What Size Is 7y In Women’s Shoes? Understanding Shoe Sizes

What Size Is 7y In Women’s Shoes

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Shopping for shoes is fun but can be a pain when you arrive home and find the shoes that can’t fit. Today, according to shoe retailers, it’s pretty rare to manufacture shoes in size 12. 

In the past, the average shoe size for most retailers was seven, but today it’s eight. There has been a rapid growth in shoe size in recent years, and therefore manufacturers are making larger sizes. 

With the rapid increase in shoe size, shoppers should measure their shoe size while in-store constantly. Each time, selecting the same shoe size doesn’t guarantee you a perfect fit. 

There are different shoe sizes with different initials or numbers, and you need to know them. Let’s begin by answering the question. 

What size is 7y In Women’s Shoes?

There is a 7 for men and 7Y for youth in shoe sizes. The size length is the same, but the adult size is for an adult foot, and youth is for a kid. The 7Y size is the same as 8.5 women. 

The women’s shoe sizing is always 1.5 larger than youth sizing. To know your youth size, subtract 1.5 from the standard size. 

For example, if you wear a woman’s 8.5, you can wear youth 7Y. Amazingly youth size can be as large as seven; therefore, any shoe up to 8.5 is simply within the women/youth overlap. 

The Average Shoe Size For Women

Fun fact, do you know you can estimate one’s height based on their foot size. If the women’s size is five, her height will be approximately 4-9 feet. 

The average foot size of an American female is around 8.5 to 9, and this is surprising because, in the 1970s, the average women’s foot size was 7.5.  

The report says that an ordinary woman’s foot has grown bigger more than a size. 

Why Are The Feet Getting Bigger?

Averagely, Americans are getting heavier and taller, which leads to an increase in feet size. The feet become proportion to their bodies. 

Taller women have more extended feet than their shorter counterparts since their bodies need more support to balance. 

The shoe size also differs according to the environment and genetics. As we age, the feet tend to expand and lose elasticity. 

The women’s shoes usually experience a switch in sizes during menopause or pregnancy. Therefore you need to occasionally measure your shoe size even if you know since it does change. 

Shoe Size That’s Commonly Sold 

Today the average size of women’s feet is between 8.5 and 9. However, the popularly sold shoe size is seven. 

But simply because most women are wearing size seven, it doesn’t mean they are wearing the correct size. 

In the past, women were quite embarrassed by their larger feet. However, recently most have been embracing bigger feet. 

Some women celebrities with large feet are Rhianna at size nine and Winslet at size eleven. Shoe manufacturers now accommodate the font size increase by designing wider and larger sizes. 

How To Correctly Measure Your Foot

The foot size changes with time, and it’s because of various factors such as fluid retention, weight gain, pregnancy, age, etc. Therefore, you need to measure your legs each time you buy a new shoe online or in a physical shop. 

It’s pretty easy to measure your shoe size while at home. Plus, you should know that there isn’t anything like a universal shoe size standard. 

The shoe sizes vary according to manufacturers. For convenience, you should check your shoe length in centimeters and compare it to the trademark size chart before finalizing the purchase. 

You’ll need an A4 paper, a ruler, and a pen to measure your foot size. Here are the steps you should follow. 

  • Put your clean feet on the piece of paper.
  • Vertically hold the pen and place a dot where your longest toe ends and where the heel ends. 
  • Use a ruler to measure the distance between the two dots accurately. 
  • It would be best if you determined your foot length using centimeters. 
  • Repeat the procedure on the other foot.
  • Find the size on any available foot size chart. You can download the chart. 

In some people, the foot sizes are usually slightly different in length. In such situations, select the shoe size according to your larger foot. 

Getting the Correct Shoe Size 

You need to ensure the correct shoe size for comfort and ease of movement. Many people walk with ill-fitting shoe sizes because picking the correct shoe size can be pretty tricky. It would be best to consider certain things when picking your next shoe pair. 

  • The toes should be able to wiggle.
  • Ensure there’s one inch between your shoe’s tip and toes 
  • Your toes shouldn’t be cramped 

If you can’t measure your feet from home, you can do it from the shoe store. Most have rulers that you can use to measure your feet and have the exact size. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Incorrect Shoe Size 

You should never assume you know your foot size when making a shoe purchase. The manufacturers do make shoe sizes differently. Choosing an incorrect shoe size can come with several complications such as: 

  • Foot swelling
  • Knee pain 
  • Foot pain 
  • Blisters 

Pro Tips When Shopping For Shoes Online

Shop on sites that allow zooming

One of the significant online shopping challenges is that getting the shoe’s real quality sense and finish can be pretty tricky. 

It would be best to shop with retailers or sellers that offer clear and high-quality product images from multiple angles. Their user interface should be easy to use and have several features such as zooming. 

Zooming helps you get the finer details, and thus you’ll have the idea of the texture and color of the shoe’s material. Plus, you’ll see the finish. 

Measure your feet

The article has information on how you can easily measure your feet. You can use a flat piece of white A4 paper and pencil to trace your feet’ outline. 

As mentioned, you should measure the length of your feet from the heel to the big toe. You need to know that the feet can have different sizes, therefore take the measurement.

Purchase Brands That You Have Tried 

If you aren’t particular about the shoe size and other brands, you should stick to the brands you usually wear. That way, you already know the shoe type and size that fits you well. 

Search for shoes worn by models 

Checking out different models styles will help you make the right purchase decision. It’s primarily ideal when you are thinking of a new style. 

Studying the models’ feet will get finer details like the toe cleavage the shoes reveal. Plus, you can know whether the ankle straps’ placement shortens or elongate your legs. 

If the shoes and models’ images are not on the seller’s website and are from a major brand, you can search the photos somewhere else. 

You should know that each seller presents their products differently. Therefore you might find a variety of images with different styling and lighting. 

Check other customers’ reviews

Most eCommerce platforms have a review section that allows buyer or customers to give their opinion about specific products. The reviews are pretty invaluable when buying any product

It will help you know whether the product is legit and the pictures are accurate to the image and size. 

Begin your purchase with a relatively cheap shop pair

Do not buy the most expensive models if you’re shopping from a specific brand or website for the first time. It would be best to consider buying the cheap but good quality models as test orders. 

Buying affordable shoes does not mean it is of poor quality. Some affordable shoes from certain brands are high quality and have the same standard as the high-end models. 

After identifying an ideal brand with high-quality, good design shoes, you can shop but choose the most affordable. 

Read the return and exchange policy

Different sellers and manufacturers offer different return and exchange policies, and you need to read and understand them before making the purchase carefully. 

Some shoes are pretty heavy and can be costly to ship back, and it can be much if you are an overseas retailer. 

The Best Shoe Brands 

Recently the footwear market has steadily grown by lead and bounds. It’s because of the drastic increase in the spending patterns of the consumers. 

The famous shoe companies are experiencing remarkable revenue growth. You need to know that the footwear industry is unlikely to slow down. Here are some of the best shoe brands in the market. 

  1. Adidas
  2. Nike  
  3. Kering
  4. ASICs
  5. New balance 


Shoe shopping can be pretty fun, and it’s more fun when you do it from an online shoe store. Finding the correct shoe style can be pretty easy, but choosing the right size is usually quite tricky. 

There’s nothing worse than buying a shoe that doesn’t fit. You will have lost some dollars plus wasted some time. Therefore you need to be particular about your shoe size before purchasing. 

The article has a guide on how you can measure your shoe size. Plus, it’s best to stick to your favorite brand when purchasing shoes. You will be able to identify your fit and design quickly. Remember always to measure your feet’ size because the sizes change.