How To Promote On Instagram Through Reels

How To Promote On Instagram Through Reels

Every year it becomes more and more difficult to promote on Instagram for free. But in 2021, the social network launched a long-awaited short video format called Reels. We will tell you today why entrepreneurs should master this format as soon as possible and how to do it.

Why You Should Use Free Promotion Methods

Of course, you can promote your account in paid ways, because there are always such offers on the market. However, sometimes bloggers, especially beginners, do not have enough money to pay for paid promotion. As a rule, such creators simply disappear because they cannot become popular. To spend less, you can buy Instagram likes. It’s pretty cheap.

However, even this requires some kind of stable income and budget. Therefore, you should still consider the Reels format, which will allow you to get a lot of feedback for free.

What Is This Format?

Reels is a separate tab on Instagram where you can post short videos in a vertical format. As in TikTok, we see the Reels of all users in an endless feed, so they can be scrolled non-stop.

A selection of videos is formed according to the interests of the user. In general, all the functionality is similar to TikTok. There are effects, editing options, filters. But here they are present in more modest numbers, although their expansion is a matter of time.

Why Is It Effective?

Instagram focuses on video content. The head of the social network, Adam Mosseri, said back in July 2022 that the social network is changing its positioning and will now give priority to video rather than photo content. This means that the service will help the authors of this format.

Getting into Recommended with regular posts or Stories is hard because of the high competition. By shooting Reels, you expand the flow of incoming traffic and go beyond your audience. This means that many more new people can become your subscribers, customers and loyal readers. And all this is free.

We focus on cost again, because this is an extremely important factor for many content makers. Even if you are willing to spend some amount of money on promotion, you can use these methods in combination. For example, after posting a video, you can buy real Instagram likes to get to the top faster.

How To Shoot This Format?

There are two main vectors of content creation. Either do what everyone else is doing or experiment with something new.

Repetition Of Popular Trends

Keep track of recommendations, watch TikTok often (as long as all trends are born there), and look at your competitors. You do not need to copy one to one, but repeating the idea in your interpretation is ideal.

Creating Your Own Unique Content

In this direction, the main thing is the lack of expectations and constant experiments. A video with a very complex editing can collect 100 views, and a video shot in 30 seconds can get as many as 100,000. Therefore, it is important to test and track what resonates and what does not.

The best option is to use both directions in equal proportions.

Ideas for your Reels:

  • Answers to Direct questions. This will help attract new subscribers.
  • All sorts of tips and tricks. Short and to the point.
  • Lifehacks and step by step instructions. Frame acceleration and editing allow you to fit all the stages into a 30-second video.
  • Humor and sketches. Obviously, humor always gets good feedback. Previously, bloggers filmed vines, now Reels. But brands also know how to joke coolly: such content increases loyalty to the company.
  • Video about yourself with a story (storytelling). The main thing is to make it interesting.
  • Product overview. Shoot videos showing the brand product from all angles or in action.
  • Teaching videos. The format does not imply long lectures. Instead, you can make dynamic videos with a single theme. It should be simple, understandable and interesting.
  • Educational content. Such videos do not teach in the broad sense of the word, but talk about some kind of phenomenon, process, phenomenon and offer ways to solve any problems. The format is suitable for all experts, such as psychologists, lawyers, investors, consultants.
  • Beautiful video with brand products. It is not necessary to lay a special meaning or benefit for subscribers in the video. You can just show your aesthetic.
  • The process of creating a product. Production is always interesting. And you can put storytelling with an interesting story as an audio track. Then the audience will definitely want to watch to the end.
  • Work process. Continuation of the previous topic: only the production process is no longer shown, but the work by hand. This is a must-have for cosmetologists, make-up artists, massage therapists and other similar professionals.
  • The atmosphere of the place. On Instagram, people come for beauty and shots from an ideal life. So show how good it is where they are not. To make the audience urgently want to be in one place or another.
  • Staff. Introduce people to those who work in your beauty salon, who cook risotto in your restaurant. Who are these people, what do they like, what are they interested in? This familiarity shortens the distance between you and your customers, forming a friendly community.

It is impossible to calculate the hit of your mini-videos in the recommendations in advance. However, the chances that they will be there will help the following 7 tips:

  1. Use trending music. It can be found at the audio track selection stage.
  2. Add your own audio tracks. They can become popular and videos with them will lead to your page.
  3. Your video should catch on from the first seconds. Otherwise, it will just swipe and move on to the next one.
  4. Dynamic stories. Either captivating text or a quick change of picture. Don’t put slow footage in the beginning.
  5. Good video quality. A simple but very important rule.
  6. Everything in the video should be short and clear. More views are gained by short videos up to 10 seconds long.
  7. Post Reels regularly and as often as possible. This increases the chances of being recommended.