Can Dropping Your Phone Damage It? Nothing Stops The Heart Faster Than A Flying Phone

Can Dropping Your Phone Damage It

Nobody likes it when their phone collides with the ground. It’s a nervous grimace as you slowly reach for the device. With phones being ever-present in the modern world, they will especially get damaged when dropped. One of the most common causes of a dropped phone is clumsy handling.

Humans aren’t multitasking creatures, despite popular belief. Therefore if you text while you are walking, it can be dangerous for your phone. In addition, today’s phones, especially uncased phones, are slick and awkward. They have large, beautiful displays that can quickly get dropped and even break as a result.

A phone in a pocket may appear safe, but it can easily fall out while seated or lying down. Putting a phone in a bag or backpack is convenient, but it exposes it to threats both inside and outside the bag. However, taking necessary precautions can help avoid costly internal and external repairs.

Can Dropping Your Phone Damage It?

You may find that there is no visible damage or cracks. However, you should know that the most severe injuries are unseen. Your phone may look okay on the outside but maybe crumbling inside.

If you drop your phone frequently, your phone may not be as “fine” as it appears. Occasionally, your smartphone may not respond to your commands or may be slower than usual. Therefore dropping your phone may cause internal damage.

How To Avoid Phone Dropping

There are many ways to keep your phone safe from the outside world. Here are some ways to prevent your phone from dropping.

Use A Case

A quality case is by far the best way to avoid accidental phone drops. A well-designed case can prevent your phone from falling. A case gives you more grip than a naked phone. Therefore, you can’t break your phone unless you drop it.

Therefore, look for a case made of premium plastic or rubber from a reputable manufacturer. It provides extra grip and impact protection in the rare case of a fall. Moreover, a screen protector, like the ZeroDamage tempered glass, can help protect the screen from scratches and impacts.

Keep The Phone AWAY When You Are Not Using It

It is not easy to drop your phone if you’re not holding it. Therefore, please don’t take your phone out unless you need it. Keeping your phone hidden in your bag, purse, or nightstand may seem odd at first.

However, it will end up providing you with numerous benefits to your phone. Each hour you keep your phone away from your hands, it increases its lifespan. After all, you can’t break your phone if it’s not there.

Keep The Phone Out Of Your Lap

Many people put their phones on their legs to keep them safe, whether in the car or dinner table. However, it does not provide total protection.  You might forget that your phone is on your lap and drop it. Therefore, as a result, it will bring damage to your phone.

Use A Ring Holder

Anything that improves your phone’s grip and usability are essential for you to have. One of the crucial things to have is a ring holder since it promotes safe phone handling.

For example, some of today’s larger devices could use an extra place to grip with one hand. Many ring holders also encourage you to put your phone down on a table or floor. It does so by allowing you to stand it up on its side. Therefore, it makes it ideal for TV, games, movies and protecting your phone in the process.

Keep It Away From Kids

Anyone who works with children knows how tempting it is to give them the phone for a few minutes of entertainment. Kids are more likely to drop phones than adults. One of the best ways to avoid dropping your phone is to keep it out of the reach of children. If you must, a quality case with extra grip and protection for small hands is a must-have.

Phone Drop In The Water

Frequent phone drops may cause damage to your phone. You can either drop your phone on the ground or in the water. Dropping your phone in water might have more effect than when you drop it on the floor. However, you can prevent further damage if your phone drops in water. Here are the steps you can follow if your phone falls in the water.

Remove Your Phone From The Water Quickly

Time is of the essence here. Smaller phones have a better chance of survival than larger phones submerged for 30 seconds or more. Therefore, when you drop your phone in water, ensure you pick it as fast as you can.

Turn It Off Quickly

Once you remove your phone from the water quickly, the net thing is to avoid shorting. Therefore, if your phone isn’t off, turn it off immediately. If you have an iPhone, ensure you restore it as soon as you can. Moreover, it would be best if you didn’t restart your phone. It is because a phone with even little water inside can lead to a short circuit.

Remove The Battery, SIM, And SD Card

Let everything out in the open so that it can get more airflow. The iPhone only lets you remove the SIM. However, other models allow you to remove the back panel and the battery. Therefore, remove the SD card and any removable items.

Dry It

Water will drip out of your phone if you dab it with a cloth or use a wet/dry vacuum if you have one. It would be best to know that blowing into the phone may push water deeper. Moreover, it would be best if you did not microwave your phone. In addition, do not blow dry or otherwise heat your phone.

One thing that most people do is to put their phone in rice to dry it. However, this method is not as effective as most people think. Studies show that in a dry climate, air-drying your phone works best. This method is the quickest with good air circulation.

Do Not Touch It For A While

The topic of how long you should keep your phone off is a hot topic. Some people will advise you to turn off your phone for a few days. While it may be challenging to be away from your phone, the moisture inside the phone could cause a short circuit.

However, leaving your phone off and not doing anything might not save your phone. The proven method to repair water damage is to disassemble the device. Once you disassemble it, clean every component with 91 per cent isopropyl alcohol and replace the battery.

Test It Out By Turning It On

After following the procedure in detail, you will turn your phone on to test it. If all goes well, your phone should be working again soon. If not, you can take it to a phone repair shop and seek professional help.

Preventing Phone Drop-In Water

  • One is to buy a water-resistant phone. Unlike previous years’ phones, the newer models are much more resistant to liquid kryptonite.
  • You can also buy a water-resistant case. However, if you use any of the phone’s ports, the case is useless.
  • You can buy a dry bag for your phone or.

How Dropping Your Phone Damages It

Due to consumers demand, most major smartphone manufacturers have made their phones thinner and more appealing. Therefore, the chances of the phone dropping are high.

Some phones come with screens that have gorilla glass. However, even phones with Corning Gorilla Glass can get damaged if dropped repeatedly. Here is what might happen when your phone falls.

Your Phone’s Camera Might Get Damaged

A phone’s camera may lose focus after being dropped, resulting in blurry images. Moreover, the camera lens may also get broken, affecting the quality of the photos. Nobody wants blurry, out-of-focus images.

It Might Cause Internal Damage

Dropping your phone can cause internal damage by causing internal components to collide, causing a short circuit. If you dropped your phone, but there is no visible damage on the outside, there may be internal damage. Despite that today’s smartphones are durable, they weren’t designed to get dropped. Therefore, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work after dropping them.

It Might Slow Down Your Phone

Microfractures can occur on some internal components of your phone when dropped. Therefore, it will slow down the phone’s overall performance.

Is Dropping Your Phone Slowing It?

The most common cause of phone lags is overusing your phone’s memory. However, your phone might also become slow after repeated hard drops. Therefore you should avoid dropping your phone since it will affect its performance.

Can Dropping Your Phone Damage Internal Components?

Dropping your phone can cause internal damage by causing internal components to collide. Therefore it results in a short circuit. If you dropped your phone, but there’s no visible damage on the outside, there may be internal damage.


One of the many causes of phone damage is dropping it. In some instances, you might drop your phone and notice no cracks or outside damage. However, there might be internal damages that you cannot see. Therefore you should be careful not to drop your phone frequently. You can follow the above tips to avoid dropping your phone.