Is A Degree In Political Science Worth It?

Is A Degree In Political Science Worth It

If you are thinking about going to college, you are probably thinking of taking a major such as a degree in political science, and then you might be wondering if political science is a good investment of your money and your time. If you ask people if it’s worthwhile to finish your degree in political science, the answer they will give you may vary.

While it is true that courses such as political science may have less job security and salaries than other in-demand fields, having a degree in political science might eventually be worth it in terms of returns of investment and pay off.

However, it is crucial to approach your studies strategically so as to increase your chances of getting the job that meets your need when you graduate.

What To Do If I Want To Be A Political Science Major

Thefirst thing to do is to research your career of choice. If you haven’t decided on a particular job, that’s fine. You can start by investigating the political science field as a whole. Start by looking for articles online or better still, visit career services office at your school.

Civil service, international affairs, public administrations, political campaign work, teaching, law, and journalism are possible career paths for people who have a degree in political science worth it.

You can meet with a career counselor, who can help you to research the political science field even more by checking out anticipated job growth and statistics. All jobs are not created equal – some jobs are generally at a standstill, while other jobs may require geographic relocation so as to find work.

Getting to know these things now will help you make a good decision regarding whether you should pursue a degree in political science. You can also get to know other courses or even specializations in political science by taking coursework in your areas of interest.

The second thing to do is to network and get involved. Potential employers are always on the lookout for candidates who got themselves involved in extra-curricular activities when they were in college. Whether it’s a sport, club or even a Greek organization, participating in this activitiesgives you exposure to a lot of new and important people and teaches you different skills. For example, you’ll not only gain leadership experience, but will enhance your interpersonal skills and improve your communication skills by being a member of an organization.

Being on a team or other organized activity also tells your potential employer that you’re able to manage your time and prioritize. Also, the people that you meet in college can become lifelong connections that can open doors to opportunities. Your classmates are not the only ones that can benefit you. Take time to discuss with professors and other authority figure. This can give you access to lots of information as well as a future job reference.

The third thing to do is to take an Internship. Whether you need this for your political science major or not, take advantage of an internship opportunity that comes your way. Getting real life experience will help you to decide your career path. You will also learn all the things you couldn’t learn about your field in school. Taking an internship will also set you apart from the competition when searching for jobs.

You can also gain a foot in the ground by interacting with your internship supervisor and other important people in the job.

Is Having A Political Sciences Degree Necessary For Politicians?

Although having a degree in political science has been beneficial for some notable politicians, there are other major courses of study that aspiring leaders can take to prepare themselves for a successful political careers.

Notable American Politicians Who Have A Degree Political Sciences

Former US President Barack Obama has a degree in political science from Columbia University. He specialized in International relations. Hilary Clinton has a degree in political science from Wellesley College. Hilary is a popular US political figure, who has filled numerous roles including presidential nominee, former first lady of the United States, and former senator of the U.S. Hilary Clinton holds a Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School.

Popular American Politicians Who Didn’t Major In Political Science

Notable American politicians who didn’t major in political science include Donald Trump, who has a Bachelor Degree of Science in economics from the Wharton School of Finance former United States of America president, who studied international affairs as an undergraduate and then proceeded to graduate from law school at Yale and former US president, George W. Bush, who has a degree in business administration from Harvard’s school of business.

You should know now that if you want to pursue a political office in the US, you need an undergraduate degree, but you do not necessarily need a degree in political science. Another course of study would provide you a strong foundation if you want to pursue your political career and also give you other employment options outside a political career.

Undergraduate degrees in other specializations such as public administration, international affairs, or economics are likely to be more versatile.

What You Should Know About Political Scientist Careers

The United States federal government employs most of the political scientists working in the nation. While they earn comfortable salaries, the future employment outlook for them is bleak. Experts at the US Bureau of Labor has predicted declining employment and more competition for jobs in the political sector through the year 2024.

Your entry-level academics must be a master’s degree if you want to become a political scientist employed by the US Government. You are competing with candidates that have doctoral degrees in the field. The bottom line is you have to invest a lot in your education and gamble whether you will get a good job.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Political Science?

People generally associate political science majors with going to law school after graduation. While this is actually an option, it isn’t the only option. There are so many field you can break into if you have a degree in political science.

Some of the most common fields are

1. Public Relations

People in this field work to maintain specific Image for a company, an organization, or an individual including a politician or a public figure.

2. Law

The field of law has a lot of options, and political science majors can go to law school to work in a law firm or be an attorney.

3. Government Research

Political science are experienced in researching and analyzing various policies and the effects of the policies, which is an important skill sought in government employees.

4. Consulting

Whether it is consulting for a company or a political campaign, political science majors use their great research skills to maximize growth and efficiency.

How Much Can I Make With A Degree In Political Science?

An average political science graduate makes a $55,000 salary as an entry-level employee, and later on, that person can make up to $100,000. Salary depends on your organization, job title, location, experience, and education. People who reside in bigger cities make more money than others. Those two also have additional degree such as Master’s and Doctorate degrees also make more money.

Lawyers, on average make over $100,000, historians make about $55,000, and urban planners$70,000.

Can You Be A Lawyer With A Degree In Political Science?

You may be wondering if you can be a lawyer if you have a degree in political science. There are lots of lawyers who have a Bachelor’s degree in political science. Political science provided them with a sufficient understanding of the way law and government systems function in the United States.

But after graduation, the path to becoming a lawyer is not yet over. International students will need to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) in order to get a three-year graduate law school program, and also complete the notorious Bar Exam if they want to practice law in the United States.

How Many Years Does It Take To Get A Political Science Degree?

It depends on the institution, but it generally takes 4 years to complete a Bachelor’s degree program in Political science. And for a Master’s Degree program in Political Science, it can two to three years to complete it. A master’s degree in political science is a more in depth study of the broader topics that were covered in an Undergraduate Political Science curriculum.

The Final Verdict On Is A Degree In Political Science Worth It?

If you really want to pursue a degree in political science, then the answer to this question might be “yes.” Note that you will have better employment opportunities if you pursue a graduate degree. Getting a graduate degree is good, whether political science or another major.

With this extensive guide that contains all the info you need about political science, you should be able to decide now whether getting a degree in political science is worth it, or you should consider taking another major entirely. The ball is in your court.

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