7 Health Benefits of Using CBG for Fitness

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Over two-thirds of the United States has now legalized or decriminalized cannabis and hemp products in some way. As the trend increases, we’re learning more about terpenes, or active chemicals in cannabis and hemp, and what they do.

You’ve probably heard of CBD and THC, both of which are great exercise supplements. One terpene you may not have heard of is cannabigerol, or CBG. More and more athletes and fitness buffs are using CBG for fitness and pain from sports.

If you’re not sure what CBG does or why you should give it a try, don’t worry. Here’s a quick list of seven health benefits CBG has for fitness.

1. Helps You Sleep Better

One great thing CBG does is relieve insomnia. This might not seem to have a lot to do with exercise.

However, if you can’t rest, then your body won’t have the energy to get the most out of exercise, and you’ll feel worse before, during, and after a workout without enough sleep.

2. Improves Bone Health and Growth

CBG has also been shown to work on the skeletal system. This is one area in which CBG is a good supplement for long-term health. Strong, healthy bones are important for everyone, but especially for athletes due to the strain sports and other exercise puts on the body.

Going vegan is a popular trend for athletes, but one common concern people have about adopting a vegan diet is whether their bones will be strong enough without dairy products. The truth is that dairy isn’t necessary at all for healthy bone growth. If you need more peace of mind, though, consider adding CBG to a vegan diet for a bone booster.

3. CBG for Fitness Helps You Work up an Appetite

Speaking of food, it’s vital that you eat enough in order to make the gains you want and to keep your body strong while putting it through challenging workouts. Eating too little as an athlete can lead to serious problems as your body starts breaking itself down for nourishment. If you want to stay healthy, let alone athletic or buff, you have to get enough calories.

On some days, though, like when it’s hot out or when you’re just in a bad mood, you may not have a big appetite.

Sometimes, eating a regular meal is hard enough—forget about an athlete’s diet. In these moments, an appetite stimulant comes in handy, and CBG is just the thing to use.

4. Treat Your Aches and Pains

Pain relief was one of the biggest catalysts on the road to marijuana legalization, and the plant’s most commonly known cannabinoids, CBD and THC, certainly do a great job at it.

What you might be surprised to learn is that CBG may do an even better job. While CBG is found in marijuana, if you want to avoid the plant’s other effects and get the most out of CBG itself, an extract or isolate is the way to go. You might be surprised at what a reasonable CBG isolate wholesale price you can get.

5. Don’t Worry So Much About Getting Sick

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for months and no end is in sight. What is in sight is cold and flu season, and all of it at once is likely to make things a whole lot worse. Even leaving your home will have you in a veritable minefield of disease, let alone going to the gym.

While staying home to work out is probably your best bet, staying isolated isn’t always possible. Luckily, CBG has antibacterial properties and can help boost your immune system. We don’t know a cure for the coronavirus, but we do know that a strong immune system helps keep it away.

There are so many reasons that avoiding illness is good for fitness. The most obvious ways are probably how it keeps you able to go to the gym and keeps your condition up. Less obvious might be that if you do manage to get your workout on with a cold, you won’t be in proper condition to get the most out of it and recover well.

No matter if you are or aren’t using CBG, stay away from the gym if you’re sick, and wear a mask even if you’re not.

6. Promote Proper Digestion

The health of your digestive system is important to fitness in a number of ways. Most vitally, a healthy digestive system allows you to properly utilize nutrients from your food. If you don’t digest your food, it will pass through you without giving you much benefit at all.

Another way digestive wellness promotes fitness is simply by avoiding discomfort. Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive issues can get in the way of keeping fit when discomfort causes people to stop short of their exercise goals.

CBG is a supplement that can help with these digestive issues and keep you feeling your best in and out of the gym.

7. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Feelings of stress and anxiety actually have a huge impact on your physical health. Aside from making you feel like you don’t want to work out or afraid to go to the gym, these mental conditions also promote heart disease and decrease immune responses.

CBG helps ease stress and anxiety as well as many of the physical conditions they promote. Staying as stress-free as possible puts you on the road to fitness success.

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Now that you’ve read about these great uses of CBG for fitness, you can add the new supplement to your weekly workout schedule and see what difference it makes for you. When you’re cooling down after your next workout, check out some other articles on our site.

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