How To Disable T Mobile FamilyWhere In 5 Easy Steps

How To Disable T Mobile FamilyWhere In 5 Steps

Individual safety is a very sensitive issue in the present world. But we can now rest assured thanks to all the technology that we have in our hands. We can combine them to always have an idea of where we are and also send our loved ones a beacon of where we are. And that is exactly what T-Mobile FamilyWhere does.

But sometimes, these apps and devices can become too tedious to use. And that is why in this article, we’ll show you how to disable t mobile familywhere in your mobile phone and also show you an alternative. Along with that, we’ll also answer some questions that are quite common among the public.

What Is T-Mobile FamilyWhere?

Before we move on to the procedure, let’s talk about T-Mobile’s FamilyWhere a bit. T-Mobile is a German cellular company that has operated in different countries of the world, especially in the United States.

They have always provided customers with top-notch service. And the FamilyWhere feature is one attempt to do so yet again.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere is a family locator application. This app combines both cellular networks and GPS to provide your family’s location to you so that you can rest assured while getting along with your day.

This feature can help you stay aware of your children’s whereabouts, as society isn’t safe anymore. So, with the FamilyWhere, T-Mobile wants you to be in peace.

Pros Of T-Mobile FamilyWhere

Like we mentioned before, T-Mobile is a mobile tracking system for your family so that you can know about their whereabouts at all times and not be worried at all.

Now, this system has both its pros and cons. So, we’ll start at the pros and try to see all the benefits that we can get out of this tracking app.

For starters, you can register your family’s numbers to your account and then track them from your phone as long as they are using a T-Mobile cellular network. Along with that, you can also see where an individual is in real-time and also check in with them just by using text messages.

These pros also include time-based alerts and the ability to locate your phone as long as the cellular network is working on your phone.

Cons Of T-Mobile FamilyWhere

As for the cons, the biggest one is that you cannot use this service without a phone that uses T-Mobile’s service. So, that creates an obstacle in a family that uses multiple cellular services. Along with that, this locator will not work if you get out of T-mobile’s network range.

Moreover, this locator service is only available for Android users and not iPhone users. Now, a huge chunk of the United States’ consumers uses Apple’s iPhone. So, this puts them at a disadvantage. And even the location provided is not that accurate, it usually locates the nearest cell phone tower of the target.

How To Disable T-Mobile FamilyWhere In 5 Easy Steps

You can disable T-Mobile’s FamilyWhere in your phone by following these 5 easy steps that we have put together. So, here goes:

Step 1: Log in to Your Account

At first, log into your account using the right user information and password. This will give you access to make other changes.

Step 2: Select ‘My Account’

Now, select the ‘My Account’ option and get into it to get to the next section of controls.

Step 3: Go to ‘Profile’

Now you can get into your Profile settings since FamilyWhere is a profile-based feature.

Step 4: Select ‘FamilyWhere’ in ‘Family Controls’

After going into profile settings, if you select Family Controls, therein, you’ll find the option to tweak FamilyWhere settings.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Unsubscribe’ in ‘Settings’

After selecting Settings in the FamilyWhere section, you can now select the Unsubscribe option at the bottom to disable it completely.

Famisafe: A T-Mobile FamilyWhere Alternative

FamiSafe is an excellent alternative to T-Mobile’s FamilyWhere. It works as a great parental tracking app and includes added features such as screen time restrictions and Web Filtering.

This also includes a safe search. Along with that, it also provides locations with restrictions like T-Mobile. That is why we can recommend this as a great alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find a stolen phone with T-Mobile FamilyWhere?

You can locate a stolen phone as long as your phone is connected to a T-Mobile service and is switched on. If the phone is switched off before you send a tracking request, you won’t be able to figure out the location.

Why don’t we always get a location?

You won’t always get a location if you request it. Now, the reason behind this is that the app uses both a cellular network and GPS. So, if the GPS of the phone is switched off, you won’t get a location back for information.

What’s the core of the T-Mobile FamilyWhere mechanism?

The T-Mobile FamilyWhere uses a combination of your phone’s network and GPS system. After combining them, it sends back the location of the target family member to the primary account holder.

Can I use the T-Mobile FamilyWhere if I am outside of the T-Mobile cellular service?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the T-Mobile FamilyWhere if you’re outside of T-Mobile’s cellular service area. This falls under the app’s cons.


That’s all we had on how to disable T Mobile FamilyWhere and be done with it. Now, we always make our content hoping that the information that we provide will be of good use to you. And, we hope the same with this one as well. So, make this info useful and make your life a bit easier.

Other than that, we are always open to some feedback. So, if there’s something that you think we might have missed, or there’s a question that you want us to answer, feel free to contact us. We always appreciate any kind of word that we get from your side. So, stay safe and keep your family safe as well.

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