Top Most Liked Instagram Posts: How To Get As Many Likes As They Do

Top Most Liked Instagram Posts..

Despite the fact that Instagram has concealed the exact like numbers under posts to decrease the negative impact on competition and the mental health of humans, this metric is still highly important for your growth on Instagram. IG likes under a post is a cheap method of interaction on this platform that works well for engagement, thus it is incredibly useful for gaining ratings on this network. And knowing this, you want to understand how to get more of them and grow your blog successfully. Here is what this article is about, so let’s dig in!

Work On The Optimization 

To make your account more visible and easily discoverable by the audience, you have to optimize it for search. However, we do not recommend growth services like Ampfluence to grow your audience. Your profile is a presentation of your personality or your brand, so all details have to correspond to the message you want to expose to the public:

  • Profile image
  • Bio
  • Username
  • Link in your bio
  • Hashtags and captions

These details create your identity and make your blog easy to discover for users, as they realize what they will find in your blog and if it attracts them. 

Keep Up To The Calendar

Another important aspect of getting many likes is to maintain a consistent schedule for your posting. People like receiving new content in regular doses, so you have to secure a plan for the best performance. On Instagram there are a few different formats of content that will require different posting schedules:

  • Regular feed posts: 2-3 in a week
  • Stories: daily or at least every two days
  • IGTV & Live sessions: once a week
  • Reels: 3-4 in a week

Also, pay attention to the best possible time for uploading a new post. Examine the behavior of your target group and define what is the most optimal period for lending a new piece of content to them. This time depends a lot on the specifics of your target group so, you must be thorough in your research. 

Find Inspiration In Others

It isn’t a secret that it is very hard to create something completely unique nowadays, and no, you shouldn’t steal someone else’s content for your profile, but you can discover some fresh ideas for branding your profile, new content formats, and ways to reach out to your audience. As you see something that you consider suitable for your Instagram, rework it with your ideas and figure out if it makes your audience happy. This can be easily discovered with Instagram analytics. 

Create Contests For Likes

An old, but very effective method to increase your stats in a short period. What you must do is settle a contest where the main condition for winning would be liking your post. For better effect, you can add up options like leaving comments and reposting your posts. The winner should be selected publicly via online randomizers. 

Make sure that you offer a decent prize that will motivate many people to participate in your contest. This is a good idea for a collaboration with some brands – you both will get a lot of engagement and increase the recognition on instagram. And don’t overload your profile with such contests – this method is working well when it is occasional, and it being rare gives you more organic results.

Add Value To Your Posts

To motivate people for liking your post, you must provide something interesting and useful for them. In most cases, this would be valuable information. For example, if you are posting photos from your vacation, don’t forget to tag a location of your resort, and also share exclusive tips about your trip organization, and share insights for having a good time while away. Along with beautiful pictures and engaging videos, such content provokes a boost of likes as people appreciate the insights that you have offered. The post that contains helpful tips is also more saveable, which is also a positive dynamic for your blog growth. 

Use Trends And Memes

Nothing connects people better than a good joke. Memes are one of the weapons for trendsetting, and a good way to strengthen the bond between you and your followers. Sharing a meme that is relevant to your community will definitely bring you more likes than you think. Creating special jokes that will be understood only by the ones who follow you is a decent tool for setting the atmosphere of exclusiveness, that defines the power of your community and support your reputation online. 

Use Stories To Promote Feed Posts

Stories are a great instrument that increases the visibility of your posts multiple times. Stories appear before the eyes of the viewer and can perfectly lead to your new upload, so your followers don’t miss it due to the specialties of the feed algorithm. Simply repost your new upload to stories and add a call to action, that must motivate viewers not only to view your new post but to hit a little heart as well. 

Care About Visuals

Whatever value you may bring with your captions, Instagram is a platform that is based on sharing photos and videos. So you must provide the most exciting visual support of your personality that is possible. Luckily, modern smartphones provide photo quality decent enough for posting in the app, so you must focus on other technicalities such as:

  • Composition
  • Color correction
  • Posing
  • Accents

These are basics that all photographers learn on their professional growth, and of course, nowadays you can visit special classes for mobile photography to obtain useful skills and confidence in your actions. 


Likes are a very important currency for a blogger on Instagram, as they indicate their popularity and increase their position in the rating. But you must understand that modern users aren’t as generous for likes, as it was some time ago. To motivate them to hit the like button in your favor, you must provide valuable and visually attractive posts. Of course, an important aspect for gaining more likes on your posts is to add a good share of your personal charisma to your blog.