Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Hello, procrastinators and last-minute shoppers out there, we’ve got some good news for you! Haven’t yet found the perfect gift to celebrate the day of love? If yes, you are not alone; about 70% of shoppers admit to shopping for gifts up to the last 48 hours, according to a Google/IPSOS report.

Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork for you and made a list of thoughtful (and cute) Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will work in that last-minute pinch. Thanks to fast shipping, you can expect most of these gems to be at your door in a couple of days, if not just one.

1- Plush Fleece-Lined Indoor Slippers

Best last-minute Valentine’s Day gift idea for her.

February 14 is all about l-o-v-e, and who doesn’t love cozy indoor slippers that hug your feet with a wool-like feel. Fleece-lined memory foam slippers are ultra-soft, super-comfortable, and delightfully lightweight, the perfect slip-ons to wear around the house during those cold winter days.

These stylish fuzzy-knitted slippers are just the perfect gift that won’t let out the secret that you shopped at the last minute. And, if you’re shopping for him, brands like ULTRAIDEAS also carry drop-gorgeous cozy plush slip-ons for men, too.

2- Valentine Socks

Best last-minute Valentine’s Day gift idea for him.

Nothing says “I care” quite like a pair of cozy and stylish socks. If he loves to get funky and stylish with his socks, you won’t go wrong with Valentine socks as a gift idea. As No Cold Feet mentions in their guide, Valentine socks are an affordable gift your partner will definitely use.

Not just that; the right pair of socks can also be a meaningful, fairly sensual, and thoughtful Valentine’s Day present. However, regular socks just won’t cut it when it comes to the day of lovers.

As for the color, you can always go with their favorite hue, calling in some patterns like polka dots, argyle, or stripes to add more character and charm to the gift.  Don’t forget that arch support, breathability, and ribbing can not only improve sock functionality but also add more meaning to the gift.

3- Potted Succulents

If you’re looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift idea that says, “I believe in us,” then you might find succulents and potted plants to fit the description. Good thing you’ll find an assortment of endearing succulents in individual planters or as part of a collection.

You can give these beauties as a one-of-kind present to brighten up your lover’s winter or transform them into a fairy garden, living wall, or terrarium. Cactus is the go-to for most romantic occasions, but you can also try Flaming Katy, Aloe Vera, Panda Plant, or even a Roseum. They’re all pretty darn cute and gift-ready, plus you can easily team them up with a beautiful flower bouquet.

4- Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you want to keep your day of love on-trend and extra cozy, hot chocolate bombs may be exactly what you need. They’re currently hot and trendy on TikTok and Instagram as some of the best food gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. All that your loved one has to do is pour piping hot milk over these delectables and they will surely enjoy a hot chocolate drinking experience like no other.

5- Cheese Samplers

I’ll stick my neck out and say that you have given someone a box of chocolate on Feb 14. This Valentine’s Day, treat your cheese-loving wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or partner right with a nicely-wrapped cheese sampler or box. It really doesn’t get more delish (and cheesy) than that. Don’t forget to snag an equally fine bottle of wine to complete your cheese sampler gift.

Cheese may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the lovers’ day, but it’s the perfect gift you can share as a couple, on a romantic stay-in date, or before/after dinner. Cheese is fun, thoughtful, and definitely a more distinct gift than a cliché box of toffees.

6- Adventure Challenge Book (full of surprise date ideas)

If you have spent the biggest portion of the last 12 months quarantined with your loved one, you may be worried that the date ideas tap is running dry. For something that doesn’t involve drinking vino or yet another Netflix marathon, a couple’s adventure challenge book may help get you out of your romantic rut.

There are numerous books on the market right now, so you will have a little fun choosing one that captures your lifestyle.  Usually these come packed with surprise date ideas, as well as a slot for a picture and a spot for writing something about each date when it’s over.

7- Scented Candles

Never underestimate the power of scented candles. When done right, they can be a small yet super-thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift idea that won’t let you down. Luckily, boutique brands offer candles in warm, sultry scents that remind you and your sweetheart of places you have visited as a couple.

Pair your scented candles with a hand-written card or love letter for some massive brownie points.  And, please, steer clear of low-quality, mass-produced candles; they won’t hit the right spot.

8- Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an evergreen gift idea, and there is no better time to give them than on VD. You can get sunglasses in classic shapes or choose an on-trend frame with polaroid or gradient lenses. These beauties will not only protect your sweetheart’s eyes from harmful sunrays but will also make them look incredibly stylish. Another good thing about sunglasses is that they’re usually delivered in a day or two, depending on where you choose to shop.

9- Heart Stud Earrings

Heart stud earrings are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. They are on the theme for the romantic day, but your sweetheart can wear them all year long. Heart studs can be paired well with just about any outfit or occasion, whether you’re getting ready for an interview or dressing down for the yoga studio.