What To Do On Instagram When Starting Out

What To Do On Instagram When Starting Out

Instagram is one of the most famous social media networks in the world. Having over 800 million active users, we can undoubtedly say that Instagram is as big as Facebook or Twitter. People share their photos and videos with their followers while following other users’ activities. With so much activity happening in a short amount of time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with what you should post on your account and how to gain more followers. When you first start out on Instagram, you can find it hard to know what to do to gain more followers and share some great content with them. That’s why in this blog post, we will share a few things you can try to achieve your goal.

Create A Good Profile

Your profile will be the synonym for your brand, and you want to display it in the best possible way. People will explore your profile, and your goal is to make an excellent first impression and make them stay for longer than they planned, learning more about your brand. There are several factors you should include in your profile to achieve that. First, select a recognizable username and write a good bio. You can write up to 150 characters in your bio, so make sure it is concise and that it tells a bigger story than written. Also, include your website in your bio. Then, add a profile picture that will help people recognize you – preferably your company’s logo or your photo headshot. Finally, fill your feed with quality photos, and if possible, try to create a dominating color scheme in your photos. All this combined will result in users easily finding out what your brand is all about, and your feed will complete the creation of a fantastic user impression.

Engage With And Follow Relevant People

When growing your Instagram profile, you should also focus on creating network connections. You should start them by following people relevant to your niche, and you should continue by engaging with them. Very soon, they might do the same, resulting in their audience starting to pay attention to your brand too. You should follow people who can aid the growth of your account. Additionally, if you connected with people in your niche, that means their audience has an interest in topics related to your industry. If they spot you, there is a big chance they will want to explore who you are, and with a good-looking profile, you will gain many new followers. If you need faster results and love to explore other ways of gaining followers you can visit growth services like Growthoid and check how by following some simple steps you can grow your account organically. This will give you a good base for creating a community around your brand.

Use Hashtags When You post

Hashtags are a necessary part of every post. Nowadays, in the endless sea of content on Instagram (95 million photos are posted on Instagram daily!), hashtags are those that separate different topics and their content. Next to that, they are a powerful tool to increase your reach on the platform, attract and gain more followers, and encourage more engagement. However, more hashtags don’t mean more followers, and it is a bad practice to overuse them. Most effective posts contain around 10-11 hashtags. Also, your hashtags should describe your posts because people follow hashtags on topics that interest them. Using wrong hashtags may lead to low efficiency in attracting followers and even annoy your followers. Before posting, don’t forget to thoroughly inspect your selected hashtags to ensure they are not associated with something else. If you want to find out the performance of your hashtags, you can use Instagram Hashtag Analytics.

Use Stories And Reels

Some of the prominent Instagram features that made it far more entertaining are Stories and the newer one – Reels. Stories are well known for being time-limited (they last for 24 hours), made “in the moment, “and with a more authentic tone. There are several ways you can benefit from Stories. You can use them to further introduce your brand and products to your followers by showing the interesting parts of the production process or introducing company employees or the whole team. Your followers will see who you indeed are, and they will appreciate the authenticity you are displaying. You can also make Story polls, have your followers ask you something, make emoji slides, and much more. Instagram Reels are another great feature that Instagram has. Reels are short videos (usually 15-30 seconds long), very dynamic, and very entertaining. Since they are short, users can quickly scroll through many of them, enjoying the content equally. By making exciting Reels, you can efficiently promote your products and brand, start new trends, create challenges, and more.

We hope that with these tips, we have helped you get the idea of how to get started and rapidly see first results. Remember to keep it entertaining and fun while mixing great content along with showing the more personal face of your brand. Altogether, by successfully implementing these tips, you can create a powerful marketing strategy for your brand.