Guide To Anniversary Gifts For Men

Guide to Anniversary Gifts for Men

Finding the perfect anniversary gift for the man in your life can be a challenge. Gifts like ties or a goofy coffee mug lack imagination and frequently end up in the local thrift store a few weeks later. When you consider what gifts your man would really like to unwrap on your anniversary, you will likely find several gifts he would appreciate.

Whilst a classic gift of socks, particularly if they are a top brand and super comfortable, are acceptable as a present, there are other gift ideas. When considering ideas for 25th wedding anniversary look for something unique to mark this milestone. Consider gifts that will last a lifetime and can be treasured as a daily reminder of your love you have for each other.

Personalised Gifts

There are a myriad of independent artists and vendors online who are able to create a unique gift for your man. From a pack of gold-plated playing cards that will impress the friends of a keen poker player to a customised vinyl record print of your first dance as a married couple, a gift that comes with such a personal touch will be appreciated for the thought and effort that went into the gift as much as the gift itself.

Gifts That Support His Interests

A special way to show your love is to support the hobbies that your man is focused on. If he loves the great outdoors, a portable campfire for warm summer evenings will have you relaxing with good food in good company. If you have noticed that his favourite shirt is worn at the cuffs, gift a new one and he will appreciate that you noticed. He may have accumulated some gadgets of the last year, so a sleek backpack with a padded interior for his laptop and plenty of additional storage space, could be just the gift he needs to keep life simple.


Experience gifts are increasingly popular. These are a chance to hone skills or learn new ones.  For the budding chef, a cookery course with Gordon Ramsey may sound out of the range of most budgets, but there are online video lessons and easy-to-follow workbooks that create a masterclass created by the man himself. There are many other topics to choose from including business, music, photography, acting and much more. You can even buy an annual subscription where he can dip into new subjects he may not have considered before.


Rapid improvements in technology mean that it is highly likely that a favoured gadget is due an upgrade. Whilst he may be happy with his smartphone, perhaps a nightstand-friendly charging stand will keep this alongside his AirPods and smartwatch fully charged in time for the next day. For new experiences, consider a Virtual Reality headset which will immerse him fully into travel destinations he wants to visit in future or improve his gaming experience.

Subscription Gifts

You can gift an annual magazine subscription to a specialist journal on his favourite topic whether it be Formula One, raising chickens or the latest news in the world of rock and roll.

There are now subscription gift boxes that cover almost all interests. You can order a box of specially selected craft beers to be delivered to your door monthly or quarterly. Some subscription boxes will send out clothes each month for him to choose which to keep and which to return. There are subscription boxes linked to movies, music and much more.

Spa Date

Make it a day to remember with a couple’s spa day. Create new fun experiences together with a spa day at home. Try out a sheet face mask and gift a shiatsu back shoulder and neck massager so that you each become the other’s personal massage therapist to release any tension and can relax together with champagne and a meal delivered from your favourite restaurant.