11 Cheap Article Writing Services – Effective Content On Budget

Cheap Article Writing Services

Are you looking for the best cheap article writing services? This article covers the 11 best affordable article outsourcing options. 

Sometimes, you might need to outsource tasks as a website owner (marketer, business person, etc.). An article writing service will help you save time and focus on what is important and more enjoyable. 

Article writing is a task that needs much time and energy and is not enjoyable for everyone. It’s also among the most expensive outsourcing tasks. 

You might spend a fortune ordering content from the wrong source if you aren’t keen when selecting a platform. 

That’s why there are exemplary services that champion the notion of providing high-quality content at affordable prices.

This article lists the best cheap article writing services that’ll offer you a bargain on both quality and price. The outsourcing options include copywriting companies, freelancing websites, etc. Here are the, 

Cheap Article Writing Services

1. Go Savvy SEO

Go Savvy SEOVisit Website

There are massive marketing opportunities for new and existing businesses on the internet. The increased internet use means that most customers are online almost daily. 

However, most online businesses have trouble landing great writing services that deliver top-notch results.

Here is where Go Savvy SEO comes in. It doesn’t matter the service or product you’re offering. It’ll help your new or existing online brands grow in size and revenue by producing top-notch articles. 

How does It work? 

Go Savvy is popular for its simple working process. All you need to do is place an order, give the article’s specifications and leave the rest to writers. You can visit their service page and learn how easy it is to get professional article writing services with them. 

What to Expect?

Go Savvy is a powerful platform that offers professional content writing services for companies, individuals, etc. 

It has experts who create 100% original, SEO- friendly and top-notch content to increase website traffic and brand awareness. In addition, the platform offers free keyword research, which is a plus to your budget and content ranking.

Go Savvy turnaround time is also great; you’ll get your order within the agreed time. It doesn’t matter whether you need one article or bulk articles. Just know that you won’t miss your deadline regardless of your project size.


The company has professionals for diverse subject matter and niches. So, be rest assured that with Go Savvy SEO, your writing project is in good hands. The content will be high-quality, 100% original, and SEO optimized. 

Amazingly their pricing is so affordable for both new and established online businesses. Here is a list of how they price their article writing service: 

  • One 1000 words article: $30
  • 10,000 words: $270  (Save 10%)
  • 20,000 words: $510 (Save 15%)
  • 50,000 words: $1200 (Save 20%)

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2. Crowd Content 

Crowd Content

There are several marketplaces, but none offers more than the basic connection between the worker and client. The founder and CEO of Crowd Content, Clayton Lainsbury, intended to build a platform that’s very powerful but simple to use. 

The founder wanted to add value to the content creation process. Truly, based on comments from writers and clients, it’s clear Crowd Content is working well. 

How It Works 

The website’s approach focuses on quality. The passionate Crowd Content team helps writers and clients create better content faster and more efficiently. To achieve this team focuses on technical innovation, premium customer service, and a little science. 

You don’t have to worry about this platform since it’s easy to navigate. Whether you’re a retailer, developer, or tutor doesn’t matter. 

Just choose your topic and length and let its professional writers do the work. You have the freedom to choose your preferred writer from the roster that’s already been evaluated. 

What to Expect

The truth is content creation (article writing) is tricky. Today, both audience and Google demand high-quality content. Crowd Content has a pool of experts who’ll create high-quality content at any scale. 


Crowd Content pricing is among the cheapest on the market. This company is the best choice if you want to find a balance between price and quality. It’s per word pricing. 

  • 25 words: $3.48
  • 50 words: $6.95

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3. Passion Posts 

Passion Posts 

There are many writers out here who can work on your blogs, but Passion Posts have the best writers. They can surely write about anything. 

How does It work?

The platform has 30 categories to choose from, and it’s easy to make an order. Visit their website and talk to the writers. After placing an order, all orders usually have a one to two weeks lead time. 

In these weeks, the platform sets up everything about your order in assigns it to the right writer. The delivery time also depends on the number of writers available to work on your topic. But mostly, Passion Posts deliver around 1-2 posts weekly on any project. 

On average (for common niches), writers can deliver 5-10 posts weekly or more if the order is bigger. But if your topic is more specific and doesn’t have many writers, it’ll take a bit longer to deliver. 

You’re then added to the platform’s project management system. From here, you can easily track the project’s progress and get the posts as soon as they’re completed. You can choose to get them daily, weekly or monthly, just whichever way you want. 

What to Expect?

The company will dedicate your project to a project manager who’ll be in touch with you throughout the process. The project manager will ensure your article is standard and per your liking. They’ll answer your questions and deal with all your revision requests. 


Passion Posts offers the best deals and value for money. 

  • Mini Response Post (500-600 words): $35.00
  • Response Post (1000-1250 words): $60.00
  • Mini Staple Post (1500-1750 words): $85.00
  • Staple Post (2000-2500 words): $110.00
  • Staple + Post (3000-3500 words): $175.00
  • Mini Response Pack (10 x Mini Response Posts): $300.00
  • Response Pack (10 x Response posts): $550.00
  • Mini Staple Pack (10 x Mini Staple Posts): $800.00
  • Staple Pack (10 x Staple Posts): $1,000.00
  • Staple + Pack (10 x Staple + Posts): $1,600.00
  • Full Pack (50k Words – 15 x Staple, 10 x Response): $2,000.00
  • Power Pack (100k Words – 30 x Staple, 20 x Response): $4,000.00
  • Ultimate Pack (150k words – 45 x Staple, 30 x Response): $6,000.00
  • Passion Pack (200k words – 60 x Staple, 4 x Response): $8,000.00

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4. Text Royal 

Text Royal 

Posting articles on your website is one of the ways to increase your conversions. Why waste time and talent creating content when you can use them elsewhere? Let Text Royal do the work for you, whether it’s monthly article writing, short article writing, or whatever. 

Text Royal is one of the cheapest SEO article writing services with relevant and unique content. The company was founded in 2010 in Edinburg. 

It consists of a team of passionate customer support executives, proofreaders, and writers. These employees have years of experience and proper education. 

What to Expect?

The platform will help your page to rank highly on search engines and attract new visitors. In addition, the content will convince readers to invest in your services or products. 

But before seeking professional writing services from Text Royal, you need to understand the differences between articles and blogs. 

That way, you’ll be able to select one that suits your company. Plus, you might also need to use both. 

The company closely monitors all the work done by its experts. Therefore you’ll always get the best content possible. 


Text Royal’s pricing is per word and varies according to Tier. You can choose from any of the three pricing tiers. Note that each Tier represents a certain level of quality. They are classified as Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. 

You have to submit your article requirements online, and they’ll work on producing what you need. If you need a large amount of content, you can use the customer loyalty programs, which include large volume discounts. 

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5. Textun 


The platform does its best to ensure clients are satisfied. Today it’s rated above average due to its proven consistency and reliability. Textun specializes in providing unique, high-quality, and unique customized content. 

How It Works 

You must fill in the email address where they’ll send your article upon completion. There’s a “General guidelines” field where you add any guidelines or style requirements. You can include a link outlining your instructions, such as subject matter and word count. 

You can also add other comments like special requests in the comment column. If you need keywords added to the article, remember to place them in the “Keywords” column. 

If you’ve previously worked with text and need services from the same writer again, you can inform the company. Include your previous article order number. You can also request a different writer. 

Copyrights on every article written are then transferred directly to clients giving them direct control over them. The client can therefore use it how they like. 

What to Expect?

Textun is ideal for you if you need product descriptions, blog posts, SEO articles, etc. The professional writers will increase your SEO ranking and attract clients/customers’ attention. They craft high-quality article content on any topic. 

Projects are usually assigned to a writer based on their specific expertise area. Expert editors then proofread and review all the articles. The editing process is usually stringent to ensure correct grammar, spelling, syntax, and structures. 

The team works to create content that meets your specific needs. The writer and editors at Textun are all native US and UK English speakers from different backgrounds. 


Like other writing services on the list, it endeavors to keep the prices low without compromising originality and quality. 

  • Standard quality: 0.035 per word
  • Premium quality: 0.05 per word

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5. Content Pit 

Content Pit 

Do you need specialized content for your website? If yes, then you should try Content Pit. It specializes in creating quality content to help marketers generate sales and businesses’ inbound leads. Content Pit occasionally does custom orders too. You can contact them for a quote if you feel their current packages don’t satisfy your needs. 

How does It work? 

The writers deliver content in Microsoft word documents (.docx), but you can order WordPress posting. Content Pit turnaround time (TAT) is on business days, not normal days. The time is counted from the day the order is reviewed and confirmed. 

However, note that TAT estimates quoted by the website don’t include bonus words or special offers. So, if your article includes special offers/ bonuses, the turnaround time is extended accordingly.

What to Expect?

The writers at Content Pit write content with their clients in mind. They usually write 1000+ long articles that readers and Google love. 


The pricing is amazing; the services are so affordable without compromising quality. Note that it offers unlimited revisions and a 100% money-back guarantee. This is something other article writing services can’t offer. Pricing is per word basis; here is the pricing table:

  • 1000 words: $49
  • 2000 words: $97
  • 3000 words: $141
  • 5000 words: $231
  • 10,000 words: $439
  • 20,000 words: $839
  • 30,000 words: $1229
  • 50,000 words: $1999

The basic pricing planning only includes writing. You’ll have to check out the other plans if you want images and direct article posting to your website. Note that the minimum words for a single article are 500 words. 

There are discounts on each package; the more words you order, the more you save. For best discounts, order more than 10,000 words. First-time clients can only order a maximum of 10,000 words for their first order. 

You can split your orders as much as you like, but ensure each is as long as 500+ words. 

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7. Fat Joe

Fat Joe

Every content marketing strategy needs high-quality and in-depth articles. Normally articles allow people to share their expert knowledge and insights. They give an impression that you understand your industry or niche well. 

How It Works  

It’s easy to order an article with FatJoe. Simply click “Order Now” on your ideal package. You then enter your details and leave the rest to FatJoe experts. 

Your article writing project will instantly be allocated to the most suitable writer. The writer researches the topic and creates an engaging piece. 

Once they complete your project, you’ll receive an email asking you to log in, view, and download the article. 

What to Expect?

Fat Joe custom content will boost your SEO strategy and helps you rank well in search results, phrases, and informational keywords. 

With the inclusion of internal links, the articles can play a key role in supporting your landing pages, key service pages, and categories. 

Fat Joe is ideal for businesses and brands looking to create detailed write-ups for technical topics and educational pieces.


FatJoe pricing is per-word and according to plans. The basic plan pricing is $0.04 per word, while the pro plan basic pricing is 0.08 per word. Note that the least amount of word count you can choose is 250 words.

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8. SEO Butler 

SEO Butler

The company entered the SEO industry in 2014 and has been growing. It aims at offering high-quality products and customer service to its clients. 

To date, the company is working to be a top innovator in an industry full of sub-par distributors. It does this by investing in its members and system to offer the best to customers. 

How does it work?

The writers in SEO Butler are either based in US or UK, and most have university degrees concentrated in rhetoric and professional writing. 

They work on most niches but won’t write about defamatory content, weapons, or anything inappropriate. 

If the platform doesn’t accept your order, it refunds you and gives reasons why it did reject it. If you’re unsure whether the platform will accept your content, you can send a message to enquire. 

What to Expect?

The content is usually delivered within 6 working days at most. But depending on the length of your order, it can take longer. 

You should email the company if you need the content within a specific time frame. Amazingly, the writer offers edits and rewrites. Each content level has a unique number of edits and rewrites; contact them if you need any. 


Their pricing is cheap but doesn’t compromise the article’s quality. It charges $0.07 per word, and the minimum number of words to order is 500 words. 

You can order bulk content and get amazing discounts. For 5k-49k words – 10% discount, 50k-99k words – 15% discount, 100k + words – 20% discount. 

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9. Text Paradise 

Text Paradise

The company comprises a team of highly educated writers and editors. These writers will provide you with the best possible article at reasonable prices. 

How does it Work?

Text paradise receives a lot of orders daily. The easiest and fastest way to get your order to them is through email.

What to Expect?

The content is usually SEO optimized to rank highly on Google. In addition, it’s also snippet optimized and thus fast tracks you to 1st position on search engine. 


Their pricing is in tiers. 

  • Small Tier (0-5000 words): 0.07 per word 
  • Medium Tier (5000-25,000 words): 0.06 per word
  • Large Tier (25,000-75,000 words): 0.05 per word
  • Text Paradise (75,000+ words): 0.045 per word

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10. The Urban Writers 

The Urban Writers

With this company, collaborating with freelancers is enjoyable and effortless. Their highly qualified experts focus on producing high-quality content and incredible customer service. 

The platform is pushing to change how individuals and businesses acquire the content they need. An experience with this company will leave you wanting more in terms of service and quality of work

It gives clients/customers what they’ve been looking for – that’s a truly seamless and collaborative content creation website. 

How It Works 

You need an account to access urban writers’ services. You can easily log in to the platform and post or manage projects if you have an account. If you don’t have one, don’t worry; creating an account is easy and quick. 

Post your project, i.e., article writing, and select your bundle. You can customize it by adding your needed services and finding the ideal freelancer. 

It’s easy to connect with the right freelancers for each job. Visit the platform dashboard and search, then review profiles and directly inbox them. 

If you find a freelancer that meets your needs, directly invite them to your project by approving the request. 

Share the right resources and ideas with them. It will help them execute your project flawlessly and even exceed your expectations.

What to Expect? 

The website offers you real-time project management. You can easily track your start date and progress and talk to freelancers. 

The freelancers are very responsive and will answer your questions and follow any guidance you give. It means you’ll receive a product you love after the entire process. 

The platform also sends updates via automated emails or internal. Therefore you’ll know how your projects are progressing through the different stages. 

After the article is done, it moves to the assurance team, which does the final review to ensure the content meets the quality standard. You can then log into the platform and download it. 


The payment schedule is amazing and stress-free. You can pay upfront or wait until you have the right freelancer. If you have a discount code, use it before posting the project

The platform’s pricing is good and includes various packages. For, 

  • 1 article: $6.05 per 100 words
  • 5 articles: $6.01 per 100 words
  • 10 articles: $5.97 per 100 words
  • 15 articles: $5.93 per 100 words
  • 20 articles: $5.89 per 100 words
  • 30 articles: $5.85 per 100 words

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11. Zerys



It is a simple, powerful, and award-winning article writing platform. It’ll allow you to plan content, identify top talent and optimize your articles. 

How does It work?

You have to choose the content type and enter the title you want to be written. A title suggestion tool can help you generate the best titles. 

Give the write all the necessary detailed instructions. Choose the writer you’d like to work with on your project. 

There’s an option of selecting your in-house writers or auditioning for Zerys writers. The platform has more than 80,000 freelancers

Make an offer to your writer. Check out the platform’s pricing guide to determine the best price. When the writer completes the article, review it, and ask for revisions. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the job, Zerys will ask the writer or one of their editors to fine-tune the article to your liking. Once you like and approve the content, you can download it as a file and publish it on your website. 


Its pricing is great but quite high compared to other article writing services in this blog. You’ll pay approximately $65 for 500 words document. The writer will conduct additional research, including internal and external page links, and follow a special format

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The article lists the 11 best cheap article writing services. After reading it, we hope you have identified the best platform for your article writing projects. Businesses and clients highly recommend all the platforms/companies on the list from their amazing comments. 

The platforms will help you save tons of money and time in article writing. They’re all free to try. Plus, most platforms offer amazing discounts on bulk projects such as 10,000 + words.