It Is Better To Be Feared Than Loved: Is It True? Then Why?

It Is Better To Be Feared Than Loved

When we talk of love, we all keep that straight face and get all excited and feel comfortable, smiling, and keeping attentive ears. Love to everyone means something different, but we all know it impacts and makes us feel better.

It is better to be feared than loved: True or False 

People indeed tend to offend those they love more than those they fear. Fear is more efficient than love, causing us to be mentally sovereign. It reduces the actions of betrayal surrounding our lives. Love requires a consistently large amount of commitment from us. Therefore it is consuming our precious resources, time, and energy. Fear requires less amount of investment to sustain our relationships. Thus, one can argue that it is better to be feared than to be loved.

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Understanding Love

One can define love as a deep feeling of affection, attachment, and need for someone. It speaks of deep emotion and cares about someone or something. Emotions are a key factor in love, as well as having deep feelings towards someone.

The Types Of Love

There are different types of love that everyone commits to. We have the Agape love (divine love), the Philia love (friendly love), the Eros (romantic love), and the Xenia (guest love).

All these types of love have their meaning. However, for us as humans, it is the Eros love that is mainly predominant. It entails having feelings for someone, showing undying care, expressing your emotions, and feeling happy. It is sexually appealing in most cases.

Despite the popularity of eros or romantic love, it comes under agape love because romance is vital in love. Friendly love is pure because of what the person shares with you, giving you good advice, staying with you through your hardest times, motivating you, and helping you in some situations.

Most friends get so attached that they start an Eros love, which sometimes is good because he or she knows you well enough like the back of their palms. Most people say that friends turning lovers is the best than meeting a total stranger or after that. Love is sacred and pure.

One needs a lot of sacrifices to perfect it. We need to find the right person who fits us. It is not easy to do so, but with time and patience, everything will fall in place.

Why Do People Love?

People love because they want to feel that someone cares for them and appreciates them a lot. We just don’t love for any reason; we love so that we have others see our flaws and also have someone who understands us to the fullest.

Many people are lonely in this world, and depression has taken a turn on many people. Heartbreaks and such have made some people not to believe in love again, but still, they got over it and moved on and loved more. They know they need someone who shares the same feelings with them and can’t live without them.

Experience is the best teacher as they say, and evidence has proven that everyone in the world loves someone or something and can’t get over that even after breakups and such. The human body still needs that love, and they will go in search of that love.

How Does Fear Come In?

We are afraid of something; everyone is afraid of something or someone. Many topics on fear are subjects of discussion, and therapists or psychologists are always observing issues of fear with people. For instance, when the light goes off, fear grips a person because of the fear of darkness, which is very common around. Fear is also an emotion that plays itself out in love too.

A Look At Fear

Fear is an emotion caused by something or someone, which causes changes in the way people behave. It causes changes like hiding, fleeing, been in a state of confusion (lousy state), seizure, panic attack, etc.

Fear grips everyone, from time to time, and there is nothing we can do about it because it is within us as part of our human emotions. We all have that one thing we are afraid of, and once it comes, we try to hide. Sometimes we might have more than great fear in us due to what we did intentionally, but not the one inherent.

Phobia is a common term used to address fear. We do have an intense phobia, and there are different types of it. They are Acrophobia (fear of heights), Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), and Astraphobia (fear of storms).

Most of these aversions rarely exist. Just like the fear of open spaces, we go out, and we walk by public spaces, in the mall, workplace, going to the field, etc. To be afraid does not mean you are weak, it just means not everything in life and around you make sense, and sometimes they give you a shiver.

Why Do People Fear?

There certainly is a reason to fear because we are humans and have sensitive parts of us. These drawbacks help define the principles that govern us. Also, to be feared is good because it makes you strong and makes people not to look down on you.

As humans, we are afraid of ourselves most times, and it is one thing that measures our limitations and strengths. Our fear plays an essential role in keeping us cautious in our dealings with other people. Fear is something we carry as humans; we cannot stay or do without it. It is an emotion that is natural to us.

The fear of losing a loved one and the fear of losing a lover is a common trait in us. Once we try to do something new, negativity arises, and that fear comes like a cloud to cover us. Therefore, fear is an inevitable phenomenon, and we will experience it often.

 It Is Better To Be Feared Than Loved

It is right to be feared than to be loved. It is much safer to have people fear you than love you because you do not have to know what they think about you or watch your back. The world will not be able to conspire against you, and you will get absolute respect above all. Humans will always love you for the gain and protection your love will offer.e

Love is limited as dangers become increasingly alarming, setting off the lover to heights, which he or she cannot sustain, thereby causing people to depart. People only love to gain something from you and afterward disappear like nothing ever happened.

Fear is far better because if people fear you, they would be content with where you place them in your life. They will support you, not putting into consideration the gains they will incur. The fear will act as a solid ground of guarantee for you. This kind of fear is not the fear that you will hurt them or do something drastic to them. Instead, it is the fear of losing you.

Although this fear is a product of love, it is a force that is stronger than the power of love itself and can even keep a person in an unhealthy relationship. Making someone to have fear for you is interesting because giving them love will only make you susceptible to threats and danger. The world today is suffering from pain, heartbreaks, and other emotional devastations. We are depressed and tired of loving.

We keep looking for the right one but to no avail. It is good to brace the fear and stick it with it. It will protect us from being hurt and played on, instead of caring for someone who eventually backstabs us in the end.

A strong person commands both fear and love, but it pays to be feared the most. Pushing fear into people will make them see that your true intentions are good and not bad. Love is beautiful, but it quickly gives an expression of weakness.

Fear is an essential emotion in love; we fear giving out love to the wrong person or to do things that will hurt the lover. Fear of getting heartbroken again, but our fear keeps us cautious and alert.

It explains why it is better to be feared than to be loved so that people would place great value on us. Lovestruck is a lie, and it has made so many people not to believe in love or love again but instead have a significant commitment to being the boss and making people realize that you should be feared.

If a man or a woman is very much alive with fear than love, they are considered as firm and can resist waves by the storms of human vices. The only problem is that a feared person can become an Island, very detrimental.

Many researchers have proven that love to humans does not count again, going to the religious sphere; also, many people doubt God’s love because of their circumstances. Many stories abound about fear and love, and most of them admire fear.


Imagine falling in love and then getting to know that you got accepted because of your money, disappointing. Fear keeps you safe from such an emotional catastrophe. Fear keeps us safe from the demerits of being loved, which comes with the pain of giving beyond your capacity. Fear is powerful, but its sacrifice sometimes is loneliness. Given this, one can argue that it is better to be feared than to be loved.

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