5 Legal Documents Requiring Translation For International Trade

5 Legal Documents Requiring Translation For International Trade

The expansion is a commonly chosen strategy practiced by business leaders around the world to help their companies thrive. When you feel like it may be time to take the next step with your business, entering the international markets might be all you need. New countries mean new audiences and opportunities.

The whole process of entering foreign markets might seem overwhelming, but choosing the right translating services of experienced specialists, such as Espresso Translations Services, and enlarging your team with law specialists should make it much easier to manage. As a part of preparations, it’s crucial to know which documents require professional translations and specialized assistance.

Here are some of the most important documents requiring translation for international trade.

1. Patents

Exclusive rights granted for inventions need to be translated to the languages of all countries you are planning to conquer. As a patent is one of the most important legal documents, it must be translated by an expert – not only a translator but a specialist in a certain area. Be aware that when it comes to the law, every detail matters. Sometimes placing a comma in a sentence can significantly change the original meaning of it.

2. Financial Records

There is no doubt that a huge number of documents will be related to finances when it comes to international trade. For example, it’s crucial to have a proper translation of the Financial Statement Analysis. Additionally, all the papers related to your bank account might be needed by your foreign partners or other banks. Also, consider the fact that your potential stakeholders will use all the translated financial records, so it is essential to make sure that they are translated correctly and professionally.

3. Certificates

To provide proof of your company’s achievements and stand out from your competitors, it is advised to have your certificates translated. Depending on the area you specialize in, you may be able to present different types of documents.

Certificates play a vital role in your business development. Besides helping you to gain the customer’s trust, they can also improve the productivity and skill set of your team. And don’t forget to use them in your marketing strategy! Clients will be much more likely to enter your website when your services or products are in any way certified. In some cases, it is recommended to explain what a certain document is about and what it means for your potential clients that you have it.

Here are some of the most known types of certificates you might want to translate:

  • Certificates of safeness
  • Certificates related to delivery services
  • Certificates of origin
  • Certificates of inspections

4. Import/Export Declarations And Contracts

These declarations provide information about offered shipments and the value of your products. If they aren’t properly written, it might cause financial losses to your business (for example, it may lead to some issues with custom houses, which will need to be cleared out). To avoid those types of unpleasant situations, it is strongly advised to hire an expert linguist.

Contracts are a kind of plans of action or rules and regulations between you and your international business partner. Even the smallest mistake can cause a significant misunderstanding; that is why translating services play a vital role in many international trade processes. In order to prepare a contract, it is crucial to be familiar with international requirements. Many businesses will hire a specialist to avoid any flaws.

5. Audit Documentation

An audit is an examination of financial statements and reports of your company.

This document plays a key role in building your international business empire – it can be successfully used as a showcase. That is why having it translated into several languages will undoubtedly help you with attracting new potential partners. Specialists advise to translate them ahead of time instead of doing fast and inaccurate translations, which might cause many problems in the future.


Translating the documents for international trade is pretty complicated and time-consuming. Every tiny detail on the contract or your financial record might entirely change its meaning. A regular person without the proper skills and experience will not be able to translate those papers without a mistake. As entering foreign markets might seem challenging at first, as long as you work with the right specialists and translating services, nothing stands in your way to success. The key to conquering the markets is to think ahead, also in terms of providing the properly translated documents. Remember also about the certificates so that your potential partners and customers know what they can trust you. Then, be patient with the progress – obstacles will appear and not everything will always go according to the plan.