28 Great Gift Ideas for Him

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Are you looking to purchase a gift for the special man in your life but aren’t sure what to buy?

Whether you’re buying a gift for your boyfriend or husband, finding the perfect item can be hard. You don’t want to buy something cliche like a tie, but you’re not really sure what to buy. 

Luckily, we’ve got some ideas for you. Check out this guide to learn about the best gift ideas for him. 

Outdoorsy Gifts 

Is your man always planning his next trip to the great outdoors? Would you rather spend his night in a tent than in a bed? If so, you should think about getting him an outdoorsy gift. When most people think of outdoorsy gifts, they think of tents and other camping supplies. 

However, there are a lot of options out there beyond the basic camping supplies. 

1. Portable Campfire: If your man friend is into camping but hates dealing with the setup, then a portable campfire makes the perfect gift. These campfires give campers over three hours of burn time, and best of all, there’s no setup or clean up involved. 

2. Outdoor Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumblers: Outdoor wine tumblers make an excellent gift, as they help keep your drink at the same temperature for several hours or more. Plus, with wine tumblers, your man doesn’t have to worry about packing his fancy glassware. 

3. Inflatable Sofa Hammock: Traditional hammocks are great, but it can be difficult to find the perfect set of trees for tying them up. This is why an inflatable sofa hammock makes such a great gift for an outdoorsy man. All you need to do is wave the hammock through the air a few times, and you’ll have a nice cozy spot for lounging in the woods. 

4. Backpack Cooler Chair: If your man loves to go hiking on the weekends, then a backpack cooler chair is the perfect gift. This item is exactly what it sounds like- it’s a backpack that converts into a stool!

All you need to do is set the backpack on the ground, and you have a perfect place to take a rest. Plus, the backpack comes with plenty of storage space for snacks and drinks. It’s also a great backpack to take with your when tailgating. 

5. Compressible Travel Pillow: When going on a camping trip, space is often limited. Often, you need to leave things behind to make space for more essential items.

Packing a pillow is often difficult because they’re so big and bulky. For this reason, many people end up packing flat, small pillows that are highly uncomfortable just to save some space. That’s why a compressible travel pillow makes such a great gift. These pillows can be squished down to 1/8th their size, so they can easily fit into a camping backpack. Plus, they’re machine washable. 

6. Kitted by Cairn: Every outdoorsy person knows that without the right gear, your outdoor experience isn’t going to be very fun. But it can sometimes be difficult to find quality outdoor gear that can withstand inclement weather. 

If your man is sick of his low-quality outdoor gear getting in the way of him having a good time, then you need to gift him Kitted by Cairn. Kitted by Cairn is a subscription box service that sends its subscribers five pieces of outdoor gear. 

Subscribers can then test out the gear when hiking or camping to see if it’s for them. If they find that it’s not for them, then they can send it back. 

7. LED Lantern: Whether your man likes to go camping in the backcountry or just a few miles from home, an LED lantern makes a great gift. Most LED lanterns can last for 50 days before needing a change in battery. 

Plus, they couldn’t be easier to use. All you need to do is flip on the light and you’ll be good to go. 

8. Remote Control Off-Road Vehicle Toy Truck: An off-road vehicle toy truck is the perfect gift for the man who is looking to get in touch with his inner child. Off-roading is a lot of fun, but not everyone has the money or the space for an actual four-wheeler. A toy truck offers all the fun of real off-roading at a fraction of the price. You can check out off-roading toy trucks at RC Cars

2. Gifts for Cooks

Does your man love to cook? If so, you’re in luck, as there are a lot of great gifts you can get for the chef in your life. Here are some ideas:

9. Chef Knife: Everyone needs kitchen knives, but very few people spend the money on high-quality chef’s knives. A chef knife makes the perfect gift, as it’s something your man will use time and time again. Plus, these knives can last for years to come. 

10. Chillsner Beer Chiller: Does your man love to sip a beer while cooking dinner? If so, think about gifting him a Chillsner beer chiller. All you need to do is pop the beer chiller in the freezer, and when you’re ready to drink your beer, you take it out and place it inside the beer. 

This way, your man can enjoy a cool beer while cooking, and he won’t need to worry about it getting warm. 

11. iGrill BBQ Thermometer: If your man loves to grill, then you need to get him an iGrill BBQ thermometer. This device allows you to easily check the temperature of your meats. Plus, it’s compatible with Apple devices, and it’s Bluetooth enabled. 

12. Molecular Gastronomy Kit: If your man wants a deeper understanding of culinary science, then a molecular gastronomy kit makes the perfect gift. This kit allows you to play around with algae and other texturing agents to create the perfect sauce, cream, juice, or dressing. You can make everything from chocolate spaghetti to balsamic vinegar pearls. 

13. Whiskey Stones: If your man is a big whiskey drinker, then you need to gift him some whiskey stones. One of the problems with drinking whisky on the rocks is that the ice often melts, and that affects the taste. But, whiskey stones preserve the temperature of the whiskey without melting, giving you the perfect drink. 

14. Vitamix TurboBlend: A blender is one of the most versatile kitchen tools. To make sure your man is working with the best, buy him a Vitamix TurboBlend. This blender is easy to use, and it comes with an efficient motor. It even comes with a colorful recipe book so your man can try out some new treats. 

15. Pizza Peel: Does your man love whipping up homemade pizzas in the kitchen? If so, consider purchasing him a pizza peel. Pizza peels come with large aluminum heads and wooden handles so you can easily pull a pizza out of the oven without worrying about getting burnt or dropping the pizza on the ground. 

Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything 

There are some men out there who already seem to have everything under the sun. If this is your man, then you may be struggling to figure out what to get him. Here are some unique ideas:

16. Custom Vinyl Record Print: To commemorate a special song, order your man a custom vinyl record print from Etsy. It could be his favorite song, the song you first danced to, or a song that played at your wedding. 

All you need to do is send it to Etsy, and they’ll turn it into a unique print with a customized message in the color of your choice. 

17. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit: Who doesn’t love hot sauce? A make your own hot sauce kit is the perfect gift for the man who loves to add some heat to his meals. The best thing about this make-your-own kit is that it allows you to experiment until you find the perfect blend to satisfy your taste buds

18. Morse Code Bracelet: If you’re looking to get your man something a little romantic, then a Morse code bracelet makes the perfect gift. All you need to do is come up with a special message to engrave on the bracelet that only the two of you will understand. 

19. Genetic Testing Kit: If your man loves going through old family photos and talking about his family’s history, then a genetic testing kit will make the perfect gift. With these kits, all you need to do is send in a small sample of DNA (usually hair or saliva). Then, the company will test your DNA so you can learn all about your ancestors and your ethnic background. 

20. Weighted Blanket: If your man struggles to get a good night’s sleep, then a weighted blanket will make a great gift. Weighted blankets typically weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Not only do these blankets help lull you to sleep, but they also help relieve stress and anxiety. 

21. Bucket List Scratch-Off Poster: Does your man love making bucket lists and goal lists? If so, you should buy him a bucket list scratch-off poster. You can buy scratch-off posters that are travel-themed, movie-themed, or date-themed. For example, the movie-themed poster comes with scratch-off squares of 100 movies. 

All you need to do is scratch off a square, and you’ll have your movie picked out for the evening! This also makes a great gift for anyone who is indecisive when it comes to picking movies and spends hours scrolling Netflix. 

22. Mini Projector: If your man loves to watch movies and appreciate vintage items, then a mini projector makes the perfect gift. All you need to do is plug the mini projector into your phone or smart device, and you can watch your favorite movie or show on your living room wall. 

23. Personalized AirPod Case: While Airpods are great, they’re really hard to keep track of. To make it easier for your man to keep track of his Airpods, gift him with a personalized leather AirPod case. 

Experience Gifts 

If your man isn’t into material gifts or he’s trying to cut back on the amount of stuff he owns, consider getting him an experience gift. The great thing about an experience gift is that it creates memories that will last a lifetime, and you don’t need to find anywhere to store it. 

Here are some ideas for experience gifts:

24. Plan a Weekend Getaway: Is there somewhere your man has been dying to visit? Or, maybe you’ve both been dying to get out of the city and there’s a cute town nearby? You don’t need to travel across the world to plan a memorable weekend getaway. Just pick a place you both want to visit and start planning. 

25. Spa Day: Is your man in need of a little R&R? If so, why not plan a spa day for him? You can book him a massage, facial, or pedicure to help him feel relaxed. 

26. Hot Air Balloon Ride: When it comes to romantic dates, nothing beats a hot air balloon ride

27. Adventure Activity: Is your man an adrenaline junkie? If so, think about purchasing tickets for him to go skydiving, rock climbing, white water rafting, or bungee jumping. 

28. Scavenger Hunt: If you’re looking for a great DIY gift, a scavenger hunt is a great idea. Plant clues all around the city that relate to your relationship. (For example, what park did we have our first picnic at?) Then, the clues can lead to a big gift or surprise.

Gift Ideas for Him: Time to Start Shopping 

Now that you know these gift ideas for him, it’s time for you to start shopping for gifts. As you can see, there are a lot of great gift ideas out there. You just need to decide which one is right for your man!

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more gift ideas