Is Sasuke Evil?

Is Sasuke Evil

Uchiha Sasuke features as a fictitious character in the famous animation series, Naruto. He is one of the prominent and exciting characters in the series. Following the writer of the series, Masashi Kishimoto, he depicts Sasuke as a sensitive and complicated character in the Naruto series. In the movie series, he portrays him as a little boy who has a pure spirit power with no attachment to the emotional energy of his father.

Now, is Sasuke evil? 

To answer the question is Sasuke evil, we must note that Sasuke was a gentle and pure spirited little boy, as we saw in the early scenes of the series. However, he turned into a villain as a result of his power-seeking ambition. He considered everyone that got in his way of revenge an enemy, even if they were once friends. Sasuke is a complicated character in the Naruto animation series. He started as a good kid, missed his path while blinded by hatred, but made his way back on the good book just in time. An evil eye ring could be a great gift for your loved ones.

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The Character Of Sasuke

The role of Sakuke is that of a child who seeks the consent of his father from his early years, but as he grows in age, becomes resolute in his decision to fight against his brother, Uchiha Itachi, and restore his clan.

In the series, Sasuke displays a strong commitment to the laws of his family and clan. He is gentle and quick to learn almost anything as a child, never hurting even a fly. The tables turn for Sasuke as he turns out to be cold and hard-heartened towards everyone.

He sorts for the power to take revenge on his elder brother for killing everyone in their clan. The decision controlled all his actions, making him join a vagrant group led by Orochimaru to become stronger. Sasuke is a rival character to the main hero of the series, Uzumaki Naruto. He plays the role of a significant villain when his quest for revenge makes him susceptible to the manipulations of Tobi.

The Story Of Uchiha Sasuke

Sasuke, born into the Uchiha clan, was the second son of the couple, Fagaku and Mikoto Uchiha. As a child, Sasuke loved and considered his elder brother Itachi Uchiha his role model. His family, especially his father, held his elder brother in high esteem. Itachi had already set a perfect pace ahead, one that Sasuke was not likely to surpass in the eyes of their father.

Sasuke went further as a child and picked interest in the Ninja Academy. He made visible progress in the noble art and was always a top place in the Academy. All his achievements fell short of the expectations of his father. As a little boy, this was disheartening.

It hurt Sasuke, but there was barely anything he could do about it. A few years later, it looked like Itachi was slowly falling out of his glory days in the eyes of his father and the whole clan, as a result of the past event of the suicide committed by his close friend.

Fagaku gradually focused his attention on Sasuke but never considered him to better than Itachi. Sasuke mastered one of the unique techniques taught by Fagaku and making perfect use of the skill for the very first time, made his father acknowledge him.

His father instructed him not to tread on the path of his elder brother Itachi and finally saw him as a son in his clan and this time, away from the shadow of Itachi.

The Battle Of Sasuke And Itachi

Seeing that Sasuke has better days, one would only wish it lasts long enough for him to remember. Itachi puts an end to his happy days by killing all the members of their clan. The actions of Itachi leave Sasuke with resentful memories leading to vengeful desires.

Itachi is a member of a villain group known as Akatsuki and poses a threat to Sasuke. A bloody night it was, but the conversation between these two brothers stood out. Sasuke confronted Itachi at the Uchiha hideout and battled him using ordinary taijutsu.

In the intense atmosphere, Itachi told Sasuke about the ability of the Mangekyo Sharingan. The technique of Sharingan gives its possessor the ability to control the demon fox. Itachi revealed to Sasuke that Madara Uchiha, one of the founders of the Konoha village, aided his killing of their clan.

During the fight, Itachi attacked first using a gengutsu called Tsukuyomi, but Sasuke overcame it. The brother employed the use of the excellent fireball technique in their battle, giving Sasuke a better advantage.

They unleashed the Mangekyo technique consisting of Susanoo, Sword of Totsuka, and Giant Snakes during the fight. Surprisingly, Sasuke and Itachi both used similar Mangekyo attacks on each other. Itachi told Sasuke that Madara was the leader of the Akatsuki and his mentor. He told Sasuke that the only way to stop the Mangekyo was to remove the eyes of the owner.

A New Purpose

After Sasuke recovered, he could only remember a few things that happened on the night of the massacre of his clan, especially his parents. Sasuke was hurt and full of resentment for his brother. It altered his relationship with other main characters like Naruto and Sakura.

Sasuke turns out to be a loner in the village, living for the desires of revenge. He locked out everybody, but a few notable characters stood by him and made endless sacrifices for him till the end. The principal character, Naruto, was an excellent friend to Sasuke, even though it took time to appreciate the bond both shared.

Sakura was also another character in the series that loved and fought for Sasuke countless times. Sasuke abandoned Sakura despite his knowledge of their emotional attachment. Sasuke later got married to her after so many reluctant actions, and they had a child.

What Makes Sasuke Appear Evil?

His quest for more power led him into dark paths; shedding blood was no new thing to him. He became a well-known Assassin. He had to join the villain group so that he could acquire more power in defeating his brother, Itachi.

Sasuke developed new skills such as the curse seal and the dragon fire technique. The dragon fire gives him the ability to unleash fire during combat. He could breathe it and control it correctly. Sasuke has mastery in snake summoning techniques during a fight to aid him. He improved his Sharingan to produce one of his ultimate skills called Susanoo. Sasuke had emotions that fueled his passion for power and revenge.

Another reason to consider Sasuke as a villain is the horrible things he did when blinded by rage, and his inability to control his powers. Sasuke made difficult decisions. His decision to join a terrorist group and commit crimes was wrong. He used a destructive tool for Orochimaru to accomplish his selfish plans.

Such decisions put the lives of his friends and village in harm’s way. Sasuke became powerful enough to battle his brother, but the price he paid for his power almost brought tragedy to the people important to him.

Another thing that made Sasuke appear evil was his mistake of repeating the cycle of parental negligence. Sasuke deprived his daughter of a father’s love. He cared less for her; on one occasion, she narrowly escaped death from her father after he mistook for an enemy. Sasuke, at one time, broke the arms of an ordinary villager out of rage because he touched Sakura.

These are enough reasons to call him the devil himself. Taking a flashback to how innocent and pure Sasuke was at the initial stage of the series, he was simply a pure soul stained with the desire to avenge his clan and grew up with all those emotions bottled up inside him. He had the determination to do anything that will make him more powerful to take revenge. Blinded by this mentality, he lost his good virtue on several occasions in the series.


At some point, we also see that Sasuke chose a calm way of awakening his Sharingan when he had the option of killing his best friend, Naruto. As the series would have it, Sasuke realizes his real friends and family, the curse of hatred got broken, and he gets to live a good life again as he returns to his gentle self once more.


We cannot say Sasuke is evil, knowing that it will sound as irrational. Sasuke got caught up in an unplanned situation. Blinded and used, failed, and refused to see humanity, he went through a wrong path. People become evil when they are committed to a path of hatred with no intention of submitting to forgiveness.

Sasuke’s personality took the description of a hero when he became remorseful, and his eyes opened to see and appreciate the sacrifices and love that some distinct persons had made for him. Sasuke had the most sacrifice and gift of love from the other animated characters.

Sasuke turned back to his original personality of being pure and gentle, realizing what his friends could do for him, broken. He saw no purpose for hatred and resentment. In the light of all these, is Sasuke evil? No!

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