7 Best Alternatives To Get Rid Of Cable TV In 2022

7 Best Alternatives To Get Rid Of Cable TV In 2022

The generation of today is jumping from Cable TV to On-Demand binging of content. Gone are the days of idly surfing through channels to find something good when you can stream your favorites instantly. And if you’re bidding farewell to the cable TV era, this article will help you narrow down your next pick. 

Out with the old, in with the new, eh? The question is what is the ‘new’ for you. It shouldn’t be a pick based on a friend’s recommendation or a promo discount. It should be judged and assessed to fit your streaming needs. This is why this article features the 7 best alternatives for you to go for.

You may have to employ VPNs to help you access unlimited content from any country. The new world of technology is at your fingertips and is bundled with features, that cable TV cannot compare. 

To kickoff 2022 with style, pick one of the 7 alternatives we have narrowed down. Let’s get started:


Netflix is ruling over the streaming and entertainment industry worldwide. With the collection of its original shows and movies, Netflix has become the first choice of all. Some remarkable original titles of Netflix include The Crown, Russian Doll, Private Life, and Rebecca. After getting popular for its original content, Netflix has increased its production by 40% over the last year.

One of the main factors that accelerated the popularity of Netflix as the best streaming service is the user’s ability to access library of another region by using a VPN service. As Netflix title selection is based on the user’s location, a VPN can unblock every library and expand your title choice. Not all VPNs are created equal. As with everything, there are good and bad ones. That’s I suggest checking out this article to find the best vpn for netflix here.

Netflix uses geo-blocking to restrict its users from accessing content only available in their country. It seems annoying for many users, but compared to the features Netflix is offering, it’s not a big deal.

Netflix’s pricing plans start at as low as $8.99 a month. Compared to the Cable TV, it’s the cheapest yet way more beneficial alternative one could wish for.


The short version of the best of Vudu is ‘ton of free content’, ‘next-to-nothing rental price’ and ‘physical and digital content. Now here is the longer version.

This Walmart-run company Vudu is an online streaming service that may be late into the market but is already making headlines. Vudu has a ton of free content, but it has short ads (not a dealbreaker).

It features a nice selection of movies and TV shows. All this free stuff can be released till 2018-19. For all the newer releases, comes the rent system.

If you physically visit Walmart, you can rent DVDs in standard and high definition. The standard charges less than 1$ than high definition. Of course, if you prefer online streaming, you can access the Walmart website to rent movies as well.

It is smart how Walmart synced their retail store with an online streaming service. There is no trial period unfortunately on this, but at this price, it is easy to try and see for yourself.  

YouTube TV

The short version for YouTube TV would be ‘variety of channels’ ‘next-to-unlimited storage space’ and ‘Sports fan pick’. Now here is the longer version.

YouTube TV started in 2017 and has surpassed many services in being the no.1 choice for cord-cutters. It offers over 85+ channels including ABC, CNBC, FOX, ESPN, CBS, etc. Some of the best sporting events like NFL, NBA, and MLB networks, stream live on YouTube TV.

With all these channels, you’d think of having a fight over which channel to watch? Nah! This service offers 3 concurrent screens streaming and is compatible with many devices like gaming consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, etc. 

One of the outstanding features of YouTube TV is its unlimited DVR storage space. If you’re missing out on live TV during the day, it’ll all be recorded for you to stream at your feasibility. YouTube TV is only restricted to US viewership but that can be bypassed through a VPN. 


The short way to describe FuboTV is ‘no hidden fees, ‘elite variety’, and ‘super simultaneous screening’. Now here is the longer version. 

Although there’s no comparison to be made, we can say that it is like YouTube TV, except for more channels and screening time. Its elite pack at 79.99$/month offers up to 155 channels. It also can be streamed simultaneously on 10 screens, much better than YouTube TV’s 3 screens.

FuboTV also has a 7-day trial period for those looking to take it for a test stream. It does not have any extra contract or hidden fees which means you can cancel anytime.


The short way to describe Hulu is ‘affordable’, ‘all-in-one’, and ‘profile control’. Now here is the longer version.

Hulu is one of the all-time picks for people looking to switch from cable TV. It offers both Video on Demand (VOS) service and Live TV. The live TV comes under Hulu Live TV, which gives you over 100 channels to stream.

The starting price is 6$/month for the VOS service and 64.99$/month for live TV, which is much cheaper than a cable TV subscription. 

Hulu offers specialized user profiles so parents can create a separate account for their kids that censor content for them. It offers PIN protection for extra security. Hulu even has a bundle offer of 13.99$/month that includes Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu together. 


Philo can be labeled as the best overall due to many reasons. For one thing, a 62-channel subscription at $25 makes it an absolute steal. It also allows up to 10 different accounts and allows simultaneous streaming on 3 devices. It even has a 7-day trial period for viewers to get acquainted.

Philo may sound cheap, but the 62 channels do not feature the newest and most recent of the bunch. If that is a priority for you, then this might not be best for you. It is a VOS service as well and its huge library of content does justice to its price.  


Our last pick is a sportsman’s favorite pick. That is because it houses the best of sporting events, live commentaries, ESPN+ originals, and live coverages of UFC, NBA, and NFL. Paired with the bundle pack with Disney plus and Hulu, it is a great pick.

If you’re someone who kept the cable due to sports channels, ESPN+ is a bargain for just 7$ (add-ons may increase the price). 


By now you must’ve decided on your favorite alternative. Now you’re ready to enter 2022 with a streaming service that’ll meet your needs. Happy streaming!