Role Of Science And Technology In COVID-19 Pandemic

Role Of Science And Technology In COVID-19 Pandemic

Nowadays, the whole planet lives through tough times. They were provoked by a severe pandemic of a lethal virus called Covid-19. It has changed the life we all used to have entirely. It’s not safe to leave your home anymore because you may catch the disease. Millions of people around the world have died from this terrible virus. The world governments undertake all the possible measures to overcome this pandemic, but not everything they propose works properly. We think that science and technology play an important role in overcoming this problem.

Lauren Bradshaw, a professional essay writer from CustomWritings, has a few thoughts on this issue. “The Covid-10 pandemic has drastically changed our lives and people are terribly afraid of falling sick. I think that the combination of science and technology is one of the clues to a successful solution to the pandemic. Science can provide the remedy we all need. Technology will make our life more convenient while social isolation is required”. Our informative article shares the motives of Lauren and explains the role of science and technology during the pandemic.

Science Can Find The Remedy

As we know, science and medicine are two spheres that create remedies to treat different diseases and health deviations. Although the remedy against Covid-19 hasn’t been found yet, these two spheres are the clue to success. Scientists and medical professionals monitor the situation since it has started. They already have heaps of data, which provides us with feedback on the common symptoms, possible complications, consequences, preventive measures, and something of the kind. This big data is one of the stages of finding the solution. Science creates new frontiers and at least prevents a huge spreading of the virus. We have to get patient and follow the preventive recommendations of medical professionals until the pandemic is over.

Technology Makes Our Lives Convenient

As people are forced to remain most of their time at home, their convenience plays an essential role. Many people almost go crazy without social interaction. Fortunately, the technology industry helps to create a convenient environment at home. How is that possible? We’ll provide a few comprehensive examples.

  • Entertainment of all forms. If you’ve read all the books at home and television isn’t entertaining enough, open your browser. You’ll definitely find anything you need to have fun. You can download ebooks to your pocketbook, watch videos and movies, play online games, and so on. It’s up to you to decide what activity to choose to reduce stress and relax.
  • The possibility to communicate. Although people remain at home, they can communicate all the same. It’s possible to use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Besides, users can install different kinds of instant messengers to send quick messages and communicate involving hundreds of participants. Video conferences are another method to talk and even see other people. As you can see, there will be no problems with communication when you’re at home.
  • Learning via the Internet. The traditional form of learning is impossible today. All schools, colleges, and universities have moved on to the Internet. Fortunately, education via the Internet has multiple advantages for learners. Students can easily join workshops, find relevant samples and guides on educational websites, or utilize special learning applications. These advantages help to receive the required information for effective education.
  • Access to updated facts. People desperately need to know what happens in the world, especially today. Using the Internet, they can easily stay up to date. It comforts many people because they can stay in touch with the world. If you’re a student, you can quickly enlarge your knowledge by reading learning guides, tutorials, samples, manuals, etc. It’s likewise recommended to participate in different online workshops, webinars, lectures, and something of the kind. There are almost restrictions and students can always find the necessary literature, recommendations, and examples for their homework assignments.
  • The usefulness of robots. It’s not safe to leave your home but people need to buy food, clothing, home stuff, etc. It makes them go out and endanger their lives, as well as the lives of their closest people. Thus, engineers propose to use robots to bring the necessary products for a living. For example, the use of drones is one of the possible measures. They can transport medicines and food. Some countries already use them and people aren’t forced to go outside.

Technology likewise helps to find the remedy against Covid-19. It helps to gather and refine reports from all around the world. The resourcefulness of the Internet and different software helps scientists from different parts of the globe to cooperate effectively and fast. It instantly connects scientists and doctors, allows for conducting live conferences, discussions, etc. Besides, technology likewise participates in the creation of medical equipment.

When Technology Becomes Evil

It should be likewise mentioned that in some situations technology can harm people. Although many people desperately need fresh news, faking facts may worsen their mental states. Social media is a more popular source of information than common newspapers. It may be a huge problem because many posts cannot be trusted. Thomas Finholt, Dean and Professor of Information at the U-M School of Information, recommends all people (including students) to be cautious with information posted on social media platforms. Many of them post fake news that has only one goal – the attraction of more readers to earn money. Users should carefully read and analyze all posts, especially about the pandemic.

It’s likewise necessary to think about the possible consequences when the pandemic will be over. If you embrace technological innovations all the time long, it may be hard to refuse them afterward. People may grow dependent on technology and will become unable to solve their tasks (at work, in learning, etc.) without it. Experts warn to be careful.

As you can see, science and technology are very important for humanity during the pandemic. They can likewise collaborate to create the desired remedy. Get patient and the salvation will come!