Does Life Get Better?

Does Life Get Better

Life for some is a bed of roses and for others, it’s all thorns and thistles. Life isn’t always going to be fair regardless of how good you think you are. Life is a product of the things you put into it. There are cases of wars, killings, broken homes, failed relationships, and the likes. One begins to wonder if things can improve. Take for example a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Such a person will most likely feel awful most of the time. So, does life get better? We will attempt to answer this and other related questions in this article.

Does life get better?

Life does get better when you begin to make choices that make it better. What this means is that you must make deliberate choices to change something’s in your life. But it’s important to state that there are no real guarantees in life as far as life is concerned. Life doesn’t give you what you feel you deserve but instead gives you what you demand from it. An example of this is the economic meltdown that occurred over a decade ago. Many people lost their jobs, businesses closed down and there was a feeling of gloom pervading the land. However, certain conscious efforts were made to check the effect of this meltdown. Through the economic stimulus packages of the then-President Barack Obama, the country witnessed a surge in its fortunes. The important lesson here is that no matter how bad things may be, it can get better if the right measures are taken.

What Makes People Feel Like Life Can’t Get Better

The society and the information we are constantly exposed to plays a huge role in determining our disposition as a people. It, therefore, suffices to say that we are what we hear, eat and see. Most people feel life can’t get better because of what they are constantly exposed to. Hence, the mind is the ultimate battlefield of life. Things such as a broken heart, lost opportunity, conflicts, and the likes are some of the reasons why people feel like things can’t get any better.

How Can You Get Your Life Together?

No matter how bad things may appear at the moment, know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing broken that cannot be fixed if you put your mind to it. To get your life back together, you will need to get your mind together at first. A lot of people seek for ways to change their outside world whilst failing to realize that the outside world is a product of what goes on inside. You will have to change the way you view things, people and situations. The changes you desire to see may not materialize immediately, but you can be sure that changes will indeed come. Also, it may do you a world of good not to over-inflate your expectations of things and people. This should save you a lot of unnecessary stress.

Tips That Should Help Make Your Life Much Better

it is important to note that life is a continuous learning process. It’s all about the ups and downs, the falls and triumphs. Those who are at the bottom of the wrung view those at the top as being only lucky. One thing every success story will tell you is that nothing happens by chance. Success is usually a product of habits and attitudes which is sufficient enough to propel them further. One thing you should know especially when you are feeling down or discouraged is that you may have to take a break and seek ways to get yourself motivated once again.

No matter how tough and discouraging the situation may seem. Once you do not give in to quitting, you are already far more than those who have “resigned to fate.” There are times when we lose our way and even take our eyes off the bigger picture. But it is by encouraging yourself and pushing yourself harder and higher is the secret to success. So, it does not matter if what you desire to do is run a marathon, or perhaps write a book or quit a habit, here are some tips that should help out:

1. Never let your quest for perfection take the shine of good

If you are a perfectionist, chances are high that you will always struggle to appreciate the good efforts you make per time. By always aiming for perfection, you stand the chance of putting yourself under undue pressure each time. This does not take away the fact that taking extra steps towards perfection is the sure way to grow. But you should know that it is impossible to attain perfection as well. All you need to do is to aim to become better per time.

2. Nothing is beyond your ability to cope

When you get to the point where you are faced with a hurdle, the knowledge that you can handle whatever you come against should be enough to get you feeling motivated. For instance, if you are faced with a difficult situation and you carry a mindset that you can’t cope, chances are high that you will struggle all through.

3. Don’t be scared of asking questions

The fact is that most people fail to ask questions per time. This is either because they feel embarrassed or they are just scared. The general impression is that people who often ask questions are probably not smart. But what most people fail to realize is that when you ask questions, you stand the chance of becoming better. Interacting with experts in certain fields of life means that you will be eating up the wealth of information they have. But while at this, ensure that you are asking questions from the right people.

4. Avoid comparisons

Even the most successful people like Kanye West, Barack Obama, and the likes have people who are probably richer and more successful than them. This is why you should not waste your energy trying to compare yourself with other people. Your drive should be based on an innate desire to succeed and not to catch up with people. More often than not, the people who may be making you feel less of a human being may be facing situations that are tougher than you.

5. Have a positive approach to challenges

One mindset you will need to adopt on your way up is the mindset of seeing obstacles as challenges and not problems. Life is simply a learning process that is bound to throw barriers at you. But if you find yourself surviving it all and you come out unscathed, it means that you have been able to push yourself further than your limitations. Adopting a positive I can do it mentality is the sure way to defeating your perceived fears and insecurities.

6. You are in charge!

Life is like the game of soccer and you are the coach of your life. The quality of the decisions a coach makes before and during the game will go a long way in determining the outcome of the game. The same applies to your life. You are the driver and coach of your life and if you are smart enough to steer your life in the right direction, chances are high that you will come out happy. This does not ignore the presence of factors you cannot control, but it is always smart to make the most of the things that are within your power.

7. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Regardless of how purposeful and focused you are, you will always need a strong and functional body to make the most of your life. What this simply means is that your body needs to be constantly fueled if it must deliver. Hence, you need to be a very healthy Spirit, soul, and body at all times.  This, however, does not mean that you should spend all your days at the gym, but you should do all to ensure that you are on the right track to living a qualitative life.

8. Ensure that you have fun

The sooner you realize that challenges are a part of life the better for you. What this simply means is that instead of expending all of your energy fighting battles and chasing demons, you should devote some of your time towards having fun.  Infuse some fun in what you are doing per time. You certainly do not want to get old and realize that you made all the money but made very little fun memories. Life is a journey hence the need to enjoy every moment as they come.


Life is a journey that should be enjoyed. Does life get better? That largely depends on what you put into it.  But it is imperative to point out that we are the product of our choices and such choices should always be taken from a position of strength and information. Challenges are certainly a part of the experience, but so also are triumphs. Make your choices right today and you will see the better side of life.

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