Why Is It Important To Follow Rules?

Why Is It Important To Follow Rules

Imagine a world without set rules and regulations, a world without order and precepts, such a world would be one filled with chaos and anarchy. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. A lot of people do not like rules because to them it represents some sort o restriction. So why is it important to follow rules? We will discuss this and a few other points in this article.

Why is it important to follow the rules?

It is important to follow rules because life without rules, life won’t have order and meaning. The truth is that without rules and regulations the world as we know it today would have gotten plunged into total anarchy. For instance, if we all could do what we wanted to do in traffic, definitely accidents would be the order of the day. Rules are not a part of society as we know it; they are the fabric upon which societies get built. Also, the quality of life a group of people in a location enjoy is subject to the quality of rules obtainable and the level of adherence to the same. When a society gets governed by rules that are not friendly to the people, there is always going to be a situation where people will revolt against the rules.

What Exactly Are Rules?

Rules are a set of guidelines that got created in communities and countries and get used all as a standard. These rules usually differ from one place to the other and the differences are often determined by factors such as social interactions, beliefs, policies, and the method of governance in place. Also, the violators of these rules are often handled by the penalties which the laws of the land for the violations. It suffices to say that rules are good for guiding and monitoring the interactions that occur among the members of society.

Some rules are information such as the ones obtainable in schools. People who break such rules are often subjected to mild consequences such as detention. But there are other codified rules which every member of the society should abide by. Those who break these rules are often subjected to consequences such as paying a fine or even jail term.

What Makes Rules So Important To Us?

Why we should follow the rules set by society. Here is a breakdown of some core reasons why every society needs rules:

1. Safety

More often than not, the simplest rules are often needed to shield us from harm even from ourselves. Created Rules instructs us not to drive your car through a road when the traffic light gets red and not driving into a river are to protect us from harm. A look at the traffic regulations we have around will reveal to you why exactly they were set-up in the first place. The number of accidents we would be encountering daily if there were no rules.

Rules are also created to help protect us from each other because of our innate self-destruct potentials. For instance, if no rule addresses issues like murder and robbery, there is every chance that the crime rate would increase. Also, when these rules are not monitored and implemented, even the most basic of rules could get abused and even ignored.

2. Protection for the weak

Rules generally help protect the weaker class of the society because they are often at the receiving end when such rules get broken. In a society where rules get made and followed, they often create an ideal environment for people to co-exist thus creating order and peace. Rules get created to conform to the results desired. An instance of this is the fact that rules get created in schools to entrench trust and discipline. This, in turn, fosters a peaceful and serene environment for learning to take place.

3. Employment

In the case of job security, it is important to note that when you are obeying the rules of a company, it does not mean that your job will always get secured. But by following these rules, it means that you won’t lose your job out of carelessness. You receive a write-up when you are unable to adhere to the rules, this may not get you fired immediately, but it sure does reflect on your records. In a situation where an organization is downsizing, there is always a higher chance for rule defaulters to get fired. The same thing also applies in cases of promotions.

Why Are Rules And Regulations Important In An Organization?

Procedures and rules are two things that define the strength of any organization. The rules that are set-up go a long way in determining the type of company and what the culture of the organization would be per time. A company without rules would be in constant chaos and the level of productivity would be quite low.

An organization is the type of labor and the kind of work that is been done per time. The culture and employees of an organization go a long way in telling the nature of an organization these rules by organizations are set up by the management for the employees so that there won’t be a state of anarchy. All employees are often expected to adhere to these rules which also translate to seriousness and discipline among the employees. This also helps out in the growth of the company. When the rules get broken, it leaves a negative footprint on the organization because the ethics and culture of the organization may diminish. There are some terms that you must be mindful of when it comes to company rules.

What Are The Policies?

A policy is a principle of action that aims towards a certain business goal. It is a plan of action that should get carried out to meet some goals of the organization in their daily running. It is also the guidelines that dictate how employees and employers have to behave when they are in their workplace.

What Are The Procedures?

Procedures are a process that helps out in policy implementation. Well drafted procedures can help in removing obstacles and odds that may arise while you are working on a task to achieve defined goals.

What Are The Major Differences Between Procedures And Policies?

So far, we have been able to establish that policies and procedures are vital for the smooth operation of any organization. There exist some differences between both terms. Policies help you recognize the rules of a company and are usually general. Also, they explain who it covers and show the way it should get implemented. They can also get explained using simple paragraphs and sentences and they show the method of implementation of the rules. Procedures outline when the actions should get taken while also explaining the available alternatives. They also show the cautions and warnings and give examples. Procedures are often written in an outline format.

Here are some reasons why rules are important in an organization:

1. Discipline

This is one virtue that talks about the behavior of employees when they are on duty. But official and stern issues cannot get handled based on the behavior of the employees. Hence, for discipline to get maintained in an organization, there is a great need for each person in the company to adhere to the rules outlined by the company.

2. Helps complete the company

Companies function because of the existence of procedures and rules which put the employees in line. In a case where there are no, there would be a case of anarchy as everyone would only be guessing what should get done per time.

3. To achieve a common goal and aim

Employees are the engine room of any organization and rules must exist to guide them to certain goals and objectives. It is normal for each person to have their individual goals but it is even more important for all to work towards a certain defined goal.

4. Rules help define the culture of an organization

The rules and procedures that exist within an organization assist in setting the tempo for the work ethic and culture within a company. Any company that does not have functional rules will have a non-cooperative work culture.

Final Word

Rules are not meant to frustrate and antagonize you per time. They get created to serve as a guide for a productive society. We have been able to establish that rules are very important for any society to make considerable progress. But rules are more effective when they get tailored per the need of the people it gets designed to serve per time.

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