.” Sebastian mentions also the fact that your competition has to be researched as well. Before launching a campaign, it is vital to know which methods of impacting the potential followers – buyers are used by your competitors, so you can avoid them in your strategy. Knowing the preferences of your target group is a basic task that any business owner has to complete. Look for such things like:

  • Most active time online
  • Preferred type of content
  • Top trends of the niche
  • And general trends of the platform 
  • Main influencers that are interesting to your target group. 

“I always recommend my customers to dive deep in life on Twitter. Not only is this a highly engaging activity, but it is also a way to understand how the promotion will work here.”

Don’t Try To Sell

Sebastian also notes that when promoting a business on Twitter, one has to forget about aggressive marketing strategy. Twitter followers don’t like when something is actively sold to them on social media, because they come here to relax and have fun, maybe to learn something new. People are tired of constant advertising around them, and if they see an aggressive promo on this network, they will probably simply skip it. 

The only relevant method to promote your product is to mention it in the context of something interesting and useful. And leave direct links to your website. Or, come up with an extremely rare idea for promotion, that will be the engaging instrument itself. 

Create An Image

Twitter is probably the best thing you could find for maintaining your reputation and making your brand visible for a huge audience, according to Vince Latovski, who provides branding services for businesses. On social media, even such as Twitter that are concentrated on text, good visuals are a must.

 “It is common knowledge that Twitter is the best option if you need to make your potential buyers meet your brand. Here you can impress them with the values of your company, accompanied by impeccable visual representation. There is no place better for infographics than Twitter!”

Vince also mentions that Twitter can be a great method to humanize your brand, as the general idea of the platform is lightweight communication with followers through short messages. 

A Small Guide For Business Promotion On Twitter

1. Use general trends for your growth

Constantly look through what is going on, and piggyback on popular themes to drive the attention to your profile. You can reply to the influencer’s tweets, or repost relevant news and articles. 

2 Personalize your profile

Twitter is based on communication, and for users, it is easier to talk with a person, rather than a brand that has no human face. It is highly recommended to reveal yourself as a brand owner, or to have a host who will represent your business and encourage potential customers to interact with your content. 

3. Mix your content

At least 50% of your materials have to be curated, at least 30% must be your creations, and the remaining 20% are personal materials. (And yes, it’s Twitter, so none here is interested in your dinner!)

4. Tweet at the right time

Just like any other social network, Twitter has the estimated time that is considered as the most popular, hence it is the best time to post for you. Mostly, people visit the platform around lunchtime on working days (1 pm to 3 pm). On weekends you can relax – the flow of users will be lower. 

5. Posting frequency

Keep in mind that, unlike Instagram or YouTube, the frequency of posting on Twitter is bigger. With the average 20 minute lifespan of the tweet, you must post about 10 times a day to remain visible. According to the previous point, concentrate your best posts in the most active time gap, while spreading the others. 

6. Engage actively

To make your brand noticed, you must be an active dweller of the platform yourself. Retweet and reply to other tweets, respond to the comments you get, like and share interesting posts – and do it as a personality, not as a seller. 

7. Avoid advertising posts

Followers don’t want to buy things when they come to Twitter. Give them what they want, and you will easily drive the attention to your brand, increasing your sales in perspective. Concentrate your content on things like interesting facts and articles, retweets, topics to discuss, etc. 

8. Use humor

Good jokes and funny memes are your weapon that assists in winning the love of the audience. You can exploit trendy stuff, or create your own, relevant to the niche you occupy. A good idea is to encourage user-generated materials, to strengthen the bond between you and your customers. 


Twitter is a huge power for business promotion, that can make you a solid competitor on the market. The tactic that you should use for reaching success on this network is subtle and should be aimed at creating a public image of your brand. Here you can meet your potential buyers and discover their interests and needs, to be used in your arsenal for not only enhancing your strategy but improving your product as well.