6 Tips For Developing A Strategy To Increase Business Leads

6 Tips For Developing A Strategy To Increase Business Leads

A business without any leads won’t be a business for much longer. While that is a harsh reality, it emphasizes the immense value of a company continually evolving and evaluating strategies to accumulate business leads. It is important to stay proactive in honing lead generation techniques even when business is good, as things can change in an instant in the world of industry.

Getting ahead of the curve has never been more crucial, and it is imperative that a business ensures that every facet of its operation is geared to improving lead generation. Here are six tips for tailoring elements of a business lead generation strategy.

1. Optimize Your Business Homepage

It doesn’t matter what your business does, as long as it is immediately clear on its website homepage. Every company needs a homepage that provides relevant information and compelling calls to action. A site like Hotjar.com shows the range of analytical tools that can be used to assess a website, from heat-maps displaying areas of interest to SEO audits. Use A/B testing to build the perfect homepage for your brand, as this will be many people’s first experience of your business.

2. Emulate Successful Social Media Brands

Emulate Successful Social Media Brands

It is vital for an ambitious business to maintain an active and effective social media presence, as social media sites have become one of the main battlefields for lead generation. If you’re unsure how to approach social media, find brands that you admire and observe their methods for generating clicks and views. One of the tips for growing a business featured here at TheFreemanOnline.org is to know your competition, so make sure you’re not being left behind by a rival company’s dazzling social media presence. Don’t simply imitate their output, but consider what makes their strategy effective.

3. Streamline Contact Detail Management

Finding and maintaining business contact details is a task of monumental importance for businesses keen to generate leads, but it can also be a time-consuming process. The Contacts browser extension from Lusha.com streamlines the process and does the heavy lifting for businesses, as it quickly locates accurate B2B data on key platforms like Gmail and LinkedIn. This allows a sales team to focus more on converting leads than updating contact details, with the extension capable of acquiring info for previously hard-to-reach prospects. More useful contacts means more avenues for lead generation.

4. Don’t Expect Someone To Give You Something For Nothing

Look at your business through the lens of a prospective client. What is the incentive for them to enter the email address on your site? What is the motivation for one-off website visitors to become recurring visitors? Consider providing an eBook to newsletter subscribers, hosting regular webinars for loyal site visitors, or using eye-catching offers to gain traction on social media. Don’t get complacent with your email newsletter either; each newsletter must be filled with worthwhile information, otherwise you risk losing subscribers who no longer see the value in your emails.

5. Maximize Your Existing Customer Base

An existing client base is a rich resource of potential leads that can often go under-utilized. Your clients are the perfect envoys to spread the good word about your business, as each client will have a network of their own. The contacts of your client will have contacts of their own, so it is easy to see how word of mouth can significantly improve lead generation. Reward your loyal clients for bringing new leads your way – referral bonuses are a great incentive.

6. Explore The Potential Of Blogging

A business can create an evergreen portal for lead generation with a blog. While the blogosphere is a busy place, Hostgator.com has plenty of tips for a company looking to stand out and maximize their SEO capabilities. Invite professionals you respect to post guest blogs on your site, and reciprocate this by producing content for their platform. This can be a successful way of reaching out to whole new audiences of potential leads.

There are never any guarantees in the generation of leads. However, following these tips should put any business in a better position to generate leads quickly and efficiently.