7 Best OTT Streaming Devices For Binge Watchers

7 Best OTT Streaming Devices For Binge Watchers

Any device that provides OTT (Over The Top) content is an OTT device. Mobile phones, gaming consoles, desktop computers, and other gadgets specifically designed for streaming video are all examples of OTT devices. Using these devices, you can also stream regionally restricted content like Sling TV in New Zealand.

Typically, customers connect these classic OTT devices – also known as sticks or boxes – to their TVs over the internet. Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Roku sticks, and Apple TV boxes are a few examples of these gadgets.

Here are the top seven OTT streaming devices that we’ve listed, perfect for those who love to indulge in hours of entertainment. From Amazon’s Fire TV Stick to Apple’s latest iPad, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

One of the most recent iterations of Amazon’s Fire TV platform, which focuses on Amazon-only content, is the Fire TV Stick 4K. In addition to numerous other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, this device offers Amazon Prime Media (Prime Video and Prime Music). The best use of this device will be available to customers with an Amazon prime account.

Regarding functionality, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K has a convenient remote with Amazon Alexa built-in for quick and simple voice search. This device is a top option for those wishing to enhance their viewing experience because it supports 4K content. 

Additionally, you may watch traditional TV with a whole DVR for free via Amazon’s Fire TV Recast. So even if you decide to cut the cord, you can still watch your favorite TV shows.

Anyone wishing to cut the cord should choose the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K because of its tremendous versatility in terms of the services it supports. In addition, it’s especially appropriate for anyone with an Amazon Prime account because it has built-in support for Amazon services. 

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K costs just $37.99, making it one of the least expensive models. This device is for you if you seek a low-cost OTT device with exceptional features and an excellent quality-price ratio. In addition, you can check out the OTT platforms to improve your streaming.

2. Roku Streaming Stick+

The next-generation Roku streaming gadget, the Roku Streaming Stick+, addresses many of the drawbacks of its predecessors. In addition, this gadget stands out from the competition since it offers consumers access to more streaming services and apps than most of them, including Amazon Prime Video, in addition to the usual suspects like Netflix, Sling TV, and Hulu.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ keeps up with the competition in terms of quality since it fully supports HDR10 and smoothly streams 4K content. Dolby Vision is unfortunately not supported by this device, so if you really must have it, you’ll need to search elsewhere. The device’s restricted voice search possibilities, which seriously blow the overall user experience, are another drawback compared to its rivals.

Fortunately, the inexpensive cost of the Roku Streaming Stick+ (you can purchase it for as little as $49.99) more than makes up for its few shortcomings. The Roku Streaming Stick+ is an excellent and well-rounded OTT streaming gadget for your home; if the drawbacks we highlighted don’t worry you too much.

3. NVIDIA Shield TV

The OTT broadcasting gadget NVIDIA Shield TV was developed with gamers in mind. This gadget allows users to stream 4K television episodes from their preferred apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, and video games. In addition, because it was created using the Android TV operating system, The device can use all of the apps in the Google Play Store.

Because of its sleek and user-friendly interface, NVIDIA Shield TV is a more practical option than some of its rivals, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Additionally, the gadget includes GeForce Now cloud streaming. However, this feature hasn’t been fully integrated because it’s currently in beta.

Even though combining streaming and gaming platform seems like a great idea on paper, it has a lot of drawbacks. First, there aren’t as many games accessible on this device as most gamers prefer. Second, since a gamepad is not included, purchasing one will add to the already high cost. Sadly, NVIDIA Shield TV can’t solve every one of them.

NVIDIA Shield TV focuses on two fronts simultaneously, unable to distinguish itself on either. Although this device will work well for OTT streaming, other, more affordable, and superior solutions are available. But you won’t go wrong with this product if you think the few gaming choices that NVIDIA Shield TV offers are worth its $149.99 price tag.

4. Chromecast With Google TV

Chromecast, a fantastic alternative to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K, is Google TV. It has comparable specifications but access Google TV’s media services rather than Amazon Prime’s. Of course, you won’t be without this Android-based media system because it also supports 4K streaming.

Chromecast With Google TV, you get a clean user interface and a handy, compact controller. The small size of this device is one of its most notable advantages. Users can attach it to their TVs with a short USB dongle and hang it out of the way. Chromecast stands out from the competition because of its portability, while most OTT devices have large boxes or connectors.

Given that this device runs an Android OS, most Android apps, including the most widely used streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, are compatible with it. The sound quality of this Chromecast is inferior to its rivals, which is the single significant drawback. However, since it costs only $49.99, millions of people worldwide use it as their preferred OTT device.

5. Apple TV 4K

The most recent model of Apple’s OTT streaming gadget, the Apple TV 4K, can now manage and play 4K material. In addition, users of this device can download any streaming apps offered in the Apple store and connect via Apple AirPlay2.

You can access all of your purchased Apple TV+ and iTunes content and a ton of additional devices-only items in the shop. In addition, this gadget offers more internal capacity than its rivals – users may select between 32 GB and 64 GB of storage – which may be its best feature.

Beyond the aforementioned, Apple TV doesn’t provide anything further to set it apart from competing products. It does have some advantages for Apple customers, such as the capacity to serve as an Apple HomeKit hub. For most people, though, that meager gain is scarcely sufficient to justify its exorbitant price.

However, if you currently use Apple products frequently, you’ll probably find purchasing this item valuable despite its high cost. This device will cost you $179.99 or $199.99, depending on how much internal storage you select.

6. Roku Ultra

More than twice as pricey as our top streaming device option, Roku’s most expensive streaming box may be worth the upgrade for you if you find the extra capabilities appealing. The 2022 model is essentially the same as the earlier iterations, except it now has the superb Voice Remote Pro.

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus, which also comes with the Voice Remote Pro, is Roku’s alternative package if you really adore the remote and want to save some money. Though its processor isn’t quite as powerful as the Ultra’s, the Streaming Stick 4K can perform almost all of the same tricks, including Dolby Vision HDR.

The Ultra still offers Dolby Vision video, quicker response times than the Streaming Stick 4K, enhanced Wi-Fi, and a wired Ethernet port, which is especially useful if your home Wi-Fi is overcrowded.

7. Roku Streambar

Although soundbars with built-in streaming are a relatively recent invention, Roku’s new Streambar excels in this area. It offers the familiar and beloved Roku user interface, 4K HDR, and enhanced sound for any TV, particularly dialogue. 

We believe that the new Streambar media streamer device makes more sense for most people even though it is smaller and more reasonably priced than its predecessor, the Roku Smart Soundbar.


So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to buy a streaming device, one of these seven devices is sure to fit your needs. So, regardless of whether you wish to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series or catch up on the news, There is a choice available.