4 Ways To Live The Good Life

4 Ways To Live The Good Life

Wouldn’t it be nice to live the good life without having to spend a fortune, dip into your life savings, or take on an extra job? The good news is that just about anyone who is willing to do a bit of planning and bargainhunting can acquire at least some of the trappings of a high-end lifestyle. It’s not so much about the high-end part as the fun and satisfaction of doing one or two things you’ve always wanted to do. For many working adults, the following are achievable ways to upgrade a lifestyle without shelling out huge sums of money.

Collecting Wine

Even if you live in an apartment and only have enough extra space for a cooler-sized winestorage unit, you can start your very own wine collection. Nowadays, some of the world’s best vineyards sell by-the-bottle wine to individuals and ship it directly to their homes. Depending what your tastes are, it’s possible to build up a decent collection of your favorite reds, whites, and specialty wines for a few hundred dollars. If you decide to take the avocation to another level, consider joining a club that offers member discounts and remote storage. Keep in mind that it’s possible to sell your unopened bottlesto earn extra incometo beginning collectors via a personal website or through one of the many wine trading clubs.

Owning A Classic Car

Classic cars can be fun to own and work on, even if you’re not a mechanic. If you’ve ever been to a neighborhood car show, you have probably seen the gorgeous classic models on display and wondered what it might cost to own one. Most vehicle owners are surprised to learn that they can buy a classic at an online car auction for a very reasonable price. The smartest way to get started is to review an online guide that explains how to find and participate in the best classic car auctions.

Keeping Horses

Even if you own a typical home in the city, it’s possible to rent space where you can keep your own horses. The largest expenses involved include the initial purchase price of the animals. After that, there are modest ongoing costs associated with veterinary fees, land rental, and food. In fact, it’s very common for people who keep horses to earn money by taking care of other people’s animals by charging monthly fees. The ideal situation is if you already own a half-acre or more and live in an area that legally allows horse ownership. But, even if you are a citydweller, learning all the skills that go with horse ownership can turn into a source of income that more than offsets the costs of keeping the animals.

Amassing An Art Collection

There was a time when art collecting was an activity reserved for the wealthy. In the modern era, however, just about anyone can find investment-grade art at online auctions and store it on the walls of their homes. Consider doing plenty of research on the art you intend to buy and taking your time locating pieces that might appreciate in value. Start small and read as many books about art collecting as you can.