6 Tips To Keeping Your Guests Safe During Your Next Party

6 Tips To Keeping Your Guests Safe During Your Next Party

As a party planner, your priority is to ensure the safety of your guests. Unfortunately, a majority of party planners bring everything together but forget about this crucial element. Not anymore! 

Needless to say, there is always a security threat when a large group of people gathers together. So how do you keep your guests safe? Here are 6 tips that will never fail you: 

Tip #1: Assess All Security Risks

Different parties and events have different security needs. For instance, a politician’s inauguration has a higher risk than a ten-year-old’s birthday party. Therefore, the first step to keeping your guests safe is to assess the type of risk that you’re dealing with. Consider the following:

  • Whether the host of your party is a target for any attack
  • Whether anyone attending the party is controversial
  • The context of the event and whether it may invite any security problem
  • Whether the speakers and performers are targets for any attacks
  • Whether the media will be present
  • Whether the venue has security vulnerabilities. For instance, an outdoor celebration is harder to secure than one that happens indoors
  • Whether the location has non-human threats like wild animals or floods

Once your assessment is complete, then you will know the right steps to take to ensure that your guests remain safe and sound. 

Tip #2: Create Security Checkpoints

Keeping your guests’ safe means that you should have sufficient security points to make sure that nothing gets past security. Checkpoints force agitators to confront security personnel before any damage occurs. 

For instance, instead of having your registration desk right outside the party, you should have it at the entrance. This way, if there is an agitator, they will face confrontation long before they get to the party crowd. 

Tip #3:  Hire Car Party Bus Rental For Transportation

Party buses from Party Bus Rental will not only make your event fun but can also guarantee safety for your guests. First and foremost, these buses are operated by professionally licensed drivers who are capable of ferrying your guests to and from the party safely. 

After a night of partying and drinking, you should never get behind the wheels. That’s why it is comforting to know that you have a driver who will guarantee everyone’s safety! 

Tip #4:  Have A Guest List

The last thing you want to experience is random people who are walking in and out of your party. Having a guest list means that you’ll regulate those in attendance. When going through the guest list, make sure your guests show proof of ID as this will make it hard for an intruder to assume someone else’s identity.  

Ideally, your guests should send you copies of their IDs beforehand so that it can be easy to compare with what they show at the entrance. While this may be uncomfortable for some guests, it’s best to take time and explain that it is not to inconvenience them but only for security purposes. 

Tip #5: Screen Your Staff

More often than not, security risks will come from inside your party. As such, it’s important to vet anyone who will work at your party to ensure that all is well and there’s no one with malicious intentions. 

Running credit and background checks may seem like a stretch when it comes to people who will work for you for a single night, but you can never be too comfortable. Before the event, ensure that your staff knows each other. 

For easy identification, give them a unique identifier like a wristband or t-shirt with the name of your event. Remember not to let anyone access the identifier beforehand. This way, it will be easy to tell them apart in a crowd. 

Tip #6: Hire Security

If you are looking for peace of mind and comfort during your party, hiring security will ensure that all your guests are safe at the party. Grants, you may trust your staff at the event, trained security will always help in highly crowded places. 

Once you decide to bring security on board, remember to listen to their opinion as they may identify security loopholes that you may not see. They also understand how agitators cause trouble, so they will know what to look out for.


There you go! 6 tips that will help you keep your party guests safe! The reality is that you cannot eliminate every single security threat. But by putting these tips to practice, you will minimize threats and ensure your guests are safe and secure while having the time of their lives.