What Is The Best Weight Loss App For 2021

What Is The Best Weight Loss App For 2021

Modern technology has enabled us to have weight loss apps on our phone, tablet, and desktop, making it easier than ever to access resources to help us on our weight loss journey. Many use apps as an easy way of managing exercise and tracking food and water intake. The features in such apps motivate you to attain your objective of losing weight. Weight loss apps have proven helpful healthwise and are self-monitored, which is done by increasing awareness as a user. Weight loss apps might not have the accountability aspect like gym sessions which means it is best you choose an app that has interesting features and those with reminders that pop on your screen. Some of these apps are discussed below in detail.

Lose It!

This app is basically focused on counting calories and tracking the user’s weight. The app is user-friendly and does its calculation based on your age, weight, and health goals after which it gives you a personalized weight loss plan. Lose It has a barcode scanner feature that assists you to add food to your log, making it very efficient. The app often gives you daily or weekly updates on your intake of calories and gives you a graph showing your weight changes. Also, you can participate in communal challenges from other users and share info or ask questions. You can also take photos of your meals and this enables you to keep track of your intake. 


This weight loss app also keeps track of your calories in order to strategize your weight loss program. MyFitnessPal counts your calories and enables you to log what you can eat on a daily basis from a professional nutritionist, after which it gives you the number of calories and nutrients taken in a day. This app is also perfect for individuals with a specific diet plan such as diabetes patients. It integrates your nutrition statements with your calorie goals and how much you’ve shed through exercise. MyFitnessPal can also sync with other fitness apps such as Fitbit. It however, can give inaccurate food info since data is user-generated. 


Cronometer enables you to keep track of your nutrition and fitness. It has a calories-counting feature with a nutritional food database. Also, it makes sure you meet your required daily vitamins and mineral intakes, thus preventing deficiencies. Just like Lose It, it has a snap feature only that this uploads pics of your body, throughout our weight loss journey. The app has an advanced version where you can access nutritionists and health coaches directly, and also have online discussions with your fellow users.


Noom is also a popular weight loss app whereby the user sheds his/her desired pounds by having a sustainable lifestyle. The app gives you a daily budget of your calorie intake based on your current weight, height, gender, and weight loss objectives. You can also track your food intake using the Noom app including exercises you can do and other health-related factors such as blood sugar levels. Noom coaches you even during your work hours and offers you the right eating practices and quizzes that are filled daily, which results in healthy eating integrated with your day-to-day activities. It also has a platform for health coaching and community chats. In fact, according to reports, Noom is one of the most efficient weight loss apps.


Fooducate is your ally, especially when doing your grocery shopping as it helps you make healthy choices, based on the dietary goals you’ve set. The app enables you to scan food barcodes then gives you nutritional facts and their benefits in detail. Fooducate is uniquely designed to notify you when the food is unhealthy such as those with trans fats and high-fructose, and in return gives you healthy options. Additionally, you can scan foods that contain allergens before buying them.

WW App

This app also assists you to shed weight and also maintenance through the use of SmartPoint systems. The system keeps you on a schedule of specific levels of calories which consequently promotes loss of fats. Also, the WW app includes a list of fat-free foods such as lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. The app works based on your individual goals and the number of calories you intend to lose. The user logs their weight and food intake in the app which then keeps track of your points. 

The app tracks your activities, gives weekly workshops, and has a social networking platform where you are motivated by your fellow users. The app has the advantage of a large collection of approved recipes for specific meal times and dietary requirements. Finally, the WW app clearly shows your progress in graphical illustrations and live coaching is available at all times.