How Businesses Stand Out with Car Wrap Ad Campaigns

car wrap truck

Today, if you have a phone or car, you have access to marketing power. That means that if you own or represent a brand, you can tap into that power. We see it all the time on social media. Brand influencers with a robust following who get paid to market a product or service all the while sharing their daily lives with the internet. It’s a win-win scenario for the brand and influencer that is the modern-day equivalent of a PB&J. 

Unfortunately, not everyone’s personal lives can garner the following clout needed to land brand sponsorships. Luckily, almost everyone of a certain age has access to a car. This is where car wrap advertising enters the picture. What is car wrap advertising? I’m glad you asked. 

What is Car Wrap Advertising? 

Car wrap advertising is the process of placing a graphic decal on a vehicle to market and showcase a brand. In other words, it’s a billboard on wheels. Sure, it may sound like an unorthodox approach to marketing today, but in a time when people have become increasingly sensitized to digital platforms for their media consumption, an out-of-the box approach might just be the way to go. 

Plus, you can’t ignore the fact that Americans run – or drive – on wheels. Four-wheel drive, electric drive, eco-drive, you name it. More and more drivers are joining the roads and there’s no sign of that letting up in the near future (sorry, planet). 

How Does It Work? 

Brand advertising is all around us. In almost every single moment of our day, we are constantly being exposed to brands or products. It’s in the type of phone we use, cars we drive, food we eat, and even in the clothes we wear. Car wrap advertising brings that same experience to your everyday life as a commuter. 

The car-sized decal or sticker is designed to fit the model of car being used. For this reason, designing an ad that adheres to the car’s unique curves and grooves becomes paramount to the success of your campaign. 

Once approved and the vinyl decal is applied, the car can head out on the road. Driving can be localized or kept to generally busy streets and highways. If your brand caters to a specific audience, however,  like busy moms, then targeting locations where moms can usually be found is key. This is essentially the same concept used with digital targeting ads, though executed in a real-world setting. 

What Are the Advantages of Car Wrap Advertising? 

If digital targeting ads can have a similar effect to car wrap advertising campaigns, then is it really worth the time and investment? Well, that depends on your ultimate campaign goals. 

There are certainly advantages to engaging in a car wrap advertising campaign. For drivers who sign-up to lend their cars as ad canvases, it constitutes convenience for earning extra income without having to dramatically alter or install roof-bearing digital billboards. Vinyl decals are essentially car-sized stickers, able to come off without damaging the car’s exterior once a campaign ends. Vinyl decals can be applied again and again, as long as the driver maintains the driving criteria necessary. 

For brands, it’s an opportunity to increase visibility out on the road. Unlike digital ad campaigns, car wrap advertising cannot be ignored. It’s designed to be alluring and eye-catching to drivers, commuters, and pedestrians alike. It may not make sense for all brands and products, but if your particular one lends itself to car wrap advertising, then it’s a tactical option to deploy. 

Who Can Participate in Car Wrap Advertising? 

Essentially all brands can participate in car wrap advertising campaigns. Drivers who sign up to drive offer their car as the canvas to your product’s ad. To qualify, drivers must meet daily driving requirements, to ensure your ad gets seen, and must have a car with a great quality exterior. The vinyl decal is applied to the car’s exterior in either full-body or partial configuration. 

All that’s left to do is drive, while showcasing your brand or product to the thousands of daily fellow drivers. Like the brand-influencer relationship mentioned earlier, it’s a win-win scenario for brands and drivers. 

How Much Does Car Wrap Advertising Cost?

As with all marketing campaigns, the cost of car wrap advertising varies. Ultimately, the cost of the vinyl decal proves most costly and further depends on whether a full-body or partial body design is chosen. Other factors that affect total pricing include geographic location, the market that you advertise, and daily miles driven. 


Among all the choices in advertising available today, car wrap advertising may not previously have been on your radar. But with more and more drivers offering up their cars in exchange for extra earnings, whether through rideshare or delivery services, advertising on four wheels can offer the same if not heightened appeal. For brands, it’s less work than having to coordinate with influencers while still managing to increase brand awareness.