How Reliable Is Satellite Internet In The US?

How Reliable Is Satellite Internet In The US

Though cable internet and the newer fiber internet always seem to be stealing the spotlight when it comes it blazing fast internet speeds one thing that keeps satellite internet in the game is widespread coverage. People living in urban areas usually prefer subscribing to Xfinity internet plans or Spectrum bundle deals, as they are deemed more reliable and capable of ensuring faster speeds. But when it comes to availability, satellite internet outshines the rest. 

The best thing about satellite internet is that you can expect to be functional and working where no other type of internet has any coverage. Be it remote areas or suburbs, more often they lack the required infrastructure for transmission of cable or fiber internet. 

Thus, you usually cannot access cable or fiber internet plans in rural areas. This is where satellite internet has its edge. It is available almost everywhere in the U.S. This is one of the main reasons it is still a popular option, especially in remote areas. The point is whether you live in a big city or a resident of a small town, reliable internet connection matters and has a big role in your growth and productivity, at both personal and professional level. The good news is that satellite internet has improved tremendously over the past decade and here is all you need to know about it:

Relevant Terms You Need To Know 

Let us have a look at some of the relevant terms related to satellite internet:


ISP means Internet Service Provider. They refer to the companies that offer internet connections. 


Latency refers to the delay in the data transmission, mainly due to the greater distance between the server and the satellite. It is commonly known as ping. A better satellite internet connection will have lower latency rates. 


Mbps means Megabit per second where a bit refers to a very small chunk of data. In case your internet speed is less than 25 Mbps, then you might face buffering issues while streaming online. 

Pros Of Satellite Internet 

The best thing about satellite internet is that it is available almost everywhere. So you can enjoy good broadband speeds even if you are located in a remote place. You can find satellite internet service providers offering cost-effective plans and impressive speeds. The latency rates are also minimal and data caps are more than sufficient to cater to your connectivity needs

Why Should You Choose Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet is often the only option available in rural areas. So it is the perfect choice for rural consumers since cable internet is not accessible there. Also, God forbid if any natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane hits a place, they can mess up the cable networks disrupting internet service. Satellite internet is the only option that you will find intact and you can rely on it. 

If you live in a big city, you might prefer cable internet plans as they might cater to your connectivity needs more affordably but even in major cities, certain areas do not have cable internet serviceability. In that case, you are almost always likely to find satellite internet access and make use of it. 

Biggest Strength Of Satellite Internet

Being available everywhere is the biggest selling point of satellite internet. Even if its speeds are not as lightning fast as cable or fiber internet, you do find it you find no one else. Moreover, the speeds of satellite internet have increased tremendously over the past years so it has much to offer to the consumers now. You can easily find speeds of 25 Mbps as part of an effective satellite internet plan. Hence satellite internet is indeed worth considering even with other internet options available around you. 

Limitations Of Satellite Internet 

Satellite internet plans can at times be costlier than other internet types. Most satellite internet connection comes with some imposed data caps so you have to be careful not to exceed the monthly data consumption beyond the data limit or you will have to pay an extra fee. You can also sign a one-year or two-year contract when availing of satellite internet services. 

Concluding Remarks 

Satellite internet remains a top choice among rural residents and there has been a great improvement in speeds offered by various satellite internet plans. The latency rates have also been reduced tremendously which makes it an option worth considering