Is Saturday A Banking Day?

Is Saturday A Banking Day

Since the demand for banking product and services are always high, banks and credit unions are now trying to open on weekends. Sadly, not all popular banks are so considerate enough to stay open weekends. The reason is that most financial and business transactions are completed from Monday to Friday.

Is Saturday a banking day?

Saturday is not a business day, so it is not a banking day. Banks don’t work on weekends, just like other businesses.

Also, all banks do not process payments to accounts at other banks when it is weekend or on public holidays. Any payment that is made on a non-business day will be automatically slated to be processed the following business day.

Also, if you make a paymentlate on a business day, your bank will wait till the next business day to send your payment.

Do Banks Open On Saturdays In The UK?

Standard banking hours are 9:00-9:30 until 15:30 or 16:00 on Mondays to (some banks may remain open until 17:30). A lot of bank branches stay open late once every week (up until 17:30 or 18:00) and they also open on Saturdays from 9:00-9:30 until 12:30 or 15:30.

Banks in Wales and Englandare always open during lunch breaks. However, many of their counterparts in Northern Ireland and Scotland close for one-hour at lunch.

Do Banks In The Us Open On Saturdays?

Banks everywhere open on business days, which are Mondays through Fridays. However, banking hours vary, depending on how big the bank is. Some banks attend to their customers starting from 8 a.m. and close by 5 p.m.

Bigger banks may open for a few hours on Saturdays. If you need to go to the bank on this day, check online first for their availability. So many banks now offer their customers online banking options. Online banking allows you to do business with the bank at any time, whether in the day or at night.

And of course, there is ATM (automatic teller machines) are now made available almost everywhere if you are in need of quick cash. Just know that most of them charge fees for every time you use them.

Banks That Open On Saturdays In The Us

Banks That Open On Saturdays In The Us

As we have advanced in financial technology, we have now become independent of traditional brick-and-mortar branches. With banks now having websites and mobile apps, we can now do many transactions without any stress. We can do all these without having to visit the bank branch.

However, there will always be that one time that you need to visit the bank branch, especially on Saturdays, and in this case you may be wondering which banks are open on Saturdays.

If you are shopping for a car or a house, or you are buying a big-ticket item, you may need access to money orders, wires, or cashier checks.There may also be need to open or close an account, access a safe deposit box, make a deposit or withdraw of funds worth thousands of dollars, or ask for financial advice. In such cases, online banking websites, ATMs, and your bank apps will not be an option. The only option is to visit a physical bank branch.

Depending on where you are, making a trip to the ban on weekdays might be difficult for you, because banks generally open at 9 O’clockin the morning and close at 6 O’clock in the evening. You might also during these weekday bank hours because all businesses work at that time, and only few banks will open on Sunday, which means your only option is to visit the bank on Saturday.

Fortunately, a lot of the major banks have branches that open on Saturdays.

Luckily, many of the major financial institutions have branches which are open on Saturdays.

What Time Do Thesebanks Open And Close On Saturday?

What Time Do Thesebanks Open And Close On Saturday

You’ll probably see standalone bank locations that are open until noon or 1pm and with in-store bank branches (which you can find insupermarkets and grocery stores) that will be open till a few hours later.

Finding banks that open on Saturdays have now become a lot easier because traditional banking hours are now a thing of the past. Make sure to research each bank location near you to find one that opens when you will be available to visit.

The banks below have large geographical footprints in the United States are great to start your search.

Wells Fargo Bank

Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 1pm

When it comes to branch locations, this bank has the largest geographical footprint. It has over 5,600 locations, so you will likely find a branch in your area. Although not all these locations open on Saturdays, many of them do, so you will find one that is close or a little bit close to you that opens on Saturdays.

Most Wells Fargo branches close between 1pm and 4pm on Saturdays. The popular branches within the cities usually close as late as 6 o’clock in the evening.

Chase Bank

Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 1pm

Chase Bank, also known as JPMorgan Chase Bank has over 5,100 branches so you will likely have branch near you. The branches typically starts work around 9.a.m on Saturdays, with different closing hours, as some may close around 1.p.m and some wait till around 4.p.m.

Check locations around you to know which branch is close to you.

Bank of America               

Saturday working Hours: 9am to 1pm

Bank of America has more than 4,300 branch locations that open on Saturdays to help service your banking needs. On weekends, you can find bank locations open from 9am or 10am and close around 1.a.m. or 2.p.m, depending on the location.  Use

U.S. Bank

Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 1pm

U.S. Bank has more than 3,000 branches throughout the country, and many of them open on Saturdays. If you want to transact with U.S bank on a Saturday, you will find branches that are open from 9.a.m up until 12 noon, and a few open even later.

Make sure you check the branches near you to confirm Saturday working hours.

PNC Bank

Saturday Working Hours: 10am to 2pm

PNC Bank has over branch locations throughout the country, PNC banks are usually open on Saturday. You will discover that a lot of their branches are open from 9am to 1pm, and some are open from 1am to 2pm.  Make sure you confirm operating hours at your local branch.

BB&T Bank

Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 12pm

You may not be familiar with Branch Banking and Trust Company, this may be because they operate just under 1,800 branches in the country. This does not mean they don’t operate on weekends. A lot of their branch locations are in business on Saturdays from around 9am until 12 noon, with some branches working time varying depending on the location. To locate a BB&T branch that is open on weekends near you visit

Regions Bank

Regions Bank Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 12:30pm

With about 1,500 branches throughout the United States, Region Bank branches are usually open for business on Saturdays. A lot of the branch locations start business at 9am and close for work by 1pm. Some branches are usually closed on Saturdays, so you need to confirm first, by checking your local branch for their operating hours.

You can locate a Regions Bank near you at

Fifth Third Bank

Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 1pm

Fifth Third Bank is a bank that continues to expand their geographical availability. Currently the bank has more than 1,250 branch locations, but expect an increment in this number as the months progress. Typically you will find Fifth Third Bank branch locations open on Saturday from 9am up until 12 noon.  Some branches also staying open up until later in the day.

Find a Fifth Third Bank near you at

TD Bank

Saturday Hours: 8am to 4pm

TD Bank has more than 1,250 branch locations in the US to service your banking needs. Although the hours of each of these branches differs greatly, you will always find a TD Bank branch open on Saturdays, starting as early as 8 O’clock in the morning.

Also, some TD Bank branch locations are open for business on Sundays, which is great if you are a customer. Locate a TD Bank near you at

SunTrust Bank

Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 12pm

SunTrust has 1,200 branches in the US, and many of these branches are open on Saturdays. Although not every branch open on Saturdays, most of the branch locations do, and you can expect to be attended to from around 9am to 12 noon. Some branches also open later in the day. Locate a SunTrust Bank near you at


Saturday Working Hours: 9am to 12pm

KeyBank has just over 1,150 branches, and a lot of their locations are open from 9am to 12pm, on Saturdays, with some opening later in the day. You can find a branch to help service your banking needs on Saturdays.

Find a KeyBank near you at

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