The 6 Areas In Your Home You Didn’t Think Needed Cleaning But Should

The 6 Areas In Your Home You Didn't Think Needed Cleaning But Should.

We all know there are a multitude of areas in your home that need a good cleaning, but there are places we don’t often think about as we go on our regular housekeeping tasks. High point areas, like light fixtures, ceiling fans, and picture frames, are often forgotten in cleaning, and they accumulate layers of dust over the years. 

Then there are areas we often notice, but don’t think to clean. High touch areas, like light switches, medicine cabinets, and faucet handles, are used everyday, but rarely cleaned or sanitized. Germs pile up on these surfaces, ready to infect the next person that touches them. 

There are also areas we know need cleaning, but would rather not as they take too much time and effort to clean. These areas include mattresses, outdoor furniture, and ovens. Regardless of the reason, you will need to have these cleaned every now and then to ensure a thorough maintenance of your home. 

Go For Professional Cleaning

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Have professional cleaning done to your home to thoroughly clean the areas you don’t often think about. Disinfection services ensure sanitized surfaces, and carpet cleaning services offer you a refreshes your carpets to make them look and feel new! Professional cleaning is the way to go when considering proper home maintenance

The 6 Areas You Forget To Clean; But Should

1. In the Common Room: Light Fixtures

Have you ever wondered about cleaning your light fixtures? Your chandeliers and lighting aren’t dimmed, they might just have a layer of dust that accumulated around the light bulb! This is not only annoying to look at, but that layer of dust is a fire hazard. As electric currents flow through light fixtures, these can possibly cause fires as they ignite the dust layer. 

Clean your light fixtures monthly to avoid this issue. Have a professional cut the power and safely clean these areas, or do it yourself with rubber gloves for safety. Cleaning these light fixtures is as easy as changing a light bulb!

2. In the Kitchen: Overhead Rangehood

The kitchen is the epitome of a clean home. You can often tell how much of a neat-freak the homeowner is based on the state of their kitchen. You can clean the garbage disposal, refrigerator, and countertops, but there’s one part you may often overlook: the overhead rangehood. 

The rangehood is the exhaust that gets rid of excess smoke and steam from your cooking which, in turn, causes an accumulation of grease that is hazardous in the kitchen. When the grease overflows, it becomes a fire hazard, especially in a room where fire is normally present. 

3. In the Bedroom: Under the Furniture

Our bedrooms are where we retreat to to get a good night’s sleep, or a sense of privacy. In the bedroom, we often take great measures to clean the carpet, dust the shelves, and wipe down our knick knacks to remove as much dirt and dust as possible. However, there are dark areas we forget to clean: the floors beneath furniture.

How often have you lost an item under your bed or table, and forget to retrieve it? Take time to move your furniture out of the way, and clear out those dust bunnies that have been living under there. Consider using rugs to line the floors to make moving your furniture easier, and wash the rugs monthly to clean them. 

4. In the Bathroom: Light Switches and Door Knob

Light switches, door knobs, toilet flush handles, and other high touch areas are used everyday by different people, and during different times. These areas gather up the most dirt and germs that are invisible to the naked eye, but can still make us sick as we spread the germs from person to person through these surfaces.

Use a regular disinfectant solution, such as rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant spray, to wipe down these surfaces daily. Doing so minimizes the risks of spreading diseases, and makes these areas look physically cleaner as well. Sanitize as often as you can; ideally after every use of the bathroom. 

5. In the Patio: Outdoor Furniture

You’ve probably never thought to clean your patio furniture, even as these are the ones most exposed to the elements outside. Your outdoor furniture may have been made from durable and low maintenance materials, but they can still gather dust despite the furniture covers you place on them. They can also have their fair share of pests, which disrupts your summer chilling! 

Thankfully, outdoor furniture is often made waterproof, so you can simply spray a jet of soapy water on your patio furniture to clean them every now and then. Pick a bright, sunny day where the furniture can air dry properly, and remove any cloth parts. Scrub down your furniture with a bristled brush to remove dirt from textured surfaces. 

6. In the Living Room: Houseplants and Pots

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just leave houseplants alone and expect them to thrive well indoors. In nature, plants are subjected to light and rains, washing off the dust that accumulates on the leaves. This layer of dust acts as a barrier, preventing the plants from taking in much-needed sunlight, so cleaning these out is a must. 

Unlike in the great outdoors, your home probably doesn’t have the rain, shine, and breeze that naturally washes away the dust from your houseplants. You will have to manually wipe away the dust, and dry your plants with a cloth or a fan to prevent fungus from growing. While doing so, it is a good idea to sweep around the area of the pots to pick up the soil that ran off from the pots.