What Are The Cheapest Ways To Ship To China?

What Are The Cheapest Ways To Ship To China

There has been a surge in the trade volume between China and the U.S. over the past few years. But this has however witnessed a few turns of events. One of those major issues is the trade war between both countries. This has, in turn, affected the economy generally.  For instance, the imposition of tariffs by America on China and the response from China has affected several companies in a rather negative way. Factors such as the changes witnessed by the Universal Postal Union and the new tariffs have made it imperative to find cheaper shipping alternatives for shipping companies. So, what are the cheapest ways to ship to China? We will attempt to answer this and a few other sundry issues in this piece.

What are the cheapest ways to ship to China?

It costs more to ship from America to China than it does vice versa. The reason for this is not clear, but the volume and living costs may affect it. The cheapest way for you to ship to China is US USPS.  If you are using first-class mail it should cost less than $20 for a 1lb parcel. The negative thing about going for first-class mail is that you will not get any guarantee. This means you won’t have a tracking number or a guaranteed date of arrival. The next cheapest would be Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. After this, you should consider using the Express Mail which allows you to pay an extra amount for tracking. There are two delivery options offered by USPS for the Express Mail, the first is between 6 to 10 working days and the second is between 3 to 5 days. But the arrival time is usually not guaranteed. The final and most expensive of the options is the Global Express Guarantee which is the only service offered by UPS that has a guaranteed date of arrival. You may, however, explore other options such as UPS.

How To Ship To China Cheaply

There is no reason why you should be scared of shipping to international locations because of your fear of the possible costs. Knowing the right thing to do should save you some reasonable amount of money. Here are a few tips that should help out in that regard.

1. Cheap is not always ideal

As good as flat rate shipping may seem, it is not always the best available option. This is especially the case if the packages you intend sending are in different weights, sizes, and dimensions. There is absolutely no way your potential client will find this profiting because this option is often not flexible. Also, if there is any difference in the charges, you may end up paying it.

2. Select the international suppliers carefully

The price in which a product retailer, supplier or manufacturer sells the goods to you will have a big impact on the level of profitability of the venture. This is especially after you add the customs duty. This is why you should always opt for shippers that offer available rates without having to compromise quality.

3. Leverage on fulfillment warehouses

You should consider leveraging a relationship with a reliable fulfillment warehouse in a good location when you are shipping to China because they should be able to take care of all your deliveries.

4. Use a reliable forwarder and consider your shipping package

You certainly do not want to learn the hard way that you have used the wrong forwarder to countries like China. You must take your time to look around for one that does not have some hidden charges and is willing to help you with the whole process. This means that you should not just go for one that offers you a cheap rate. Also, you must re-evaluate the shipping package as this is one reason some merchants spend more money on the products. This simply means that their profit margins will be greatly reduced.

In light of this, always select a packaging that fits the items you intend sending to minimize the risk of wasting space. Also, always ensure that you go for lightweight shipping packaging. Taking all these measures into account will greatly help to reduce the weight of your merchandise and as such reduce the cost of shipping to China.

5. Reuse the packaging and use a packing station

The simple truth is that you do not always have to pay for a new package for all your items. You should be able to save money by reusing the package you have used before. You will be able to cut down on costs when you do not have to always buy new materials. You could source for these packages from colleagues and friends. Also, ensure that you a packaging spot. When you have a particular place to construct and use your boxes, it will greatly benefit your business. Also, you will see your profit margins surge because you will be spending less and as such making more.

Useful Tips To Help You Save Time Shipping To China

If you are a small or medium-scale medium owner, delay in shipping can have a very adverse effect on your small business. When delays happen, you soon start getting calls and messages from your customers asking what happened to their orders. Such a situation can be quite frustrating for all parties involved. But if you are smart enough, there are ways you can avoid such an issue. Here are a few things you should be mindful of that should help:

Choose an experienced company

One thing that can cause a delay in delivery is not returning the container to the vessel at the right time. Each container is often given a deadline which has to be on the ship and this means that the goods must be in place and at the port at the right time. By working with an experienced company, you can be guaranteed that your goods will leave at the stipulated time.

Be conscious of the Holidays in China

It can be quite difficult to find a company that would meet your needs during the Chinese holidays. Several factories will close and the workers will be in their houses. Also, these holidays signify a period of port congestion because several businesses will be rushing to get their goods out of the country before the holidays come. This situation may lead to a delay in your shipment. Therefore, if you want to avoid this scenario, ensure that you plan ahead of time so that you can beat the hassles that come with the holidays.

What Are The Challenges With Shipping To China?

Shipping to China and other countries has become quite easier due to the presence of several shipping companies. This does not, however, eliminate the existence of challenges. For instance, door to door delivery services to China is still quite slow. Hence if you want to get the best service, it means you may have to pay more. Also, due to the size of the country, it can be a bit of a challenge getting your package to the small towns and villages.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Shipping Company?

If you want to engage the services of a company for your door to door service, you should know some important things. First, you have to know what the total cost of shipping to China is. You must not pay more than the value of the goods. Also, ensure that the company you want to use offers a system for tracking. There should be regular updates on the progress of your commodity.

What Other Things Should I Be Mindful Of Before Shipping To China?

Always ensure that your paperwork is complete before the shipment and ensure that it is complete and complies with the customs regulations. The description of the content of the package should always be correct. Also, the destination address and personal data of the recipient should be spelled out. There must be proper invoicing and certification by the sender.

What Items Are Banned From Being Imported Into China

Knowing the goods prohibited from China will save you a great deal of time and energy. The items prohibited may, however, change from time to time. Some of the items include fur, animals, fresh food, ivory, dairy, seeds, money, and plants. Some items that are considered harmful to Chinese ideology are also not permitted into the country. You should check with the courier before you send it.

Last Note

Shipping to China is not as difficult as you may want to believe. And usually, the costs are subject to the decisions you make in that regard. We believe we have been able to show you some of the cheapest ways to ship to China. And more than that, we believe that we have been able to establish some core tips that should help your venture.

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