Can Ducks Eat Dog Food? What Ducks Eat: What Ducks Eat

Can Ducks Eat Dog Food

Try to pronounce the words dogs and ducks at the same time. You’ll discover that they have similar sounds. But we all know there are no similarities between dogs and ducks, though they’re both animals. 

In addition, you can raise both as pets. But the difference is that you can raise dogs indoors but cannot do the same to ducks. 

Dogs and ducks also belong to different families and classifications of animals. While ducks are from the “Anatidae” family and class “Aves”, dogs are from the family “Canidae” and class “Mammalia.”    

So, their feeding habits should differ. But you cannot say for sure. Every living thing requires food to survive, but what’s available might become desirable if they cannot find natural diets.   

Now, check out the response to the question below 

Can ducks eat dog food? 

Surprisingly, yes, ducks can consume dog food. And guess what; they enjoy dog foods. By the way, dog foods are super nutritious and delicious. So, it will be hard for birds to turn them down. 

Will the meat in dog food be a problem for ducks? No, it won’t. Ducks are omnivores, meaning they can consume animal and plant-derived foods. 

You have to consider certain factors when feeding dog foods to ducks. Remember that these dog foods might be too large for ducks and can choke them. 

You clearly wouldn’t want such to happen, as it could cost the duck its life. Try to crush the canine foods into smaller particles before feeding them to your ducks. 

You can feed dog foods to baby ducks, but ensure they’re crushed to smaller particles too. 

Another interesting thing you need to know is ducks can consume cat food. But ensure the foods are crushed to smaller particles, so they won’t cause the ducks to choke.  

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Benefits Of Feeding Your Ducks With Dog Foods

We have mentioned that ducks can consume both wet and dry dog foods. But please, ensure they consume such foods in moderation. 

So, why are dog foods beneficial to ducks? Why should you even consider giving dog food to your birds?

Firstly, dog foods boast a balanced combination of ingredients with nutrients beneficial to ducks. These include Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc, and others.

Dog foods also contain meat and meat by-products. But the good thing about ducks’ eating habits is that they’re omnivores. Thus, they don’t have a problem eating meat or its by-products. 

A Handy Tip: Vegan dog foods are also available for people who fancy raising vegan dogs. These foods do not have meat in them but rely on plants as protein sources. You can still offer your ducks vegan dog foods. 

Let’s go further. 

Another reason to consider offering dog foods to your ducks is to offer them as treats. Dog owners train their dogs using treats, and you can do the same to your ducks. 

The most important reason to consider giving your ducks dog foods is the nutritional benefits they stand to gain. Dog foods are highly nutritious and healthy for your birds. 

Feeding Ducks With Dog Foods: The Do’s And Don’ts

If you are looking forward to offering dog food to your birds, here’s a must-read for you.  

You need to do and avoid certain things when offering dog food to your ducks. Let’s discuss what those things are. 

#1: Avoid offering moldy dog foods to your ducks: 

Ducks are not vultures. Just because other birds feed on stale bread in your waste bin doesn’t mean domestic ducks should do the same. 

If your dog food gets moldy, discard it. Offering moldy dog foods to your ducks might make them unhealthy. 

 #2: Offer a mix of dog food brands: 

Don’t just focus on one type of dog food. Remember that each dog food brand may offer a different set of nutrients. 

So, give your ducks different dog food brands to offer the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Avoid offering them the same type of dog food now and then. 

#3: Watch your ducks calorie intake: 

Excess fat and calories are detrimental to your ducks’ health. It can make your birds obese.   

So, consider reducing the dog foods your ducks eat. 

There are wet and dry dog foods. But know that the wet ones tend to contain higher calories and fat. 

Obesity can kill dogs, ducks, and even human beings. So, watch what your ducks eat. Avoid giving them excess wet dog foods or any dog foods, in general.

A Handy Tip: Dog foods contain high protein. And giving ducks excess protein that their body needs can cause angel wings, a condition that causes noticeable deformation of their wings.

The Natural Diet Of Ducks

Ducks are omnivores, just like humans. They consume a range of foods, which includes plants and animals. 

So, if you’re keeping ducks, you won’t have challenges meeting their nutritional needs. If you run out of formulated feeds, you can even feed them with something entirely different. 

You can see that ducks have a unique feeding habit. They can eat dog and cat food. Just crush them into tiny pieces so that your birds can swallow with ease. 

Here’s a list of the duck’s natural diet. 

  •    Grass
  •    Berries
  •    Nuts
  •    Worms
  •    Insects
  •    Amphibians
  •    Small water snails
  •    Crustacean: An example is crayfish
  •    Aquatic vegetation: Pondweed and seeds

You may have seen ducks, and other birds, such as swans, dive deep into a river and eat from the bottom. That’s how they feed naturally.

Excitingly, the wide variety of foods ducks and other waterfowl eat offers them balanced nutrition. 

Ducks and other wild birds feed on a range of things. That’s because foods in the wild are unpredictable, and certain foods have their seasons. 

What Type Of Foods Can You Feed Your Duck?

Raising domestic ducks is an enjoyable task. Why? These birds are hardy and generally do not fall sick easily. 

Just ensure you provide them with a healthy diet, enough space to exercise, and plenty of freshwaters. 

So, what foods can you feed your domestic duck? Here’s a list of options. 

#1: Lettuce: Ducks fancy salads, but avoid feeding them with slimming ones. You can provide them with cabbage, collards, kale, and all types of squash. 

#2: Sweet corn: Ducks enjoy eating sweet corn. They can eat fresh corn from the cob, including frozen or tinned ones. Just make sure you defrost the frozen grains before feeding them to your birds. 

#3: Oats: You can provide your duck with porridge and rolled oats. Another option is flapjack, but you must avoid those with too much sugar. They’re not good for your birds.       

#4: Rice: These birds also enjoy rice. It’s one of their best foods. Ducks and other waterfowls eat rice raw and cooked. They can consume wild rice, brown rice, and white rice. But brown rice is more nutritious and beneficial to your birds among the three.   

#5: Peas: This food has many minerals vitamins that benefit your ducks. And birds enjoy eating it. But feed peas to your birds only in moderation. 

There’s also no need to have your peas cooked. Just ensure you defrost the frozen ones left in the freezer before offering them to your birds.   

#6: Seeds: It won’t be proper to end the list of foods birds enjoy eating without seeds. Seeds are highly nutritious and beneficial to ducks. 

You can feed them with supermarket-bought seeds that humans eat or use bird seeds. Both are a delicacy for ducks. 

Is It Proper To Feed Bread To Your Ducks?

Bread is a popular food for humans. But can we say the same for ducks? 

Well, you can offer bread to your ducks, but it’s not something you should often do. But it would be best if you avoid feeding bread to your duck. 

Why is this important? Bread doesn’t have great nutritional value. Thus, offering them to your birds is more like you’re offering shafts to them. 

We said earlier that ducks don’t easily fall sick, but the type of foods you give to them will determine that. If your birds don’t eat nutritious foods but fill their stomach with bread, they may become overweight. 

Bread is filling. That’s why after your ducks consume the bread you offered them, they wouldn’t want to eat other nutritious foods they come across. 

Over time, the lack of nutrients will take a toll on your innocent birds. Sooner or later, your birds may start falling sick. Malnutrition may also hamper your birds’ ability to fly. 

A Handy Tip: Please do not feed moldy bread to your duck. Doing so may seem like the best way to discard your spoiled loaves of bread, but it’s not.  

Such food can make your birds unwell, or worse; it can cause lung disease. 

You should also avoid offering your ducks sweets, crackers, and chips. 


Can ducks eat dog food? The response to this question is yes. Ducks can consume both wet and dry dog foods. But you have to understand that too much of everything is bad. 

So, feed your ducks dog foods in moderation. Provide plenty of freshwaters, space, and other healthy foods. 

Raising ducks is quite a breeze, given that they don’t fall sick easily. But if you plan to raise them in your backyard, be ready for good foods available occasionally.

Interestingly, ducks are omnivores. Thus, they can consume a range of plant and animal products.