Can You Mix Different Brands Of Oil? Things You Need To Know

Can You Mix Different Brands Of Oil

There is no proper definition of oil. It can be said to be viscous liquid derived from petroleum, which serves as fuel or lubricant depends on how the case may be. Oil is shiny, and if dropped, it is slippery and could lead to a fall. Oil is in different forms; the lubricant for cars, mineral oil for medical reasons, the heating oil for fuel, and olive oil for food.

Can you mix different brands of oil? 

The question, can you mix different brands of oil, is a straightforward one. You cannot mix different brands of oil because you do not know what they contain. Also, because they do not serve the same purpose and might contain different things, which the other does not. Companies are everywhere, producing different brands of oil, stick to one, and use it.

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What You Need To Know About Oil

Conventional oil is essential to the world because it helps in different ways, and as such, oil is often found underground due to drilling, and then it is transformed and used as fuel, plastics, lubricant, etc. Oil had its existence a long time ago, and its source remains with the prehistoric algae and plankton, and if the supply is gone, it will take a long time for another to resurface.

Oil is in different forms and used for various purposes. Oil has a particular chemical component, which is often flammable, and that is why you see precaution written when using it. The lubricant oil is the one used for car engines and is essential because it helps the car to move from a particular spot to another.

The engine can’t go without the oil because once the oil is inside, the transformation begins, and it will now make the car be in good condition to move. Oil is a non-removable resource, and it essential to the world as a significant factor and for the economic sector of that country. Oil also serve for religious and ritual acts. Oils are non-polar, and so they do not adhere to other substances.

Different Types Of Oil

There are several varieties of oil.

Organic oil

The organic oil is a product from organisms through their metabolic act called lipids. Generally, they are forms from plants and animals.

Organic oil contains different chemicals other than lipids. As such, they are to dissolve insoluble forms, and they are non-polar even though they do have the traits of the polar and non-polar regions. Their oxygen level is shallow when matched with other mineral and organic compounds.

Mineral oil

The most common type of fat, which is used in the world and produced for petroleum purposes are fuel, lubricant, etc. They are found underground and are commonly called Petrochemicals and is a course studied in school called petroleum engineering. The organic material in minerals

Application of oil

The use of oil varies from domestic to industrial purposes. Some of its forms include:

  • Cooking: which comes from fats and oil, which is among the six classes of food. The olive oil is used in cooking and called the groundnut oil.
  • Religious rituals: oil is used in churches and is customarily called the anointing oil, which is powerful oil that is for cleansing and anointing a member of the Christian church.
  • Cosmetics: The oil applied to the hair is for the growth and to prevent smell, dandruff, etc. Having a shiny hair.
  • Paintings: some oils are excellent ingredients for painting mixtures. The use of oils in paints enhances durability.
  • Fuels: During the process of refinement, it changes to diesel or fuel. It is used to power the generator, cars and is shipped either through the pipeline or a tanker.
  • Lubricant: Lubricant oil is the main application of oil that comes from the primary source of oil production. It has its use in engines for an excellent performance. It is not possible to mix different brands of this oil or any other.

Mixing Different Brands Of Oil

The oil comes in different brands, and in those brands, there are different applications and forms. There are companies around the world that produce oil, and so when choosing, you need to know what you are going for and not fall a victim of rancid oil. In looking for the best brand, you have to ask around, and sometimes you need to search online to check for that particular one that fits what you need.

The oil produced for food purposes often contains cholesterol. Nowadays, different brands have made note that cholesterol is terrible too the health, and with this, too much cholesterol is not quite right, doctors, however, concluded on that after research.

You can pick a good brand that has low cholesterol in their oil production and not only cholesterol affects the health, but sometimes there is some cooking oil that contains some other things and which, when used, is very bad.

Many people do mix their lousy cooking oil. You might see this one. It contains this which you like and sees another that contains that, and therefore you mix them, but you do not know the effect of doing that.

These are two brands that give a 100% guarantee. The brands are not of the same quality or use the same production. The same goes for every other application of oil. 

Lubricant oil

The lubricant oil is used to power the engines, and we all know that an engine can’t go on without using oil. Mixing different brands of this particular oil is not essential bad and won’t affect your engine, but if you look at it very well, you will see mixing, it might knock your engine down.

There are different brands of oil produced, and each is formulated differently by the manufacturer. We all know that nobody knows about the chemical substances or the main chemistry involved in producing those oils except those in the industry or company with a high top class of scientists or engineers.

Engine Oils has primal use in cars, generators, and other specific engines for use, and as such, it does not matter if the oil had the same viscosity. You don’t have to mix them. Check what your engine wants, the manufacturer of that machine will advise you on the particular oil you need to use, so you don’t need to start thinking. Mixing two brands might expose your engine to a high amount of risk.

As you change from one brand of oil to another, you have to make sure that you drain the oil left in the engine, then you can add up your new brand because most cases of engine knock out or failure is due to the mixing of the oil or the engine itself. The engine might not be that strong, and since you have been feeding it with one particular oil, and suddenly you change the brand or mix it, it might start getting faulty.

Mixing of synthetic and mineral oil is a considerable risk because you are trying to save up but not knowing what you are getting yourself into. Synthetic oil is not well-processed oil and is very bad to engines, but mineral oil is a pure refined oil that even looking at it, you will know that it is pure and original.

Synthetic oil is just little oil that draws and is too greasy. Choosing the right oil is the best thing to do, and there are various brands and varieties of oil that one can change or choose to go for.

You can mix those oils, but it won’t harm your engine in the short run. Still, as time goes, the effects will show and change, and most people believe that synthetic and semi-synthetic and mineral oil are still regular oil and are compatible together. Now people still use synthetic oil and with good reasons. Some articles present discussions on whether mixing or using one particular oil, especially synthetic oil, is good.

However, in a simple fix, mixing two oils are not a good cause of some different things involved in what they have; the brands do have. All this mixing of oil is sometimes due to not understanding your car functions, reading the Manuel, and such.

Engines work differently. That’s why you see machines use fuel, and some others need diesel to power it on. The same goes for the oil, too, and reasons attached to it. The mineral oil is so expensive to buy, which is why synthetic is always used or sometimes topped to the real engine oil by some people.


There is nothing too wrong about mixing tow brands of oil, thus, you might disregard our answer to the question, can you mix different brands of oil? However, are you ready to take the risk after the deed, and it is now affecting the engine? Gone are the days when they use only the real engine oil (real synthetic or mineral oil).

People now mix and sometimes use it entirely. It is so bad that your engine might not last long depending on when you bought it and so it is wise to use just one brand of oil to be on the safer side even though the cost and some other things are attached to it.

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