How To Find Someone On Instagram

How to Find Someone on Instagram

It is easier to find someone on Instagram when they give you their surnames, but this is not always the case. Many people will see you as a stalker if you go behind them to add or send them messages without taking permission. If you don’t know someone’s handle but want to find and add them on Instagram, perhaps you should find credible software and install it.

Perhaps the best way to find someone on Instagram is to spy on them with reliable software. Software like can help you spy on unsuspecting individuals not only on Instagram but also on other top social media networks like Facebook. Since we all use our mobile phones for everything these days, it can be easy to spy on someone without them suspecting. With an SMS track app, you can even find someone on Instagram via the text messages they send and receive.

The internet messenger tracking feature of SMS software allows you to track the sources of instant messages sent and received. This software tracker will require that you choose the premium package, complete a billing form and then complete your order, to use the spying feature. You will have to set up the app and install it on the targeted device before you can find the person on Instagram.

Once you install a tracker app, you will be asked for some basic information about the targeted person. Though adding some information about your target could be optional, you still have to input some vital data of your target you intend to spy on. The Instagram tracking option of the device you are spying on must be activated if you want to find them out. Once the tracking option is active, you should be able to find the person and their activities on Instagram. You need to install the same app on your device and then click on your control panel to find and track the activities of your target on social media.

What Other Options Of Finding Someone On Instagram Are Available?

Another way of finding someone on Instagram is to search by their usernames. You must open your Instagram, by simply tapping on the orange, pink or purple camera icon located on the homepage of Instagram. This step should open your homepage if you are already logged on.

Click on the magnifying lens icon from the home page that is located at the bottom. Once you tap on the magnifying icon, the search bar will show up and this is a grey field located on top of the screen with the inscription “search” on top of it. This search should simply pop up if you are using your smartphone.

Tap on the Account tab and that will limit your search to those available only on Instagram. Since you already know the user or account name, tap on it, and your search results will appear below the search bar and you can click on the person you are looking for. You may want to tap on the blue “follow” button if you want to add the person or simply use the SMS tracking software if already downloaded, to track the individual.

You can also use the “Discover People Tool” to find people on Instagram. As usual, you can use this tool by simply opening the Instagram website and then tap on the orange, purple, or pink camera icon on the app list and Instagram will be launched.

Click on your profile icon, and which is the outline of the user located at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Click on this to open your profile. Tap on the three horizontal lines menu located in the top-right corner, and the menu will expand. Click on the “Discover People” box which is represented by the Silhouette of a person with a + sign next to it. Doing this will display a list of Instagram accounts you want to follow.

From the display list, you can find a profile of a person you want to follow. You can scroll down through the suggested Instagram accounts until you find the person you are looking for.

If you have already synced your accounts with Instagram, you will find many of your contacts who have Instagram accounts, displayed. You may want to check out the phone or computer syncing steps to sync your contacts and receive alerts on new Instagram accounts created by members on synced contacts lists.

If you haven’t linked your Instagram to another social media network like Facebook, you will see a Facebook linking option with a blue button near the top to connect both accounts. If you will like your Facebook friends who already have Instagram to appear on your “Discover people lists”, click on “connect” and follow the instructions on your screen to complete a linking of Facebook and Instagram.

Syncing phone and computer contacts can also help you find someone on Instagram quickly. Open your Instagram website and click on the orange, purple or pink camera icon located on your app list. This step should open your Instagram page if you are already logged in. Click on your profile and tap on the menu which is represented by three small horizontal lines.

Click on the “settings” which is represented by a gear menu on top of the menu. Click on account and then click on the “contact syncing” option from the drop-down menu. Slide the switch on the button for “connect contact” and your contacts will be automatically synced.


It is important to keep in mind that any software or app used for finding people on Instagram will only work when the app is installed on a device used by the target. It also means you as the user must have the app installed as well and you can use the app only when you have the consent of the other person. You must be aware of the legal implications of using a spy app before you download and install it on any device.