Do Rental Cars Have A Tracking Device?

Do Rental Cars Have A Tracking Device

We live in a generation where cars are increasingly getting smarter by the day. This is seen in the fact that computerization is changing cars from ordinary mechanical devices into more electronic devices. This has seen rental cars increasing the number of connected cars in their collection. Some of these features can assist a rental company to recover a stolen car or remotely unlock a vehicle. Some see a future where rental customers would be able to have live chats with an agent. The big question people looking to rent a car seem to have at the back of their mind is “do rental cars have a tracking device”

Do rental cars have a tracking device?

This depends largely on the car rental company in question. Some companies use GPS systems to track the customer. GPS is often deployed to secure the car. This can, however, be quite expensive for car rental companies that have quite a lot of cars. This is why car rental companies instead opt for requesting credential documents such as identity cards or driver’s licenses. This is why it is quite common for rental companies to request that you fill a lot of paperwork all so that you do not run away with their car. For instance, if you are using a debit card for payment, you will be required to fill out a form that includes details such as your work address, references, phone numbers and all other information which may help in tracing the car if it gets missing. It, therefore, suffices to say that the smaller rental companies install tracking devices more often than the larger companies.

What Is The Information Collected By Car Rental Companies

One thing customers of car Rental Company’s should know is that the information being collected per time is aimed at serving the needs of the company. Also, they are not intended to spy on the customers of the company as all they intend to do is keep an eye on their assets.

For instance, the GPS used by some of them is used to report the location of cars that have mechanical issues, accidents recall while also helping out cars that may have been stolen.  The remote shutoff, on the other hand, comes into being when a car gets stolen and is still running. It is used to turn off the car from moving. Information collected is the operational statistics that involve the rental company documenting the service history of the cars. It is useful in planning maintenance and also informing the rental company of possible problems. The fuel level is often checked at the time when the renter picks up the car.

Overview Of GPS For Car Rental Business

One notable feature of the car rental business is that it is a profitable and progressive business. one notable challenge which this industry faces is that of the security of the cars been rented out to the customers. The questions bothering on the safety of their properties are one reason why rental companies find it quite difficult to expand their operations. This is why GPS for cars come in rather helpful as it reduces the chances of cars getting stolen. By having GPS installed in the cars of a car rental service, it makes possible to check the cars and notify the rental company if something goes wrong at any point in time. So far, GPS is gaining widespread use because it is quite discreet and can be installed quite easily. It also comes in handy when the car rental company’s customers get lost or are faced with a challenge in the middle of nowhere.

What Are The Rewards Of GPS For Car Rental Companies?

Rental companies have their command center updated as soon as their cars find their way out of a certain location. This averts a situation where theft occurs as the system gets alerted as soon as the car leaves that location. Also, if the car suffers a breakdown, the company may be alerted and as such, they may send for help. This will not only assist in protecting the car, but it will also give the company a positive image to the clients. Because the companies will be getting regular updates on their cars, it means that they would be able to regularly maintain the cars. Also, the process of installing GPS is often quite easy and usually does not require any extensive work.

What Are The Drawbacks To This System?

This system gets faced with a few challenges especially when installing the GPS in the fleet of cars. If the rental company can surmount these challenges, it makes the work quite easy for them. Usually, the installation cost is often quite high and this makes it a very unfavorable option for rental companies that have a smaller collection of cars in their fleet.  Also, it is common knowledge that the cost of installing these GPS devices in cars is quite high. Also, the GPS devices are largely dependent on the cellular network and therefore mean that places that do not have proper network coverage will not be traceable. If a company wants to consider satellite-based GPS systems, it has to factor in the fact that such a system would be extremely expensive.

What Is The Way Out Of These Challenges?

Several rental companies face a lot of challenges due to the cost of installing GPS facilities in their cars. But certain measures can be used to eliminate or at least mitigate the effects.  For instance, several consultancy firms actually offer the use of GPS equipment for rental cars. What they simply do is ensure that the tracking technology is as effective as possible depending on the scale of operation.

A Few Tips To Consider Before Renting A Car

Rental cars offer you a unique advantage because they are better than having to wait for public transport or even pay for a taxi. Here are a few tips that should help you in your car rental adventure:

1. Insurance

When you visit a car rental company, you will have the unique option of buying rental insurance in the event of any damage. This policy can be quite expensive and you may end up not needing it. The secret to this situation is in the fact that several credit card companies, when used for car rental purposes, can provide the needed coverage for the cardholder without any added costs. It should, however, be noted that some rental companies may limit the coverage offered. Due to this reason, you should call to confirm as this may save you some funds.

2. Each cost counts

It does not matter if all the drivers are above the age of 25, you will still be required to pay a certain fee for each of the drivers registered when you rent a car.  This is why you need to carefully think about the number of drivers you need. You should also know age does not come with an advantage when it comes to car rental drivers.  There was a time when most rental companies did not permit drivers who were below the age of 21. These days, most of them do even though a huge fee may be a part of the experience of the driver.

3. Ply Paved Roads

One of the notable policies of rental companies that many people tend to ignore is the rule that cars must not be used on unpaved roads. Some insurance covers may be voided just by using the car on unpaved roads. So, except you intend to pay for whatever damages that may be incurred, ensure that you maintain paved roads.

4. Strive to cut costs

The majority of rental companies make it a point that you must return their car with the fuel tank full. And if you are unable to return the tank full, you are expected to pay up for the gas you didn’t put at the rate of the rental service. Usually, the rental companies charge more for filling the fuel.  Also, if you are traveling by air and rent a car, you should know that you will get a surcharge at a cost. To avoid this cost, you can simply avoid renting the car at the hotel and instead rent it at the hotel. You can further save costs by coming along with your extras such as GPS systems or child seats.

Bottom Line

Do rental cars have a tracking device; we believe we have answered that question and a few others with enough clarity. It is worthy of note that there are ways you can maximize your car rental experience depending on the level of information at your disposal. But if your rental company does plant a tracking device on the car, just know that it is not meant to be creepy but in your interest and that of the company.

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