5 Great Gifts When You’re Stumped On What To Get Someone

5 Great Gifts When You’re Stumped On What To Get Someone

Gifts are a simple pleasure in life. No matter what side of the equation you may find yourself on, giving or receiving a gift is something that just feels good. The truth is, the people you love in your life are worth celebrating, and gifts are a great way of doing this. Whether you want to get a “just because” gift to surprise a good friend, or you are looking for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary gift, there’s a certain kind of joy that goes into this process.

While there is a real sense of accomplishment when it comes to getting someone a gift they enjoy and are thankful for, that doesn’t always mean that it’s easy to do. Sometimes there can be loved ones and friends that are just hard to buy for. Despite who they may be or how well you know them, your spouse, your best friends, or your sibling, it can seem like it’s impossible to buy a gift they will like.

The thing to remember when it comes to buying a gift for someone who is hard to gift shop for is that most of the pressure you are feeling is coming from you and not them. If you have a friend or loved one that you want to buy a gift for, remember that the thought really does count. Getting worried about buying the best gift can ruin the experience, especially when your loved one or friend will be encouraged that you were simply thinking of them! 

That being said, there are some great gifts that can come in clutch when you feel completely stumped. If you have been wanting to find some great gift ideas for that person who may be hard to buy for, here are five ideas that you can’t go wrong with!  

1. The Almighty Gift Card

Okay, okay, let’s get this out of the way first so we can focus on some more creative ideas. As much as buying a gift card can feel like phoning it in when it comes to getting a gift – the simple truth is, it’s always an appreciated gift. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to challenge yourself with getting something other than a gift card, always remember that it’s an option and if you get the right kind of gift card, it can still be a win! 

2. A New Wallet

There’s this magical moment in an adult’s life where gifts that have practical value become exciting. It’s almost a right of passage into adulthood when someone gets you some socks or shirts, and it just makes your day! Wallets are a great way to give someone a very practical gift, that can still show a high degree of specificity.

The truth is, for people who utilize wallets, this is something that they interact with every day. If your partner or friend is nearing the end of their current wallet life span, the gift of a wallet is something they will get excited over. A wallet also allows you to choose from a variety of styles and materials. So it’s a gift that has a lot of practical value, but it can also be unique in its design and build so that it feels like it was picked out just for that special someone. 

3. Yard Games For The Athelet

If you are stumped on what to get an athletic loved one or friend, try getting a fun yard game. Group games like Spikeball or even new arrivals like Discit, provide hours of fun for groups of people and these are games they will be psyched to own. These styles of gifts are a little outside of the box but are still athletic enough to be an engaging, fun, and an addictive challenge. 

4. Personalized Gag Gifts 

If you aren’t trying to be too serious, never underestimate the joy that comes from personalized gag gifts. This could be a customer throw pillow or coffee mug with your friend’s face on it. There are all kinds of services that create personalized gifts like this, and they never fail to put a smile on a loved one’s face. 

5. Subscription Boxes

One gift that is sure to surprise, is a subscription box. This is a great gift idea, as it allows you to buy someone a series of curated boxes that take the pressure off your shoulders. There are tons of different subscription boxes from fashion to baked goods. When you get a loved one a subscription to one of these services, they get the joy of receiving curated boxes regularly and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. As the person buying the subscription, typically you can set the parameter for how many boxes and how long it will run. 


Getting stumped on what to buy someone when it comes to gift-giving is nothing new. With these five options, you can find a gift that is sure to be a big hit, even if you are stumped!