What Benefits Does Twitter Offer To Business? 

What Benefits Does Twitter Offer To Business

Twitter has been around for a long time now, and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of going anywhere, any time soon, which is great news for brands. Twitter still dominates the social media sphere in terms of being the best platform to get close to an audience, to provide customer service, grow communities and research competition. 

Twitter can be tough to understand as a newcomer, and requires some practice before you get into the swing of things. If you are thinking about joining the Twitter world, but aren’t too sure what Twitter is about, or what benefits it can offer your business, then here are a few ways in which Twitter can help your business to grow. 

Reach An Audience 

A benefit that businesses are enjoying whilst using Twitter is that they now have access to a large user base, specifically that of over 192 million people, which makes Twitter one of the most popular social media platforms to use today. In case you aren’t aware of why the number of users makes a difference; more users means more people with varying interests. This translates to a portion of the user base forming part of the audience that you are trying to attract. If you need faster results you can take advantage of a very effective way of attracting new audiences and that is by using Twesocial, which is a service that gives a professional approach for growing your account organically with the possibility to buy Twitter followers and get results according to your business needs. 

Before creating a profile on Twitter, you should pay attention to which niches have the most and least followers, and create your profile and posts accordingly. Remember, too many content creators in a niche means your account might not be seen, and too little means there isn’t an interest for that niche. 

Customer Service

One of the more obvious benefits for using Twitter for business is the ability to provide customer service to all of your followers. Many brands have realized this and are doing exactly that through the various methods that Twitter makes available. 

You can reply to direct messages, post updates about products, answer questions by replying to comments, and giving customers technical support should they need it. This makes it a valuable resource to keep your customers happy. 

Grow A Personality 

Traditional marketing differs quite drastically from social media marketing in many ways, but perhaps the most fundamental is that social media marketing allows brands to create a personality. While it is true that before social media marketing, traditional marketing began selling a lifestyle rather than a product, marketing these days focuses on creating a personality for a brand. It is for this reason that Twitter is a great platform for doing this. It provides brands with the opportunity to not only engage with users, but to also create and define a personality. 

Understand An Audience 

One of the challenges that businesses faced in the past is that they were unaware of what it is exactly that their customers want, or what product they found useful, or what complaints they had about a service, unless they were contacted directly. 

With Twitter, gathering that information is now possible, and businesses are now able to gain valuable customer insights which they can use to improve products and services. With 6,000 tweets being posted every second, businesses have access to the largest focus group, and can find information that they never had access to before. 

Create A Community 

While other social media platforms may have a few benefits that Twitter does not, they do not allow brands to create a community with their followers. If you were to open Twitter now, you would find community pages, similar to those of Facebook, that discuss whatever the focus of the community is. This is a great way for brands to acquire user generated content and to also increase brand loyalty, which is much more important than simply just gaining a few followers

Research Competition 

For many businesses, the dream would be to know exactly what their competition is doing; what products they will be launching, what customers thought of the competition, what the competition is doing right. With Twitter, that is entirely possible, and just as businesses now have valuable customer insight, they now also have insight into competitors. 

Now businesses can compare their performance to other businesses, or gauge public opinion over which product is the best, why, how to improve their own, what features people like about the competition’s, and much more.