8 Top Freelance Jobs For Students

8 Top Freelance Jobs For Students

Freelancing is an optimal choice for many students to earn some money. It is flexible and allows combining work with studies. It is also much easier to start than a full-on career while you are in college. And another benefit is that freelancing can be done almost from any part of the world, all you need is a decent internet connection.

So whether you need some extra cash to pay the bills, travel the country, or pay for the best essay writing service EssayHelp, there are many options to consider. Here are the top freelance opportunities for students.

1. Writing

This is by far one of the most common positions for freelancers around the world. And there are many types of writing one can do. Some prefer academic writing and help other fellow students with their essays. Others create content for blogs, online magazines, or shops. There are also copywriting opportunities out there. The options are almost limitless.

It is easy to start, whether you choose to work on your blog or create texts for others. One can look at the gigs on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. The best part is the better you get at it, the more you can charge for your work. And it is also a perfect training of your writing skills, which comes in handy in college and later in a career.

2. Translation

Those who know more than one language can make a living as translators. Overall, there are two options – live translation and written one. For students, the second option is more convenient. It is flexible and does not require many skills to enter. Make sure that your foreign language knowledge is decent and you have the supplies you need. The supplies include a laptop and an online dictionary to help you out.

3. Editor And Proofreader

One can also help to edit the works of others. If you are attentive to detail and have a passion for language, it might be just for you. One can start by helping fellow colleagues to edit their papers or work for a college magazine. If you want to edit books and serious publishing, start to work on your portfolio and maybe create a website for your services.

4. Graphic Designer Or Web Developer

People with decent technical knowledge and skills can try their hand in freelance designing of web development. There is no shortage of this type of work, as digital marketing is on the rise. Graphic designers create visuals and illustrations for various purposes, whether it is a brand logo, pictures for content, or book illustrations. It requires artistic vision and experience with particular software like designhill logo creator for logo creation and freepik for images. And do not forget about the portfolio to show off your projects.

Web developers build custom websites. To start, you don’t have to be an expert in the field. Even knowledge of how to build a website on WordPress will bring you some orders. And it is a pretty well-paid position, as the average Upwork rate for top skills is $43.72. It is an especially fascinating opportunity for those who study Computer Science at university. It also serves as a skills practice.

5. Online Tutoring

If you have a passion for learning and teaching, you can always share your knowledge with others. After all, you are already in college, so you can tutor children in their school program. Choose the subject that you know best and offer your services. First clients might come from family and relatives as a recommendation. Of course, you’ll have to prepare lessons and probably check homework, but it is a great opportunity to even better systemize your knowledge. One can also teach their native language to foreigners via Skype or Zoom lessons. Lots of people around the world need some help with English.

Online Tutoring

6. Audio Transcription

This is a job that requires no skills except listening and typing. And it is very easy to start with – one can apply at Rev or similar providers. You’ll need to listen to an audio recording and transcript it to a text format. It is easy and pretty fast if you are good at typing. The companies pay per minute of recording and the faster you go, the more you earn.

7. Photography

Those who like to take pictures and have a decent camera (not on the smartphone) can start freelancing as photographers. There are many opportunities, such as a wedding or special event photographer, portrait photographer, or even selling your pictures to stock sites. And you can do all of that at the same time. It takes some artistic vision, of course, experience with taking pictures, and editing.

If you’re good at photoshopping and know what is a good photo composition, you may start offering wedding or portrait photo editing services as a freelancer. Professional photo editors with an eye on detail and years of proven experience are in high demand so you might easily land a well-paid job after developing your skills. You may start with adjusting contrast and colors to bring out the best in your images, fixing color balance, enhancing the composition and removing unwanted details, etc. 

It is also quite helpful to have a portfolio on social media or a separate website. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just show your best works and set the prices, make sure your future clients can contact you. And who knows, maybe it will turn into a full-on career afterward!

8. Data Entry

This is another option that requires almost no effort or skills except focus. There are many gigs regarding data entry of freelance platforms. One can also search through companies that offer such jobs constantly. You’ll need a laptop and great typing skills, that’s it.

Data Entry jobs are in hot demand these days because of the widespread digitization of information and our corporate world’s dependence on it. If you have a faster internet connection, a decent computer alongside good attention to detail, then you can outsource data entry services as well and earn a decent living for yourself.

In Summary

The freelance market grows every year all over the world. And it is quite easy to grasp why. Freelancing is flexible, mobile, and often more comfortable for professionals. It is also an excellent opportunity for students to earn extra money while studying in college. Choose what is interesting for you and what you can perform great. And start right away!