Understanding The Features Of Instagram 

Understanding The Features Of Instagram 

Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms for the better part of a decade, and the app now is very different to what it was when it first launched. Not only are there many more features, there are also many more users. 

If you are new to Instagram, or want to download Instagram and learn how to make the most out of it, here is everything you need to know about the features of Instagram, from Reels, to Stories, IGTV and much more. 


Hashtags are one of the most used features of Instagram, and the easiest to use. A hashtag essentially groups content under the same hashtag in order to make it easy to search for by users. This also makes it more discoverable, since users can search for hashtags. The good thing about this is that you can find tools online such as Task Ant who can help you get the people who want your content and generating the right hashtags is the right way for this. They are proven ways to grow your audience with real people who love your brand and engage with your account.  After selecting, or taking, a photo to upload, you will be presented with an opportunity to enter a hashtag, and also be shown how many posts currently have the same hashtag. 


One of the newer features to Instagram is Live, which is targeted to the users who enjoy streaming, and those who enjoy watching streams. It has many benefits, including hosting discussions, as well as the opportunity for followers to ask questions. Once the video is live, followers will be alerted via a push notification, where they then have an opportunity to comment as the livestream is underway. Once the video is over, it doesn’t save to your account, which means its limited time only. 


IGTV means Instagram Television, and its Instagram’s attempt to introduce longform videos for those who want something a bit longer to watch. This has a few benefits, such as giving people the opportunity to create small series, or give an in-depth view to followers about different topics. This is good for businesses, as 80% of businesses now using video marketing, which means that it can now be done on Instagram. 


Stories are a new addition to Instagram, and are very similar to the social media platform, Snapchat, or Whatsapp Statuses. Video that are uploaded are visible for 24 hours before disappearing, but are appearing to be very useful. Businesses can include tags to products in their stores, you can also place links to websites or other accounts, or even create polls or questionnaires. This makes it an exciting new way to engage with followers.  


One social media platform that has been blowing up recently is TikTok, and offers users short comedic or instructive videos that are overlayed with a soundtrack. Instagram realized this is the kind of entertainment people want, and introduced Reels, which is essentially TikTok. Users have been enjoying this tremendously and the engagement rate with Reels is higher than that of other forms of content on Instagram. This offers users and businesses a way to increase brand image by humanizing themselves, and is a great benefit. 


For those who enjoy taking photos, but don’t have the first clue about how to edit them, or what software to use, Instagram solves this problem by providing filters to use with each post. Some filters include; Moon, Juno, Skyline, Slumber, Ludwig and Clarendon. Statistics show that posts with a filter receive a higher engagement rate than those without, and that makes sense, since posts without don’t usually look as good. 


One feature that Instagram adopted quite early is the ability to geo-tag posts, and if you are not familiar with what that means, it means that you can tag a location in the post. If you have been out for coffee and want to share the restaurant, you are able to do that. Engagement rates seem to be higher for posts with geo-tags than those without, and this is a great way to direct traffic to local businesses


A feature that is available to business accounts are analytics, and they are incredibly helpful for growth. With analytics you are able to see which hashtags get the most engagement, which posts generate the most engagement, and more, which is helpful when deciding what content to post, and which to get rid of.