5 Tips For Shooting A .338 Lapua Rifle

5 Tops For Shooting A .338 Lapua Rifle

A .338 Lapua is a powerful round with an extensive range that still dominates the competition. There have been countless revolutions regarding the bullets for rifles. However, there isn’t any that matches the potential of a .338 Lapua rifle and its long-range shot.

Hunting or using standard rifles is way different than using a long-range rifle. It’s not about being the quickest. It’s about being the sharpest. That ace shot over a thousand-yard away can leave a ring if you hit it. For that, you need guidance.

Hence, we are bringing you the best five tips on how to shoot the.338 Lapua rifles better:

1. Be Steady And Patient

Patience is a virtue you need to practice when wielding a long-range rifle. You have to maintain a sturdy position and have a steady hold. There is no need to grip your rifle tightly as if your life depends on it. You will end up hurting yourself from the recoil.

It’s not about hitting fast. It’s about hitting accurately. You have to control your breathing and stay calm. By keeping your mind quiet and staying steady, you will benefit greatly. Take your time and let things settle down.

2. Prone It For Control

For a long-range rifle, you need a stand to ensure that you can take a prone shot. The prone position is the best position with any gun, significantly .338 Lapua rifles. If you have a stand, it’s way convenient for you to aim. However, if you don’t have a stand, prone might be a little challenging.

You will be able to assume a comfortable prone position if you remain calm. Hence, the first point is pivotal for this tip to work, stay relaxed. Here is a bonus tip. When you pull the trigger, make sure it is not angular. Pull it straight to prevent your finger movement from even slightly bulging or flinching your shot in any way.

3. Equipment Are Assets

Many shooters make a mistake of heavily relying upon the equipment of their gun. A better rifle, better scope, and better stands would help by providing some steadiness and accuracy. However, it all breaks down to your capabilities, skills, and experience.

You should indeed make sure that the equipment is on-point. For example, when you set the scope for a long-range target, ensure that there isn’t any glare falling on it. That would further help you establish better shots.

Regardless of the equipment, external factors like wind, gravity, and weather will impact the accuracy of a shot in a long-range. 338 lapua rifles are indeed remarkable in path retention, but your knowledge regarding these external factors will heavily influence the success rate of the shot.

4. Practice Will Make You Perfect

Whether you’re new to shooting, or a seasoned marksman, it takes time and practice to get used to a gun. Almost every weapon requires time for you to get used to it. Once you understand how it operates, you can work with it. While each gun might be identical, a person isn’t.

Keep a performance log for each shot you take. It will enable you to evaluate your strong points and weaknesses. Through this, you will be able to determine the best action to take regarding the shot. Perhaps it’s a certain way of your position, the breathing, or trigger pulls. You may use ballistic calculators and other optimum equipment to get in-depth data collection regarding your performance.

The good idea is to start at a shorter range and gradually extend the range each time your practice. Forget about any lucky shot you might’ve made. If you can’t hit the same shot twice, it was indeed lucky. The practice is where it all makes a difference between luck and skill.

5. Breathwork For A Still Shot

In almost every sport and activity in the world, breathing plays a vital role. It applies for shooting by using .338 Lapua rifles or any other weapon, as well. Thus, you need to maintain a natural flow of breath. To pull the shot, there is a technique almost every marksman utilizes.

After you inhale, let your breath exhale for one to three seconds until you feel your lungs starting to get empty. As that happens, hold your breath, and you will, for that split second, notice impeccable stability. It is the best time to pull the shot. There is often a boost in conviction, a remarkable surge of energy that would help with the shot.

Long Range Shooting Is Not Hunting

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hit your target at the first couple of tries. Remember, it takes years of practice for the best marksmen to hit the shot. The Guinness Book Of World record has the longest shot, but nobody managed to take another shot identical to that. All you can hope for is patience and practice.

If you plan on using the newfound tips for hunting, it won’t work. The target is actively moving, and you might have to learn how to predict the movement. That is a valuable skill, but for long-range .338 Lapua rifles, hunting is not adequate. Doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It all breaks down to how much you are willing to practice and invest.